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#INBOUND22 How You Can Use Video Across Your Customer Journey

#INBOUND22 How You Can Use Video Across Your Customer Journey


As video usage is increasing, our attention spans online are decreasing. Whether we’re quickly watching 10 second videos or along the 79% of individuals who watch videos on mute – getting your video strategy right is essential.

As many companies are now adopting video marketing, don’t let your building product business fall behind.

This #INBOUND22 session ran by Taylor Corrado and Chris Lavigne worked through an interactive framework for creating the most impactful videos and getting them in front of the right audience at the right point in the customer’s journey.

There are three core marketing goals where video can make a big difference - Acquisition, Adoption, and Brand.

The session covers where to focus your creative team, and how you can scale and measure the impact of video on your business. Here’s the rundown…


Acquisition Videos

What are acquisition videos? They turn your leads into customers. This could be on your homepage video where you make a great first impression with a captivating video.

What exactly does your firm do then? Answer this question in your homepage video so that people can see straight away what your building product company is all about.

There is nothing more frustrating than browsing a website, reading some stuff, and yet not understanding what the business does. Don't leave your website visitors in the dark and confused!

What consumer pain point does your building product business address? Get to the point quickly, be straightforward and conversational, and use language that your target audience will understand.


Engage Video

Differentiate the best from the rest with a killer demo video. Show case what you guys do and how you do it. Prospective clients can learn more about the value of your product by watching demo videos.

Start by planning your demo video and include the following elements:

  • Describe your product or service
  • Provide a solution
  • Show how your product or service works
  • Provide the audience with a clear CTA (such as, download a trial or request more information)



Conversion Videos

Close the deal with a personalised sales video.

These videos should target where they are in the sales process. Personalised elements like the recipient’s name, the name of their business, or information that addresses their specific pain points and solutions, make it clear your sales team is speaking directly to the individual.

People prefer to interact with organisations that use personalization in some way, shape, or form. 


Adoption Videos

These show the value of your product/service.

Can your offering be difficult to briefly describe? Or perhaps you want to keep individuals on your page to help move them through their buyer’s journey.

Product videos engage your audience by showcasing the features and advantages of your product as well as frequently showing examples of how it operates.

They're especially helpful for customers who need a thorough explanation of what you have to offer and are in the awareness or consideration phases of the buyer's journey.


Culture Videos

Create a personal connection with culture videos.

Culture videos are the most enjoyable (and the easiest?) to make. Since they may essentially be about anything and everything. And we're not referring to your typical corporate video.

Did you organise a bake-off during lunch? Display it in a video! The CEO commuted to work on a bicycle? You’re obliged to record that on video.

Customers can watch these videos to get a behind-the-scenes look at your construction business and individual personnel. Giving your followers an inside look into what goes on at your workplace is the best way to engage with them.

These types of videos are also useful for recruitment as individuals will have a peek into what working is like at your building product business.



Although video marketing can first seem daunting, with enough practice and persistence, you can quickly create high-quality video content that is specific to your building product business.

Take out a camera, start filming, and observe how much more engaged you get. It's time to use video as a necessary element of your marketing strategy.

Take things slowly and keep learning. You never know how a fresh concept or tactic can help you in reaching your objectives.