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Top 3 FREE Tools For Graphic Design For Your Building Products Brand

Top 3 FREE Tools For Graphic Design For Your Building Products Brand

Having interesting and captivating graphics in your social media posts can help to engage your audience and elevate the content that you post online.

More often than not, when you’re going about your day scrolling through social media and you see a large section of text, you keep on scrolling. If you see a graphic, you’ll probably stop have a look, and either click on it to find out more, or carry on.

The key here is you stopped to look at the graphic. This shows you are engaging with the content.

Now if you reverse the roles and think about your customer, they will be doing the exact same thing: Ignoring large chunks of copy, and engaging with graphics.

In this blog, we are going to be looking at the 3 best FREE tools for graphic design to use for your building products brand.

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The Best FREE Graphic Design Tools To Use For Your Building Products Brand.



Canva is a great tool when it comes to producing top quality graphics for your digital marketing. It is free to create an account, and gives you access to a range of fonts, templates and stock images to create the perfect graphics for your building products brand.

It allows you to use pre-sized canvases or create your own for things such as CTA’s on your blogs and other content.

The freedom Canva gives you when creating graphics is second to none, with the only limit being the number of amazing designs you can think of.

Canva is perfect for collaborative working as it allows you to create shared workspaces with your team, and once you put your work in there, the whole team can view, give feedback, and edit your design to improve it.

Canva does also have a paid version, however, to produce stunning graphics, it isn’t necessarily needed.



Inkscape is very different to Canva. Whilst Canva allows you to create social graphics, and more image-based graphics, Inkscape is a vector graphics software. This means it allows users to create and manipulate computer images using geometric and mathematical commands.

One of the top features offered in Inkscape is its node editing capability. Nodes are frameworks which show how vector graphs are created, and allows designers to manipulate vectorized images and objects.

Inkscape also allows for object creation, allowing you to freehand draw on your design, to ensure it is exactly what you are trying to achieve. Using the full range of available tools in Inkscape can allow you to maximise your creativity and improve your artistic skill, to ensure different and captivating graphics for your building products brand.



Vectr is similar to Inkscape in that it is also a vector graphics software. It is very well designed, and doesn’t have a steep learning curve that other software tools may have.

Vectr is a straight forward piece of software that keeps things simple for beginners to understand, and equips you with basic features to bring designs to life with no limitations. If you are familiar with photo editing or illustrations, using Vectr will be second nature from the start.

Although it looks simple at first glance, there are powerful tools integrated such as edit and import options for using Bitmaps and SVG’s as backgrounds.

There are a range of customisation tools as well integrated into the software to enable you to add shadow, colour and fill options. Thanks to all of the inbuilt features, users can create any design, no matter the specification.



Graphics are essential when it comes to your social media marketing, as well as your content marketing. It is important to get your message across to your audience in a way that isn’t pushy, salesy, or too text heavy.

The use of informative, stat based graphics solve that, as they show your audience the benefits of your product in a toned down, captivating way. 

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