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4 Ways To Increase Effectivity Of Email Marketing For Building Products

4 Ways To Increase Effectivity Of Email Marketing For Building Products

Email marketing is a standard within the marketing section of any business, with 87% of marketers utilising the capability of email marketing to generate leads.  

Although it may seem like a complex maze of trial and error (although partly true) this isn’t always the case when it comes to email marketing.  

The only time trial and error comes into it is when you have no guidance for email marketing, apart from that, the only real experimentation that comes into it is when running AB tests on your emails before you find the winning solution.  


To find out the 4 tips for increased success in your email marketing, read on...

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Expand your mailing list  

Your mailing list is your open door to communicate with your audience through email. It is a place where however many people have agreed to see what it is you are emailing them, showing that, chances are they are interested in your product or service.  

But just because they are interested in your building product, it doesn’t always mean they are interested in purchasing or using what you offer.  

The best way to expand your mailing list and contact database is to offer exclusive content for people interested to sign up for.  

Whether this is an eBook, a webinar, or some kind of miniguide. You need to give your audience a reason to part with their personal data and allow you to have it. Not only will this grow your number of contacts, but it will also give you authority in your space.  

Another way to grow your contact database is to look at paying for contact research. This will then allow you to find out everything you need to know about a potential lead, enabling you to target them with email marketing tailored to them 


Make full use of your CRM system 


Your CRM system can be a powerful tool for email marketing and can allow you to create powerful emails, whilst managing them all from one place.  

When running any campaign, organisation is key. And this is no different when it comes to email marketing for your building products brand. 

Using a CRM, such as HubSpot, can allow you to track engagement on your emails. From top engaged contacts, to what links your audience clicked, as well as how long your audience read the email for, which could be crucial in deciding how you structure emails.  

Being able to view and adapt based on these analytics could be crucial in increasing the effectiveness of email marketing for your building products brand.  


Perfect the subject line 

Subject lines in your email marketing campaigns are crucial, as they are the first impression of your email to your audience.  

When they see that email come into their inbox, it is the first thing they will see, so getting it right has to be a priority.  

You want your subject line to be relevant, without giving too much away.  

You also want to make your emails personal to your recipients, to make sure that they don’t feel like a number in your database, personalising your subject lines with a first name can massively change this as x% of people are more likely to open a personalised email, so why not give it a try? It might just improve your open rate.  


AB Testing 

AB testing your emails is essential to assess what works and what doesn’t. This can then help you improve your emails, and eventually lead to a winning formula.  

There is a simple feature in HubSpot that allows you to test different subject lines and work out if little changes work.  

It may even be something such as using emojis, vs not using them. but these things can actually make a difference when it comes to open rate, and that’s the first step when it comes to successful email campaigns.  



Email marketing can easily go wrong, but it can just as easily be a success for you building products brand. Focusing on getting the basics right can be the make or break with your marketing, especially when it comes to email. 

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