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Live @ #Inbound18 - HubSpot Product Announcements

Live @ #Inbound18 - HubSpot Product Announcements

HusPot Product Announcements

The pace of innovation and new features in the HubSpot ecosystem is mind blowing.  Since Inbound 17 there have been more changes than I can keep track of and every week there is a new feature to impress.

Learn about the big changes to the suite that were announced at the Inbound 2018 conference, and how these could help you supercharge your business growth.

Another Wave Of Innovation Is Arriving

This year, HubSpot have raised the bar again with improvements to the marketing, sales and customer service stacks and integration of deep machine learning and artificial intelligence.  All developed to improve the way you grow your business and help your customers.

Their free CRM platform improves too and more features are added to the free offering to help get you started digitising tour sales and marketing.

The big news though is the launch of HubSpot Video!

A Gamechanger in Communication

The launch of HubSpot video isn’t just some fancy way of embedding your video into a blog post or webpage.  It’s a native function that will be used as part of your everyday communication.

Imagine opening an email and watching a video message from a potential supplier or partner.  It’s old school face-to-face contact.

It’s highly personal and builds a deeper relationship straight off the bat.

There is a hidden benefit too though.  What’s holding back on the adoption of video is the relectance of people to get in front of the camera – it’s uncomfortable and awkward, and no body likes to see or hear themselves back.

But if we start to use video in our everyday communications, it will become second nature and people in your business will hopefully become more willing to participate in your video projects.



Big news is that the HubSpot Starter product has been massively improved with new features starting at just £42 per month and no contact!

Native forms are included as is Facebook ads functionality. 

Analytics are included and email marketing functionality to reach out with your customers directly from your CRM system with a new editor interface to make your email marketing look amazing.

Marketing Enterprise product has been improved to take advantage of machine learning and automation.  Processing larger and more complex data sets to help you interpret customer engagement and intent to help you serve their need better and close more business.



A new version of predictive lead scoring has been launched.  A huge investment in AI has delivered a more accurate and powerful predictive tool to tell you which leads are most likely to convert, allowing your sales team to focus their time and energy on the best leads.

A new feature for sales teams is playbooks.  Playbooks bring all of your sales resources and decks together to help you sell in a consistent and effective way.

Call transcription is exciting.  Your sales calls are automatically transcribed and any tasks discussed are flagged for inclusion in your task list.  Talk about smart and transparent!  How useful is this feature for being able to coach and mentor your sales team and make them more effective.


Customer Service

Service Hub Starter is brand new for HubSpot.  You get helpdesk and ticketing for customer issues inside your HubSpot CRM system.

There is a solid suite of customer service rep productivity tools and dashboards to give you visibility on your customer service performance.  Again this starter plan starts at just £42 per month.



Conversation have been added to the Free HubSpot solution.  Conversations included live chat on your Website, Centralised email solutions, bots and automations to keep your business open all hours, 24/7

The has ben a major overhaul of the imprt process.  Traditionally, HubSpot has been challenging when migrating from an existing CRM System.  New processes simplify this.

Workflows have also been beefed up, making them faster, more robust and able to work across the whole CRM platform.



As big change is the attitude to 3rd party integrations, enabling HubSpot to connect with over 200 3rd party apps.


HubSpot – The Essential Tool For Your Digital Strategy

There are a tonne of additional improvements to the HubSpot stack and more information can be found at www.hubspot.com/new.

The key takeaway for me is that HubSpot is rapidly becoming the essential tool for any digital strategy whether you are a start-up or a multinational.  The software is on a path to greatness!

To discover how HubSpot could revolutionise your sales and marketing operations and supercharge your productivity, just get in touch.  I'd be delighted to answer your questions.

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