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#INBOUND2021: 7 Steps To Becoming The Most Trusted Voice In Your Space

#INBOUND2021: 7 Steps To Becoming The Most Trusted Voice In Your Space

Live From #INBOUND2021

Content is a singular building block of all businesses - especially in the B2B world.

It's the essential emotion we all seek. And in the digital marketing field, our success rises and falls every day based on just how much trust we're able to generate in the marketplace.

This session, given by popular INBOUND speaker Marcus Sheridan, will give you seven proven steps to literally become not just a content machine in your building product business, but the most trusted voice in your space.

If you're willing to think differently, and truly want to stand out in a sea of content sameness, continue reading…

The fact is, most industries still in 2021, do not have an established ‘WebMd’ of their space. And this is one main reason why may not be viewed as a trusted thought leader in your unique space right now.

The Importance Of Trust

The greatest marketers across the world are obsessed with this singular motion of ‘trust’. But how do you gain it?

You need to think differently and get out of your comfort zone.

This is because thought-leadership is uncomfortable.

  1. We don’t want to do it differently than it has ever been done
  2. We don’t want to discuss (online) what hasn’t been discussed
  3. We don’t want to ruffle anyone’s feathers and have others disagree with us (competitors, bad fit customers, etc)

If you want to become that voice of trust you must do these 3 things:

  1. talk about what others do not do in your space
  2. show what others do not in your space
  3. sell in a way others won’t sell in your space.

So, here’s the low-down of the 7 steps of trusted content, to help you become the most trusted voice in your space.

#1 Talk Openly About Good Fits

Talk openly about who you ARE and ARE NOT a good fit for, this will provide you with quality leads from the get-go.

The moment building product businesses talk honestly about who they’re not a good fit for, they become more attractive to those who they ARE a good fit for.

Here’s an example:


RetroFoam showcase three bullet points on their website on who isn’t a good fit for them.

#2 Talk About Pricing, Costs And Rates

If you don’t teach your building product customers about pricing, who will??

First, talking about what drives the cost of your building product or service up.

Second, talk about what drives the cost of that product or service down.

Third, mention why there are some products or services in your space is so expensive and why they are so cheap.

Here’s an example:


Sportsman found that requesting a quote for pricing puts people off, so they became straight up about their pricing.

#3 Learn The Skill Of ‘Disarmament’

So you’ve got to drop your guard and that's disarming or disarmament. You can do this with your content, and you can do it well, but you got to be willing to say things that surprise your viewer, your listener and your reader.

Here’s an example:

The examples showcase an unbiased comparative piece about the vinyl liner and concrete pools.

If customers can tell from the title, what the point of the article is, they have no reason to open up the article or the video because they already know what you think.

And by doing this, you’ve just killed your conversion rates. And you’ve killed your ability to gain trust.

#4 Show Your Secret Sauce

People want to see how things are made. There is no point hiding your ‘secrets’, be explicit with how you manufacture your products.

The secret sauce is just you showing it. Because when you show it, it separates you from the rest of your competitors


#5 Compare Without Bias

Compare your building product brands to your competitors and allow for others to see the differences and then let your customers decide to decide.

Here’s an example:


IMPACT openly compared their agency against 2 top competitors. However, they did this in an unbiased way so it allowed for readers to decide which agency was best.

#6 Be Willing To Talk About The Negatives

Talk about the negatives everyone is searching and asking about, but no one wants to address.

People may search about the negatives of a product because they’re willing to buy it.

Here’s an example:


Here is an example from another B2B business that manufactures metal roofs.

Now, they understand that one of the fundamental questions that homeowners and builders are both asking is: ‘so what are some of the problems with a metal roof’.

By answering this question honestly, they’ve become a trusted source in their space.

#7 Talk About Competition

Stick to the facts and not the negatives about your competitors, this isn’t a time to try and bash your competitors so you can shine – be honest about the facts.

Readers will be able to spot when you’re being biased or boasting about your building product brand, so talk about competition but don’t throw any shade when you do so.


To become that voice of trust you need to stand out and do things that might make you feel uncomfortable. But by being honest, transparent and sticking to the facts – you can become the most trusted voice in your space.

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