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9 Tools to Help Your Sales Team Succeed

9 Tools to Help Your Sales Team Succeed

9 Tools to Help Your Sales Team Succeed

According to research by HubSpot the top sales priorities in businesses are closing more deals, improving sales funnel efficiency and improving sales technology. In a study by LinkedIn, 82% of top sales people cite tools ‘critical’ to their ability to close deals.

With so many tools on offer, it can be difficult to decide on what is best for you and your team. We thought we’d tackle those top priorities by listing some of our favourite tools.

Include are tools for prospecting, sales intelligence, lead capture, video and more. Each are listed with a free trial so you can decide what works best for you. 

What should include in my sales technology stack?

1. Find emails in just a few clicks

Name: Hunter.io

Price: from £30/month

Free trial: 50 free credits monthly

Category: prospecting

What does it do?

GDPR compliant, it uses public sources and common company email patterns to help you find the email address of your prospect. It integrates with most major CRMs and gives you a confidence score on the quality of the email address.


Prospect.io – £86/month, a similar tool which also allows for tracking, campaign stats and reporting.


2. Help your sales team connect with more leads and close more deals

HubSpot CRM example

Name: HubSpot Sales Hub

Price: £0/month, £42/month next tier

Free trial: 1 month paid plan

Category: CRM

What does it do?

A toolkit to help your sales team improve their productivity and sell better. Features include email templates, sales automation, assignable tasks and much more. This is often seen as the all-in-one solution to handle all of your needs.


NoCRM – £11/month, a simple to use sales pipeline management software.

Construction Sales Tools


3. Keep track of your sales teams call performance

Name: Aircall

Price: from £26/month

Free trial: 1 week

Category: prospecting

What does it do?

A cloud-based phone system. Features include one click to call, call recording for training and a live feed of your teams’ activity. Ideal for teams who want a better insight into their performance and to easily log calls onto their CRM.


JustCall – £19/month, Make, receive and track your phone calls anytime, anywhere and from any device.


4. Up to date information on how you and your team are performing

Databox Sales Dashboard Example

Name: Databox

Price: from £0/ month, £38/month next tier

Free trial: 2 weeks for any paid plan by request

Category: performance reporting

What does it do?

Databox allows businesses to have up-to-date information on key KPIs like sales, leads, conversions and their pipeline. It has a range of integrations and features including automatic reporting and output to TV monitors. Learn more about dashboards.

Alternative: Plecto – £13/month, a dashboard tool to motivate your employees, taking the addicting elements from games and applying them to their platform.


5. Discover when your prospects are on your website and opening your emails

Name: HubSpot Sales Extension

Price: £0/month, £42/month next tier

Free trial: 1 month of paid plans by request

Category: sales intelligence

What does it do?

Get notifications for when prospects are opening your emails, visiting your website and booking meetings. Integrates with HubSpot CRM to give you a full picture on your prospects.


LeadBoxer – £61/month, a lead and customer data platform, providing you intelligence on your website visitors.


6. Save time creating proposals that help close more deals

PandaDoc for proposals

Name: PandaDoc

Price: from £12/month

Free trial: 2 weeks

Category: contract life cycle management

What does it do?

Allows you to create proposals, specifications and documents for buyers. Features include pricing tables, templates and integration into popular CRM systems to save time. Auto reminders help to reduce your time to close.


Proposify – £15/month, for proposals, contracts and quotes get paid directly inside your document from anywhere.


7. Create interactive experiences to excite your website visitors

Name: Outgrow.co

Price: from £15/month

Free trial: 1 week

Category: lead capture

What does it do?

Create interactive content such as calculators, quizzes and surveys to engage your customers and capture more leads.


Leadquizzes – £22/month, create a variety of quizzes, forms and surveys. Use logic branching to create a personalised experience based on your prospect’s answers.


8. Personalise your approach with 1:1 video

Video Email for Building Products

Name: Vidyard

Price: £0/month, £62/month next tier

Free trial: no

Category: video

What does it do?

Record and send video emails seamlessly. Product demos, case studies, 1:1 prospecting and much more. Embed them into emails through HubSpot CRM. Learn more about how you can use video for building product sales and the best practices to increase your chances of success.


Wistia - £0/month, create, customise and share your videos for building product sales with an easy to use chrome extension and web-based software.


9. Avoid back and forth emails when booking meetings

Name: Calendly

Price: £0/month, £6/month next tier

Free trial: 2 weeks paid plan

Category: meetings

What does it do?

Create a shareable link to allow people to book directly into your calendar. Can’t make a product demo? Calendly will automatically book the next sales rep with an available slot.


HubSpot Meeting Tool – £0/month with HubSpot’s free CRM, features including round robin and automatically adjusting for different time-zones.

 Construction Sales Tools


With the variety of tools out there it’s difficult to determine where to start. As it includes the email tracking tool, meeting scheduling and contact records; we’d recommend dipping your toes in the water with the HubSpot free CRM to decide on the tools you find most useful.

If you have questions on any of the tools mentioned or would like to find more about HubSpot. Feel free to have a chat with us.

Where prices have only been in dollars or euros, these have been converted into pounds:

€1 = £0.87, $1 = £0.77


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