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Defining A Construction Sales Lead

Defining A Construction Sales Lead

As a building products business, you may want to expand your pipeline, but it can be frustrating when you don’t know where to start.

Your pipeline may be full right now, but the construction industry is notorious for planning forward.

So, how can you win new work and establish connections in the construction industry? The solution is to use construction leads.

A construction sales lead is a term that is frequently used, but many people are unsure of what it actually is.

To obtain leads, it’s essential to understand what a construction sales lead is. This blog will run through the benefits of construction sales leads, as well as how to identify good-fit leads.


What Is A Construction Sales Lead?

construction marketing sales funnel

A subscriber, lead, MQL, SQL, opportunity, and a customer are the six sections of our sales funnel. While most building product companies have separate sales and marketing funnels, each element of our funnel is handled by both teams, and there may be some overlap.

When a subscriber begins to download more resources or content, increases their website activity, or makes a live chat or email inquiry, they become a construction sales lead. Although the lead is still in the awareness stage, they are willing to provide contact information in order to get more advanced resources.

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Benefits Of Good Construction Sales Leads

A ‘good’ construction sales lead is defined as knowing prospects that are interested in your services/products. This provides benefits as you’re directly talking to interested leads rather than wasting time on leads that just aren’t interested.


Win More Work

The key advantage of sales construction leads is that they help you win more work and expand your building product’s pipeline.

Your pipeline will have a better chance of filling up and delivering a steady amount of work for you and your company if you target the right construction prospects.

This is because a strong construction lead can show you what's going on in the sector, whether it's what projects are being worked on or what other businesses are doing.


Network With The Right People

You can use construction leads to form important connections with the right people. You can contact those you want to team up with if you have all the contact information you need on a project's main point of contact, and this might lead to a long-term engagement with the same organisations and people.

This then can help shape and build your buyer persona profile to ensure your marketing is reaching the right people.


Indicators Of Good Fit Construction Sales Leads

It's crucial to understand the steps after a subscriber has become a sales lead. This will aid in determining which prospects are ready to buy and which will require additional assistance or nurturing.

You may start the sales qualifying process by looking at your prospect's level of engagement with your website and marketing content once you've identified a few good fit leads.


Email Activity

Only 24% of sales emails get opened, according to email activity. The number of email openings, click-throughs to arrange a meeting, and another call to action is all critical indicators of sales-readiness.


Content Downloads

The content downloaded may help indicate the pain point your prospect has. If they download an eBook on acoustic solutions for education, for example, this could help guide the sales conversation.


Reviewing bottom of the funnel offers

Requesting site visits, product demos, performance evaluations, and test results may signal your prospect either needs a helping hand or is ready to buy.


Website Activity

It's worth noting whether a prospect visits a site four or five times. Returning to case studies, reviews, and product pages could suggest that they're still thinking about it.



With construction sales leads, it’s important to ensure your marketing is right so that you can nurture the lead until they’re ready to buy.

A good CRM is important to help salespeople on top of their lead scoring. You can get started for free with HubSpot’s Sales software.

Want to learn more about sales and marketing alignment for your building products or construction business? Read our Complete Guide to Sales and Marketing Alignment Here.

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