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Content Marketing Tips For Building Materials - Part 1

Content Marketing Tips For Building Materials - Part 1

Content Marketing Tips For Building Materials - Part 1

Using content marketing for your building products brand is about educating your prospects so they can make informed decisions, rather than directly selling. The correct use of content marketing will position your company as an expert in your sector, building awareness for your business.

Building product companies can begin to implement content marketing with the following marketing tips.

In part two 5 more essential tips for successful content marketing are revealed and how they apply to the building products sector.


1. Tell, Don’t Sell

Content marketing is about creating content that stimulates interest in your product or service rather than promoting your brand.

This can be done through a number of methods such as e-books or blogs. The more educational content you have, the more you will be recognised as the thought leader in your space, by both Google and your site visitors.

A recent website audit conducted on the building products industry by Insynth, revealed that if you include a blog as part of your website ‘you have a 434% higher chance of being organically ranked highly on search engines’.


2. Be Consistent

To ensure you’re at the front of the competition you must be consistent with your methods.

Content should be adapted to suit different platforms whilst still conveying the same message to get the same point across each time.

The quality of your content shouldn’t waver as you may see a decrease of readers. Once you set a level of quality your readers will then expect that every time.


3. Communication

Insynth’s website audit also revealed that 80% of building products companies didn’t reply to a query submitted. This means only 20% of the industry are actually following up potential leads submitted directly to a form on their website.

Communicating with your prospects is key, and first impressions count.

Even if the query wasn’t appropriate for your line of work, by replying and even recommended a company that does suit their needs, you represent yourself as a trustworthy company.

This positive awareness of your business has the potential to generate word of mouth recommendations or even a future purchase.

Construction Marketing For Building Materials Marketing Growth Agency Insynth Shifnal West Midlands

4. Build A Strong Online Presence

Another way to rank highly is to build a strong online presence. Make sure you’re listed on online directories specific to your sector. These authoritative sources could become your main referral sources.

For construction related businesses there are a number of building product directories that offer free listings, such as Barbour Product Search and RIBA Product Selector.

Ensuring your website is optimised for mobile use has become expected now as the technology has been around for so long.

Alarmingly 51 out of the 300 building product companies audited are yet to invest in some basic web redesign.

Mobile currently accounts for half of all website traffic generated, meaning if your website isn’t optimised for mobile use, you’re losing out on half the traffic.


5. Use Social Media

Social media platforms are great for getting customers involved in projects. You can go live, create polls, ask questions and much more.

As there are so many platforms, its best to identify which ones you’re buyer personas are present on and post on there.

Social platforms have analytics integrated in them so you can see which posts performed better than others. Allowing you to adjust your strategy accordingly.

With more millennials becoming architects and specifiers, social media should be a serious consideration for your company. It gives you the opportunity to share content via various media platforms.

It also challenges you as a company to create more engaging content. Have you wrote a post on a step by step guide for something? Show it in a video and achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness.



Content marketing can be approached in a number of ways using different methods. These tips have been selected specifically for the building products sector, where digital marketing progress can be slow.

The second part touches on the importance of SEO, testimonials and analytics. These basic methods have been used successfully in other industries for years.

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