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New Year, New CRM: Your Guide To Choosing The Right CRM

By Jake Derry on 09-Feb-2022 09:00:00

By the end of 2022, CRM technology is projected to be the single largest area of revenue within enterprise software.

A bold statement to kick things off with, I know. But the CRM trends in the last few years make things very clear: CRM systems are becoming a fundamental part of any business. Within just a couple of years, we have seen huge advancements in the sophistication level of CRMs.

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#INBOUND2021: What Is Cyclical Lead Nurturing?

By Ainhoa Rodriguez-Muguruza on 12-Oct-2021 20:26:57

Live From #INBOUND2021

If you are an automation fan, Mike K. Tatum’s talk was probably one of the sessions that you were looking forward to in INBOUND2021.

Mike K. Tatum is Demand Generation Manager at Momentive, the former Survey Monkey, and, in his talk “Keep Inbound Leads Engaged With a Continuous Cycle of Lead Nurturing Workflows”, he went over his sophisticated ecosystem of lead nurturing automation. He came up with a bulletproof lead nurturing system that he developed after using HubSpot’s Marketing Hub for over 5 years.

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4 Ways To Increase Effectivity Of Email Marketing For Building Products

By Josh Simpson on 28-May-2021 10:45:32

Email marketing is a standard within the marketing section of any business, with 87% of marketers utilising the capability of email marketing to generate leads.  

Although it may seem like a complex maze of trial and error (although partly true) this isn’t always the case when it comes to email marketing.  

The only time trial and error comes into it is when you have no guidance for email marketing, apart from that, the only real experimentation that comes into it is when running AB tests on your emails before you find the winning solution.  


To find out the 4 tips for increased success in your email marketing, read on...

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Top 3 FREE Tools For Graphic Design For Your Building Products Brand

By Josh Simpson on 09-Apr-2021 09:35:43

Having interesting and captivating graphics in your social media posts can help to engage your audience and elevate the content that you post online.

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Have You Got The Right Tools For Successful Lead Generation?

By Henry Jones on 25-Mar-2021 11:00:00

For building products businesses, the construction industry, or any company looking to grow; creating and implementing a winning lead generation strategy can be the determiner between failure or success.

The process can be complicated and things can often be overlooked, which is why a comprehensive model such as the 7 Pillars of Lead Generation can help you to build a lead generation strategy that will sustain your business into the future.

Pillar 4 covers the systems that can be used to collect and collate data or enable sales teams to contact leads. And it looks at how your team can learn and develop the skills to use these systems and get your products specified.

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The One Key Thing That Sales and Marketing Alignment Relies On

By Freya Oxton-Grant on 11-Mar-2021 17:04:10

If your building product business is struggling with: 

  • Not meeting your sales KPIs 
  • Suffering from low conversion rates 
  • Or not having a sales forecast that you can rely on 

Then your business is probably struggling from poor sales and marketing alignment. 

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Which CMS can help support your construction business?

By Josh Simpson on 07-Dec-2020 16:54:05

When you’re taking your construction business digital, you must choose the right content management system (CMS) for you.

The only way you can decide which is best for you is by researching and testing a whole range of different CMS options to compliment your digital marketing efforts, so we’ve narrowed down our top 3, as well as what each one can offer your business to make the whole process easier for you.

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Why Marketing Automation Is Essential For Your Tech Stack

By Josh Simpson on 27-Nov-2020 11:10:45

The marketing automation industry is expected to grow from 3.3 billion in 2019 to 6.4 billion by 2024. It's being driven by the demand for advanced technologies to automate repetitive tasks and a need for personalised marketing to maximise audience reach.

Marketing automation is the process of streamlining your digital marketing efforts to make them more effective using technology. Automating your digital marketing doesn’t just increase efficiency, but it can offer a more personal experience to your customers.

Automation uses a single platform to manage your entire marketing operation from one place. 

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Tech Stack for Your Construction Business

By Josh Simpson on 10-Nov-2020 16:49:34

Now, more than ever, multiple areas of business across an array of industries are reliant on technology - which is why your tech stack needs to be right. Within building product companies, the right tech can make it possible for construction projects to continue.

With so many options out there, and such a reliance on digital, your tech stack has become almost essential to your business, and you may not even realise it.  

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Beginners Guide In Utilising A CRM System For Construction Companies

By Sandy Bassi on 22-Oct-2020 17:38:36

When it comes to choosing the right CRM system for your building products company, it’s important to understand the capabilities you’ll receive from your chosen CRM system.

Read on to discover if a CRM system is right for you.

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Marketing Automation Statistics You Won't Believe [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Freya Oxton-Grant on 15-Oct-2020 12:50:37

Marketing automation is all about speeding up time-consuming marketing activities through streamlining their process, alleviating the level of human input needed to complete these series of tasks.

This means, with marketing automation, you can set up marketing activities to run on autopilot, saving you time and money! You can start the conversation with your customers through automated campaigns, but then move it to high-quality one-to-one conversations with your prospects, when it counts.

Marketing automation allows you to effortlessly engage your specifier, stay top of mind, and deliver customer service through chatbots that automatically answers any queries your customer has about your product or business.

Marketing automation provides a way for you to deliver consistent, quality interactions with specifiers throughout their entire buyer’s journey. 

Take a look at the infographic below to see the incredible results you can achieve through implementing marketing automation into your construction marketing strategy.

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Why Do CRM Systems Have A Bad Reputation?

By Sandy Bassi on 13-Oct-2020 16:46:28

Have you ever thought about adopting a CRM system, but you’ve heard from someone in your network that they’re not any good or you feel like they have a bad reputation? Perhaps you think it’s near enough impossible for a CRM system to help you to reach your business goals and to reach an ROI.

Well, you’re not alone, a CRM system has suffered from having a bad reputation, read on to discover why…

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Beginner's Guide to Marketing Automation for Construction Companies

By Freya Oxton-Grant on 09-Oct-2020 11:12:28

Marketing automation, like any other kind of automated technology, exists to speed up time-consuming activities through streamlining their process, alleviating the level of human input needed to complete any series of tasks.

With marketing automation, you can set up marketing activities to run on autopilot, while also being able to analyse their effectiveness over time through analytics.

By taking a customer-centric approach to using marketing automation, you can start the conversation with your customers through automated campaigns, but then move it to high-quality one-to-one conversations with your prospects, when it counts.

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Why Is Lead Nurturing Important?

By Olivia Atkinson on 09-Oct-2020 09:35:05

Lead nurturing is highly important to converting more leads and speeding up prospects as they move through the buyer's journey.

Especially in the building product sector where some tenders can be months, even years long, as people have big decisions to make.

Many roles include people spending money on behalf of the government or the NHS on public buildings, meaning they have to be 100% sure on a company before they choose to work with them.

Lead nurturing allows companies to present a lead with useful and educational content they might not have otherwise seen before. Simply having content on your website is not enough.

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5 Ways To Grow Your Building Products Company With A CRM System

By Sandy Bassi on 08-Oct-2020 09:57:13

The ultimate goal for your building product business is to undoubtedly increase and expand your company.

Your construction company can increase its productivity by having a CRM system in place, to help manage sales leads and work as a centralised platform for your current and potential customers.

This centralised platform works to accumulate your data from your customers and leads in one place so you can grow your company to work efficiently.

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Marketing Automation: Best Practices for Construction Businesses

By Freya Oxton-Grant on 01-Oct-2020 11:14:21

Small to medium sized construction companies are the ideal user of marketing automation systems. Smaller teams have little time to be focussing on marketing campaigns while also struggling with keeping on track of sales follow up and lead nurturing.

By implementing a marketing automation system into your construction business, your team can streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows all while increasing your efficiency and growing your sales.

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How to Implement a CRM Into Your Building Product Business

By Sandy Bassi on 30-Sep-2020 16:03:31

Implementing your new CRM system into your construction marketing can become tricky. Some people believe that the pain of switching or implementing a new CRM system can outweigh the benefits that can be gained.

We hope to make the implementation process as easy as possible for you. So, rest assured, this blog aims to put into place the key steps you need to consider after you’ve scoped out your new CRM system.

To ensure that your implementation runs smoothly, and you won’t run the risk of leaving out any important steps…

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Marketing Automation: Your New Technical Sales Rep?

By Freya Oxton-Grant on 17-Sep-2020 17:22:37

In a year where businesses are struggling more than ever, and redundancies and furloughs are being made left right and centre, hiring a new sales rep for your building products business doesn’t sound like the best idea.

However, with technology such as marketing and sales automation, you can hire a robot sales rep who will be working for you, growing your business around the clock, and without even the need for a new desk!

In a time of massive industry change, isn’t  it time to move away from those old-fashioned spreadsheets and the hassle of manually tracking your leads?

Read on further to see how marketing automation can be your new technical sales rep.

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Top 5 CRM Features To Utilise For Your Building Products Business

By Sandy Bassi on 10-Sep-2020 16:26:29

When it comes down to choosing the right CRM system for your building products company, it’s important to understand the capabilities you’ll get out of your CRM system.

Aside from core features such as - contact management, interaction tracking and lead management; there are must-have features that can transform your construction marketing and reduce your workload.

These key features include - workflows, pipeline management, measuring return on investment (ROI), customisation and customer support.

Read on to discover how these key features can benefit you…

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What is the Future of Marketing Automation for Construction Businesses?

By Freya Oxton-Grant on 10-Sep-2020 16:10:07

Marketing automation can be amazingly helpful and valuable for small to medium-sized businesses. Take a look at these statistics:

But what is the future of the technology? How will it be improving as marketing practices develop, and how will this assist construction businesses like yours?

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3 Tips for Managing Barbour ABI or Glenigan Leads

By Jack Meisinger on 04-Sep-2020 16:44:53

So you subscribed to Barbour ABI or Glenigan? Or maybe you’ve been a subscriber for a while.

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How Marketing Automation Can Improve Your Specifiers' Customer Experience

By Freya Oxton-Grant on 04-Sep-2020 11:17:17

As a building product or construction business, you know that the buying cycle for the industry is long and complex, and that maintaining a one-to-one relationship with prospects and existing customers at each point is quite a difficult task.

That’s where marketing automation comes in. It doesn’t just help put your marketing activities on autopilot, but it helps you keep on top of building and maintaining that customer relationship, especially when customer experience is all that matters in the decision to buy or not to buy.

Investing in marketing automation, is also an investment in improving your specifier’s customer experience.

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Using A CRM System To Improve Your Customer's Experience

By Sandy Bassi on 03-Sep-2020 08:47:32

A CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) allows building product companies to develop valuable strategies to manage relationships and interactions with contacts. This will enhance the experience for your old and new customers.

One of the main advantages of a CRM system for your construction marketing is improving your customer’s experience.

Without a doubt, the importance of customer experience is key to your building product business. This is because it boosts customer satisfaction and therefore, increases customer loyalty. This provides you with a competitive advantage so you can increase your sales.

So, I guess you’re wondering… how? Read on to discover how a CRM system can improve experiences for your construction customers…

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5 Ways Marketing Automation Saves Time and Money

By Freya Oxton-Grant on 26-Aug-2020 09:15:33

Marketing automation is all about streamlining your marketing processes in order to save you time. But what’s better is it can also save you money. This makes the system incredible for your team, as well as your customers, and provides exceptional ROI.

The time you save can be reallocated to prioritise and execute other elements of your marketing activities.

Marketing automation is where software and strategy combine to create a better marketing system for you and your construction business’ customers.

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Project Prospecta Origin Story

By Jack Meisinger on 21-Aug-2020 14:30:43


This week I interviewed Leigh Simpson, the founder of Project Prospecta, to learn where the idea came from.

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Construction Marketing: What's the Difference Between CRM And Marketing Automation?

By Freya Oxton-Grant on 19-Aug-2020 09:32:22

Both Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing automation software help businesses achieve their marketing goals through applying technology to streamline, integrate and manage marketing processes.

However, there are key differences in the two tools, and it's important to understand these before you invest in one or the other.

In this blog I will explore the key differences between CRM and marketing automation and explain how they can help your construction or building products company.

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5 CRM Systems Building Product Companies Should Consider

By Sandy Bassi on 13-Aug-2020 08:40:26

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system handles your data. 


A high-quality CRM system can encourage you and your building products to move away from lengthy spreadsheets and store your marketing, sales, and customer services data in one place. 


This blog post aims to help make your decision easier when deciding the best CRM system to implement. 


I’m going to provide the pros and cons of these 5 CRM systems: HubSpot, SalesForce, Fresh Sales, Zoho and Pipedrive. 

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How to Automate Your Email Marketing for Your Construction Business?

By Freya Oxton-Grant on 12-Aug-2020 09:32:18

Email is the traditional digital marketing format, and it’s still extremely effective. If your email is good enough, you get a decent chance to put yourself in front of your ideal customer and get them to hear your message.

Email marketing is one of the key components of marketing automation and can really be a game changer for your construction business’ marketing.

Especially in an industry where your target customer can range from an architect to contractor, segmenting your email campaigns and having them being run automatically, can improve your productivity fourfold.

Segmenting your email campaigns is shown to achieve a much higher open rate, because people recognise the email is relevant and interesting for them to open and read.

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Top Tips for Automating Your Construction Business' Customer Service

By Freya Oxton-Grant on 05-Aug-2020 17:17:00

As part of the marketing automation blog series, today I will be digging deeper into the world of customer service automation (CSA).

Automating your customer service gives businesses the ability to provide a great customer experience at the exact moment they need help and advice.

This can be the difference between a happy and dissatisfied customer.

It can also be the difference between accessing a potential hot lead and a competitor swooping in before you.

Another amazing benefit of CSA is the fact that because it takes the burden off your sales or service team to answer time-consuming queries, they consequently have more time for the high-quality one-to-one interactions that important, sales-ready leads need.

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How Much Does A CRM System Cost To Set-up and Run?

By Sandy Bassi on 29-Jul-2020 12:17:39

‘A CRM is difficult to put a price on’ (Expert Market).

When it comes to pricing up your CRM, it depends on how big your building products business is right now, and how you’re looking to scale. It varies on the specific functions you’re looking for. Adding extra features, such as marketing automation, sales and contact points – will naturally be more expensive.

However, the benefits you’ll get from this are valuable, you’re able to scale and everybody in your construction company can have an input. This blog aims to help make this decision easier for you. We will go through 4 important factors: cost of acquisition, data migration, implementation, and user training.

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5 Ways to Automate Your Construction Business' Lead Generation

By Freya Oxton-Grant on 28-Jul-2020 15:09:06

Wouldn’t it be great if technology could take up some of the strain and become your next technical sales rep? Well with marketing automation, it can!

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The 5 Benefits Of Using A CRM System For Construction Marketing

By Sandy Bassi on 23-Jul-2020 16:07:41

What is a CRM system? Good question. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system handles your data. 

A high-quality CRM system can empower you and your building products business to understand your customers, sales data, and marketing like never before.

CRM Magazine showcases that 91% of business with 10+ employees use a CRM system.

So, let’s go and delve into the benefits to find out why they’re valuable to your building products business and your overall construction marketing.

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What is the Greatest Marketing Automation Tool for Your Construction Company?

By Freya Oxton-Grant on 21-Jul-2020 17:14:01

According to research carried out by Darren Lester at SpecifiedBy, 98% of specifiers prefer to carry out product research online.

Considering that so many decision-makers within the building products and construction industry are using the internet to help aid their specification process, it's crucial that companies take advantage of the delights of automation.

Automation has the ability to become 'your extra sales-person' so read on to find out what platforms are available to you.

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What is Marketing Automation: How Does it Work, and Do I Need it?

By Freya Oxton-Grant on 17-Jul-2020 11:03:12

In our modern, technological era, more and more activities and services are being automated either as a way to reduce human labour or to streamline processes.

Marketing is no different – anything digital can be automated.

Automating your marketing processes can save your business time and money whilst improving ROI and customer experience.

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What Is A CRM System & Do I Need It?

By Sandy Bassi on 17-Jul-2020 11:02:43

Do you struggle to keep track of customer information? Are your lists scattered across multiple spreadsheets, notepads, inboxes, files or even in a filing cabinet?

If so – you will see value in adopting a CRM system. Read on the find out more.

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How To Use Free CRM Software To Bounce Back Smarter

By Olivia Atkinson on 29-May-2020 10:51:56

Having a CRM system is key to bouncing back from this years events, it gives you data about your contacts that you never knew you needed, helping you reach out at the right time and track how they interact with your website.

This blog will take a look at what a CRM is and how they can help with not only marketing activities but sales too.

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Bouncing Back: How To Build Your Tech Stack

By Rich Newsome on 21-May-2020 15:13:09

If we can take anything from the past few months, it’s how reliant we have become on technology. For most of us, working from home has prompted us to discover new and interesting ways of working.

How many of you have discovered the ‘virtual background’ on Zoom?

Remote working aside, however, we have noticed that many organisations within building products and construction are turning to technology as a way of running certain business operations more efficiently.

With trade shows being cancelled and sales reps not out on the road, our online presence has had to step up – turning our website into an ‘extra salesperson’ in many ways.  

Building a technology stack can be a daunting task – particularly with so many options out there. This blog hopes to give you some advice on how you can get the most out of your tech stack, and which tried and tested tools work best.

Read on to find out more.

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How To Conduct Successful Remote Interviews

By Olivia Atkinson on 01-May-2020 09:19:04

As we’re adapting to work remotely via calls and videos, it’s worth considering remote interviews.

You might be thinking why at a time when people are being made redundant and furloughed should I be thinking about interviewing people, but it’s actually more relevant than ever.

This whole experience has been an eye opener for a lot of businesses, people are realising they don’t need their team to live in a 20 mile radius, they don’t actually need to see them to get the job done and they might even be questioning having such a big office space after this.

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Free & Paid Software Businesses Can Use Through Covid-19

By Olivia Atkinson on 26-Mar-2020 17:50:19

As businesses are forced to work from home, concern grows of how you and your team will continue productivity and communication whilst still fulfilling your roles.

Although working remotely is embraced by many, it’s not perceived the norm for a lot of companies.

This worldwide crisis has forced companies to adapt, making the digital tools you use essential to your new daily work life.

This blog runs through just some of the different tools that are available in an over-saturated market of technology.

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Creating Your 2020 Construction Marketing Plan

By Olivia Atkinson on 05-Mar-2020 10:10:59

Hopefully by now you’ve got a pretty good idea of what 2020 looks like for your building materials company. If not, this blog should open up some areas that you might not have considered, or start discussions internally.

It’s healthy to review where you’re at as a company and how you are being perceived in your market. Most marketing reviews and strategy planning takes place yearly. This is your opportunity to not ask why but why not?

The construction and building sector is one known for it’s traditionalism, with this comes the reserved approach to trying new things and experimenting.

This blog consists of questions to try and kick-start your marketing strategy plans. Ask yourself…

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Voices From The Construction Industry: What Influences The Decision Makers?

By Rich Newsome on 27-Feb-2020 12:54:47

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to hear some words of wisdom from some of the big players in the world of construction.

The event: The NBS Construction Product Leader’s Summit.

It was a great opportunity to network and learn from the experts on all things affecting the construction industry today.

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Tales From The Oldskool Salesman: Embracing Change

By Will Morris on 30-Oct-2019 16:22:22

It was Autumn 2016. I was sat outside my CEO’s office awaiting the annual meeting to discuss next year’s targets.

All these thoughts were running through my head:

“Will we have new products?”

“Will I be able to hire the two new guys needed for my Sales team?”

“Have we achieved enough this financial year?”


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5 min read

Marketing Metrics: A Simple Guide To Brand Awareness

By Rich Newsome on 07-Jun-2019 08:42:06

Do you want your building products brand to stand out online? Do you want your company to be a household name? Read on to find out what brand awareness is and how important it is to develop effective brand awareness for your building products and materials.

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5 Tactics to Shorten Your Sales Cycle

By Luke Monterosso on 07-Jun-2019 08:39:36

In the building product and construction industry, there are a number of factors that can disrupt the sales process. Losing out on specification to a competitor, projects being delayed and legislation changes.

A shorter sales cycle can free up time to generate additional leads. Ultimately improving your sales pipeline and helping you achieve your targets.

When you’ve got more deals progressing through your pipeline, the sales cycle will feel shorter. Done well, it can also become your competitive advantage.

Here are five effective techniques to speed up your sales cycle. 

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6 min read

Using Dashboards To Increase Sales

By Leigh Simpson on 17-May-2019 11:19:10

With an estimated 39% of sales people missing their targets every month, any tool that you can use to help your team succeed has to be seriously considered.

One key problem that many sales teams has is getting access to key information and knowing how they are doing hour by hour, day by day. 

Using ‘live’ reporting on dashboards can fix this, increasing competition amongst the sales team,  improving focus and raising team morale - all leading to an increase in sales.  Learn more here.

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7 min read

9 Tools to Help Your Sales Team Succeed

By Luke Monterosso on 17-May-2019 10:37:46

According to research by HubSpot the top sales priorities in businesses are closing more deals, improving sales funnel efficiency and improving sales technology. In a study by LinkedIn, 82% of top sales people cite tools ‘critical’ to their ability to close deals.

With so many tools on offer, it can be difficult to decide on what is best for you and your team. We thought we’d tackle those top priorities by listing some of our favourite tools.

Include are tools for prospecting, sales intelligence, lead capture, video and more. Each are listed with a free trial so you can decide what works best for you. 

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5 min read

Attributing Construction Marketing to Leads and Sales

By Luke Monterosso on 26-Apr-2019 11:56:43


We want to help you get the data & facts to showcase the ROI of your construction marketing efforts. In this blog we talk about the problems marketers face and how they can be solved.

Next time it comes to asking for headcount or budget you’ll have the data and facts to showcase marketing as a direct driver to revenue.

Building product companies are putting a lot of time and effort into their marketing strategies to support brand awareness, customer satisfaction and their sales team.

How can you be sure your campaign collateral, social media posts and blogs are making an impact with specifiers, architects and contractors and growing your business?

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6 min read

How Can I Use Live Chat for My Building Product Business?

By Luke Monterosso on 05-Apr-2019 08:45:31

Architects, specifiers and contractors are all comfortable using live chat. The immediate response allows for a better customer experience, an increase in conversions and for the building product industry especially - a competitive advantage to those who use it.

The technology isn’t particularly new, it’s been around for the last 10 years. You may have seen live chat while you’ve been shopping online or talking to your bank. We found that 94% of building product companies didn’t have it on there website. If you’re part of that percentage, don’t worry – it’s fairly straightforward to setup.

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7 Ways You Can Use Video Email for Building Product Sales

By Luke Monterosso on 03-Apr-2019 12:46:59


By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017.

For building product sales teams, it allows those with complex, bespoke and difficult to explain products to deliver their message to potential customers.

It will also save your company time. Every 10 seconds of video you record is equivalent to 81 seconds of typing.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be a screen-recording of you explaining your technical drawing to your customer or perhaps a smartphone recording answering a question they have about your product. At Insynth, we use video because sometimes it’s quicker and more personal than typing an email. 

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Beyond Digital: Growing Your Building Products Brand

By Olivia Atkinson on 29-Mar-2019 15:32:47

Yesterday, Insynth presented on how digital marketing is changing the way that specifiers and buyer engage with building product brands, and how you should adapt your marketing plans to keep up to date with these changes.

Old fashioned traditional ways of reaching your audience such as cold calling, trade shows and brought contact lists are all suffering.

This blog summaries the struggles and challenges that building products companies face and how you can approach them. We’ve also included our presentation from the day for you to view.

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What Is a Secure Socket Layer and Why Should You Care?

By Luke Monterosso on 12-Mar-2019 11:40:27

Secure Socket Layer can be shortened to SSL.

When a web browser contacts your secured website, the SSL certificate enables an encrypted connection. It’s kind of like sealing a letter in an envelope before sending it through the mail.

Without SSL encryption any computer could intercept the transmission from your browser to the server.

This includes the transmission of credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, and other sensitive information.

29% of Building Product websites were not secured with an SSL certificate – (The State of Building Product Digital Marketing, 2019)

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Marketing Tips: Automate And Humanise Your Construction Marketing

By Leigh Simpson on 07-Mar-2019 15:39:44


A recent report from ‪chiefmartec.com found that there was a 27% increase in the number of marketing technology solutions available in 2018. 

While the fear is that the increasing use of technology in sales and marketing will depersonalise the customer experience, the reverse is actually true if these systems and techniques are used correctly.

So, how can technology be utilised to give you more time with customers and improve their experience with your brand?

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Content Marketing Tips For Building Materials – Part 2

By Olivia Atkinson on 27-Feb-2019 16:28:03

Part one discovered the importance of strong storytelling, communication and how a good online presence is imperative for the building materials sector.

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7 min read

The Tech To Supercharge Your Construction Marketing Strategy

By Abby Buchan-Howard on 13-Feb-2019 17:06:10

With digital and smart technologies changing that we live our lives, the construction industry is set to experience some swift changes in order to adapt to the way that buyers are now researching and making purchase decisions.

To keep up with the trends set to sweep the building products industry, your construction marketing strategy should encompass several key elements that are changing the way that prospects are converted into customers.  

Read on to find out more...

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6 min read

Tech Stack Essentials For Construction Marketing

By Olivia Atkinson on 08-Feb-2019 09:07:01

The building products industry is renowned for being traditional when it comes to marketing and not getting on board with new technologies. This makes it ideal for you to get ahead of the curve and start implicating these tools today.

A well performing marketing stack will improve communication, efficiency, productivity and increase the knowledge you have on your customers. Allowing you to target and nurture your leads with the right content at the right time, ensuring you are providing the best service in your sector.

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Construction Marketing Strategy: SEO Trends 2019-Part 1

By Abby Buchan-Howard on 01-Feb-2019 11:46:18

The new year is now well underway. For many SEO professionals in the construction marketing industry this is the time to start looking forward to the upcoming trends for 2019 and leverage the latest techniques to dominate in the SERPs.

It’s a well-known fact that search engines are getting more intelligent every day. If you want your building products company to achieve top rankings in 2019, you need to be ready for the latest SEO trends and developments that are coming up.

Read on to find out more…

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2019's Must Do Building Product Trade Shows

By Abby Buchan-Howard on 31-Jan-2019 15:57:59

It’s 2019! Time to start looking forward to how you will promote, network and connect your building products company to drive growth and success in the new year.

Throughout 2019, there are a number of trade shows for the building product’s sector across the UK. Here at Insynth, we have complied a list of the shows that you can’t afford to miss if you want to launch your building products company to the next level! 

Read on to find out more!

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Construction Marketing Tips: Trends From Across The Pond

By Olivia Atkinson on 22-Jan-2019 17:44:44

As America is bigger, it’s only natural that they are the first to start some trends and take on new technology. An advantage to us is they can test out these trends to find out which ones work better than others.

We can then implement the successful trends into our marketing strategy. It’s equally important to be aware of what may be about to take off and get ahead of your competitors.

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5 Goals To Share With Your Sales Team For 2019

By Luke Monterosso on 18-Jan-2019 10:09:13

Whether you’re a manager handling an exceptional sales team, an executive looking after a whole sales organisation or a sales rep looking to hit your numbers, 2019 is a fresh start. However, it may not be wise to leave 2018 completely behind you.

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Top 9 Sales & Marketing Technology Trends In 2019 For Building Products

By Olivia Atkinson on 17-Jan-2019 18:18:00

The building products industry has a reputation of being very traditional in its marketing approach and relativity cautious about adopting new technology.

This presents an opportunity for more adventurous brands to seize the intuitive and steal the march on their competitors by taking advantage of latest tech to help them better engage with the market.

Listed below are 9 trends and new technologies which you could take advantage of in 2019 to grow your business.

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"Alexa, Can You Build Me A New House?" Alexa In The Construction Sector

By Abby Buchan-Howard on 18-Dec-2018 13:05:59

It’s late, you’ve run out of teabags and the in-laws are coming in the morning. The shops are shut for the night and you have a million things to do tomorrow before the family arrive.

No problem! Just shout “Alexa, order me a packet of tea bags” safe in the knowledge that by the time you mother in law pulls up outside your tea caddy will be freshly filled and you won’t have had to brave the supermarket to achieve that.

Now imagine you want to move to a new house and you can’t find quite what you’re looking for on the market. Why can’t you just ask Alexa to build you a house?

Well, with Amazon Fund making a move on the construction industry you may soon be able to do just that. Read on to find out more…

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How A.I Can Deliver 1st Class Customer Service Every Time

By Leigh Simpson on 05-Nov-2018 10:00:00

Positive customer experience is vital for referrals and maximising life time value from your customer relationships.  However, one of the biggest challenges any business faces is keeping customers happy and being consistent in the way we deal with customer challenges and needs. 

Unhappy customers can spread their dissatisfaction quickly with social media. But, a delighted client can be the most valued influencer in attracting new customers. 

Discover how A.I. can help you improve customer experience, build your brand reputation and grow your business. 

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What Google Looks For When Ranking Your Website

By Charlotte McCormac on 01-Nov-2018 09:41:00


The websites ranked at the top of Google listings are the sites that Google deems most relevant and trustworthy for search enquiries.

If your website ranks below the first few results, visitors are unlikely to click through to your page – and if you’re not on the first page of results, you can pretty much guarantee that no-one will scroll far enough to find you.

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Construction Marketing: Using Heatmaps To Improve Engagement

By Abby Buchan-Howard on 31-Oct-2018 14:08:13

In content marketing for construction, having a strong understanding of how prospects are interacting with your content can be an invaluable asset when structuring your website.

Heatmaps provide a valuable insight into which pieces of content are working best for you and can demonstrate where prospects are most engaged on your website.

Insynth is pleased to introduce heatmapping to our construction marketing services. Read on to find out more…


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Microsoft Future Decoded Conference: Keynote Speaker Cindy Rose

By Leigh Simpson on 31-Oct-2018 11:48:18

Kicking off this year's Microsoft Future Decoded event in London is Cindy Rose.

Cindy is the CEO of Microsoft UK. The event takes place at the ExCel Exhibition Centre at the Victoria Docks in London. The two day event covers a range of technological topics from A.I. to using the cloud and building trust around it. 

Read on to find out what Cindy's keynote speech was all about...

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See What Visitors Are Doing On Your Website

By Charlotte McCormac on 31-Oct-2018 10:12:00

Do you know what website visitors are doing when they’re on your site?

If they’re not converting, why not?

There’s always a reason why a visitor decides not to buy your product, download your guide, or book a meeting.

With Insynth’s technology, you can track user behaviour, identify the reasons why visitors aren’t converting and make an informed judgement about how to adapt your website for the next visitor’s conversion.

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How To Use Form Analytics To Maximise Conversion

By Charlotte McCormac on 30-Oct-2018 09:42:22

Well-designed online forms convert website visitors into leads, which is why they should be core to your building product brand’s lead generation strategy.

Once a visitor provides their details, it’s important to nurture them throughout their buying process until a sale has been closed and you’ve exceeded their customer service expectations.

But you can’t close sales unless your forms are generating high-quality leads. Here are the tips and tricks you need to use form analytics to ensure that the forms on your building products website convert successfully.

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Rescue Your Sales Team: Saving Time To Maximise Productivity

By Abby Buchan-Howard on 18-Oct-2018 10:07:32

Did you know that you could be losing business because your sales team are wasting their time on tasks that don’t involve selling?

Scary right?

Over half of a sales person’s time is spent not selling to your customers. Your building products company could be losing business as a result.

Read on to find out more about Insynth’s examination of how sales team’s time is being misplaced.

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Beyond Digital: A Seminar To Grow Your Building Products Brand

By Charlotte McCormac on 16-Oct-2018 14:27:59

Today, Insynth met with marketing and sales executives from construction companies across the UK for a seminar hosted by CEO, Leigh Simpson, on transforming digital marketing strategy for business growth.

Sponsored by Barbour ABI, Insynth's seminar gave insights into content marketing, promotion, video, SEO and ever-evolving technology, sparking conversation amongst guests. 

Here's an overview of today's digital marketing lessons.

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Live @ #Inbound18 - HubSpot Product Announcements

By Leigh Simpson on 06-Sep-2018 13:11:10

The pace of innovation and new features in the HubSpot ecosystem is mind blowing.  Since Inbound 17 there have been more changes than I can keep track of and every week there is a new feature to impress.

Learn about the big changes to the suite that were announced at the Inbound 2018 conference, and how these could help you supercharge your business growth.

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Live @ #INBOUND18: Secrets To Search Dominance Revealed

By Abby Buchan-Howard on 05-Sep-2018 21:49:51

Hosted by Maryna Hradovich of SEMrush, Secrets To Search Dominance is an Inbound 2018 session about teaching marketers to ensure that their content is always optimised for SEO and positioned to dominate search results across the internet.

With Maryna’s techniques being applied, marketers learnt how to make sure that they can stay one step ahead of the competition.

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5 Takeaways From The Marketing Technology Expo 2018

By Leigh Simpson on 26-Mar-2018 08:15:00

The Marketing Technology Expo has just wrapped up for 2018.  So, what were the key takeaways for construction marketers?  How can the latest technology be used to improve engagement, generate leads and increase sales for forward-thinking and innovative building product manufacturers?

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Construction Marketing Strategy: How To Select A CRM System

By Leigh Simpson on 29-Jan-2018 16:50:50

In 2018, at the heart of every strong construction marketing strategy should be a sophisticated CRM system which manages the sales funnel, automates marketing campaigns, records customer engagement, provides clear insights into campaign success and tracks ROI.  Ultimately a system that makes it easier to win more orders and grow your business.

CRM is a rapidly changing space, driven by cutting-edge technology, some serious brains and major investment.  The choice of CRM systems can be overwhelming.  Considering that there are over 200 platforms, choosing the right system for your business may not be straightforward.

In fact, many offerings are now far more than just a CRM, they are fully formed growth stacks, encompassing CRM, sales automation, sophisticated marketing capabilities and reporting, all in one place.

So, let’s look at some of the key questions that you should be asking yourself to identify your needs, and then you can match these against the capabilities of platforms you are considering.

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