Sandy Bassi

Sandy Bassi

Sandy is a Digital Content Marketer with Insynth Marketing Ltd. She brings to the business a First-Class Honours Degree in Marketing, Advertising & PR and a CIM Professional Diploma. She has helped businesses across the globe to achieve their marketing goals.

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Adopting Digital: Increase Website SEO For Your Construction Marketing

By Sandy Bassi on 04-Dec-2020 09:19:29

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a way to get a higher ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). When it comes to digital adoption, SEO is too valuable to miss out, here’s why…

  • 70% of marketers see SEO as more effective than PPC
  • 96% of global traffic comes from Google search, Google Images, and Google maps
  • 53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic search

If your website has a higher rank, each time someone searches about a construction product or service you’re offering, your site will feature at the top.

Read on to discover how you can digitally adopt SEO for your building products business…

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Adopting Digital Technology To Increase Customer Satisfaction

By Sandy Bassi on 17-Nov-2020 14:22:37

With the use of technology on the rise, the customer experience landscape has changed forever.

For your construction company, long wait times and slow responses are no longer acceptable and have a huge impact on customer satisfaction.

Immediate satisfaction and meeting high customer expectations is important. By definition, customer expectations are any set of behaviours or actions that individuals expect when interacting with a company.

Modern-day customers have much higher expectations, such as a proactive service, personalised interactions, and connected experiences across all channels.

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Adopting Digital: The New Way Of Communicating For Your Construction Company

By Sandy Bassi on 10-Nov-2020 16:36:44

It’s almost hard sometimes to remember that communication hasn’t always been an instant process. Thanks to the simplicity and the ease of all the new channels that are available to us, great communication has never been so effortless, in general life and for your building product business too.

With many of us making the abrupt shift to working from home, internal and external communications have changed. Businesses that have failed to adopt a communication process that works for them may be inadequate in ensuring staff are working to high standards.

This blog will help you learn how you can adopt the new way of communicating, read on to find out more…

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What Are The Benefits Of Digital Adoption For Construction Companies?

By Sandy Bassi on 05-Nov-2020 09:54:22

Everywhere around us is adopting digital, we are now able to incorporate our mobile devices into our everyday lives. Instead of having box telephones that meant you had to stay at your desk to make a phone call.

Digital adoption is making our lives easier, everything you need to do your job is available at just a touch of a button.

Chances are, technology has altered your professional life for the better. That’s what successful digital adoption feels like.

One of the greatest benefits of digital adoption is improving our performance. It allows us to do what we need to do more efficiently

Recent studies claim that businesses can increase revenues by 23% with digital strategies. This demonstrates the huge benefit it can have to your building product business and construction marketing.

Read on to discover the 5 benefits of digital adoption…

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Digital Adoption: What Does It Mean?

By Sandy Bassi on 29-Oct-2020 11:38:35

Did you know that employees spend 22 minutes every day trying to figure out how to interact with technology?

Digital adoption can be tricky, however, when it’s fully utilised you can strengthen your team’s relationship with technology to streamline tasks and improve efficiency.

Read on to discover what digital adoption is and why it’s important…

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Beginners Guide In Utilising A CRM System For Construction Companies

By Sandy Bassi on 22-Oct-2020 17:38:36

When it comes to choosing the right CRM system for your building products company, it’s important to understand the capabilities you’ll receive from your chosen CRM system.

Read on to discover if a CRM system is right for you.

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Why Do CRM Systems Have A Bad Reputation?

By Sandy Bassi on 13-Oct-2020 16:46:28

Have you ever thought about adopting a CRM system, but you’ve heard from someone in your network that they’re not any good or you feel like they have a bad reputation? Perhaps you think it’s near enough impossible for a CRM system to help you to reach your business goals and to reach an ROI.

Well, you’re not alone, a CRM system has suffered from having a bad reputation, read on to discover why…

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5 Ways To Grow Your Building Products Company With A CRM System

By Sandy Bassi on 08-Oct-2020 09:57:13

The ultimate goal for your building product business is to undoubtedly increase and expand your company.

Your construction company can increase its productivity by having a CRM system in place, to help manage sales leads and work as a centralised platform for your current and potential customers.

This centralised platform works to accumulate your data from your customers and leads in one place so you can grow your company to work efficiently.

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How to Implement a CRM Into Your Building Product Business

By Sandy Bassi on 30-Sep-2020 16:03:31

Implementing your new CRM system into your construction marketing can become tricky. Some people believe that the pain of switching or implementing a new CRM system can outweigh the benefits that can be gained.

We hope to make the implementation process as easy as possible for you. So, rest assured, this blog aims to put into place the key steps you need to consider after you’ve scoped out your new CRM system.

To ensure that your implementation runs smoothly, and you won’t run the risk of leaving out any important steps…

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