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Our History

We have construction in our DNA

Insynth was founded when CEO, Leigh Simpson attended INBOUND 17 in Boston. It was there that he realised that he’d been unknowingly applying Inbound marketing principals within his own businesses for decades.

Leigh came to understand that the UK was years behind America when it came to this approach, so he returned to start Europes first construction marketing agency tailored to Inbound Marketing... And thus, Insynth was born.

Owning a successful building product business, Leigh implemented the Inbound methodology within his own brand and saw incredible results, through the application of content marketing and a customer-focused approach.

His brand became market leaders and have stayed there ever since.


A Building Product Heritage

Having a building product heritage has given us an unparalleled understanding and empathy towards the challenges building product manufacturers face today.

This essence is embodied within our brand and culture: a completely genuine and authentic service for building product brands who want to grow their business through Inbound marketing.


Our Approach

A Human Approach to Data

We have developed a pragmatic, and transparent approach to delivering results.

The Predictable Growth Programme

The PGP (1) (1)

PGP allows us to take a surgical approach to construction marketing and through the process, we're able to diagnose the root cause behind sluggish growth and inefficient conversion paths in your business to then prescribe the right medicine.

Through our approach, we are able to create human and organic solutions to your growth challenges - the kind of solutions specifiers are searching for.

We then leverage the latest marketing techniques such as inbound marketing and cutting edge software such as HubSpot to generate a predictable flow of leads, specifications, and customers for building product brands in an unpredictable time.

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Why Inbound Works For Building Product Brands

Let's Talk About Grenfell

Post Grenfell the attitude around specification has become more stringent and cautious, with legislators and specifiers alike demanding greater reassurance about the performance, safety and provenance from the materials that are being used. 

Until the tragic events of June 2017 unfolded, it could be argued that construction was becoming far too price-driven to make projects commercially viable for contractors, especially those who openly tendered sub cost and then aggressively tried to value engineer specification to ‘liberate’ margin.

Post-Grenfell, we hope that a new era of responsible construction has taken root, in theory, specification selling should be far more valuable and rewarding for manufacturers in the future and this is the reason why CPAs' Marketing Integrity Group has created the CCPI.

Grenfell has affected the trust between the end consumer and the construction industry, not to mention the trust between building product brands and specifiers. The best way to regain and maintain trust between you and specifiers is through the organic and unambiguous nature of inbound marketing. 


Our Values

Honesty and Transparency

Do the right thing. Always.

Reliability and Responsibility 

Build a trustworthy relation through consistency and excellence.

Adaptability and Work Ethic

Deliver the experience you wish to have.



Meet Our Insynth'ers

Meet the team behind our brand!


Leigh Simpson

Founder and CEO

Seen it all, done it all. Leigh is the innovative mind behind Insynth, bringing over 30 years of construction marketing expertise with him. He is the pivotal link between inbound marketing and construction at Insynth.


Olivia Atkinson

Client Services Manager

Organised. Strategic. On it. Olivia doesn't miss a beat and she is the one that will ensure your campaigns are executed to the highest possible standard.


Louise Urquhart

Head of Design

As Head of Design Louise understands how to create lead-generation websites that caters to the needs of the modern building product specifier.


Ainhoa Rodriguez-Muguruza


Ainhoa works working closely with our new and existing clients to help them achieve a wide variety of Inbound Marketing goals.


Rich Newsome

Head Writer

Rich is our wordsmith superhero, conjuring up content that attracts specifiers, converts leads and get's you ranking ahead of your competitors.


Dorian Wallace

Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager, Dorian is responsible for the Insynth brand, growth, and usefulness for building product businesses.


Sandeep Bassi

Digital Content Marketing Consultant

Sandeep is a creative and knowledgeable construction marketing consultant who has worked across the globe to help businesses achieve their marketing objectives.


Jake Derry

Digital Content Marketing Consultant

After graduating and achieving a Degree in Spanish & Translation, he has turned his Writing and Communication expertise to the Marketing world with the hopes of skyrocketing our clients’ success.


Dom D'Angelillo

Digital Content Marketing Consultant

With a strong background in Journalism and freelance writing, Dom brings an abundance of experience and knowledge of online digital marketing.


Henry Jones


Henry is a sharp Digital Marketing Executive with a speciality in copywriting. He helps building products businesses qualify and nurture their Barbour ABI leads through inbound marketing, and email automation campaigns.


Jack Meisinger

General Manager, Project Prospecta

Jack is a technical wiz, equipping SMEs with the tools of creative copy and marketing automation to crunch through an unimaginable amount of data to find and convert high-quality leads.

tom hughes insynth markeing website developer

Tom Hughes

Website Developer

Tom Hughes is a highly skilled and innovative Web Developer. With a plethora of knowledge of creating intricate and optimised websites.


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We have a flawless 5 star rating on google

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Leigh, Olivia and the team at Insynth are a very knowledgeable, highly motivated group to work with and have been absolutely instrumental in helping us take our first steps in the world of CRMs and Inbound Marketing. They provide a genuinely personalised service, and I was particularly impressed the with the time and effort they put in to getting to know our company and our products - and this attention to detail carries through to all the content they produce as well. Highly recommended for any company in the construction/manufacturing sphere who are looking to benefit from professional, top quality inbound marketing services.
Dan Vesty
Managing Director, Tough Furniture
We have been working closely with Insynth for 3 years. Since adopting the inbound methodology following Insynths advice, we have tripled our website traffic and managed to sell our products into new sectors, due to the blog strategy they have put in place for us. All of this has led to us having two record months all in the space of a quarter, which is forcing us to expand our team to help service the level of new enquiries and orders that come in. I would recommend Insynth to anyone that is looking to increase their sales in sectors they are already in or trying to break into new ones. They have a forward-thinking team that are a pleasure to work with.
Robin Mansell
Commercial Director, Contour Heating Ltd