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#INBOUND22 Turning Creativity Into A Marketing Funnel

#INBOUND22 Turning Creativity Into A Marketing Funnel


Netflix, Disney+, and even TikTok have raised the bar on audience expectations. What’s the result of this?

Whether you're creating on behalf of Pixar, or your small building product business, you've got to get creative if you want to compete. 

This creates pressure in the marketing space of today, especially in construction. But, it's also an opportunity.

Those who get creative, authentic, and engaging will be rewarded. However, what about the ROI on that creativity? In this INBOUND22 session by Lindsay Tjepkema, we covered how to maximise your return on creativity by starting with core creative content, breaking it into smaller pieces, and amplifying it.


We’re Surrounded By Great Content

We’re all human right? And we’re drowning in exceptional content, it’s everywhere, on our phones, on Netflix and even when we’re crossing the street. As humans we expect to experience greatness, as marketers, we’re pressured to create it.

Because we’re surrounded by great content all the time, it feels attainable to ‘just go viral'. We have a feeling to feed the algorithm beasts and do the things that we’re told work.

How do we do it all in an economic downturn and when budgets are getting cut all around us?

The 2 things that bring you joy are connection and creativity


How To We Become ‘More Creative’?

Amplified marketing can get us to the point we can prioritise creativity. It starts with identifying, creating, amplifying and analysing:


  • Your audience
  • Your theme
  • Your existing content
  • What do we know about the audience? What can we learn?
  • What is the theme for our content initiative?
  • What related content do we already have?

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  • Connection and creativity
  • Go directly to the source
  • Get it right. Put it in the investment
  • How can we get creative with what we have?
  • Who could we get involved with?
  • What could we make that our audience would really love?
    … and that could be used in myriad ways
    … and that would be fun to create



  • Publish your big investment
  • Writing it out into smaller pieces
  • Amplify it across multiple channels
  • Amplify your reach, amplify your ROI
  • How will we own our audience?
  • How could we write out our key investment?
  • What would amplify the reach of this creative endeavour?
  • How do we use it to empower Sales and CX?



  • Where are people engaging?
  • What are people most interested in?
  • WHO is engaging?
  • What is driving business results?
  • What’s your ROC? Return on creativity?


Why Amplified Marketing?

This is because it builds trust, efficiency, alignment and revenue. When you’re not being creative or authentic, your audience feels it. You need to show creativity and thirst to connect and your audience will display trust.

With efficiency, make the audience the hero, not what you want to tell them. Make that one beautiful thing and launch it – providing you with a bursting of creativity.

This could be by creating a whole series from one discussion you’ve had and creating bitesize content.

With alignment, talk to all teams involved. Ask the sales team ‘what do you keep getting asked right now?’ speak to customers and ask what makes their buyer's journey feel disconnected. This will ensure you’re getting the most out of the opportunity and that everything is aligned from the get-go.

When it comes to revenue, understand your business model and what make’s your building product business money.


How Amplified Marketing Works

Amplified marketing works by creating a network of individuals who will amplify your articles and podcasts by sharing them via their social media platforms.

This will create geometric growth results for the number of people consuming the content. A simple request to an amplification group you organise to ‘please share’ can work in your favour.

It’s important that the content you create is rich, valuable and engaging to fuel all channels in five steps:

  1. Have a conversation, formal or informal.
  2. Record the conversation and share it.
  3. Wring it out across other channels. 
  4. Measure and reflect.
  5. Repurpose.



The beauty of amplified marketing is not only that it makes life easier for content marketers, but it also helps brands build meaningful relationships with their audience and really create a community. As a result, you’ll be able to increase conversions and drive revenue.


Construction Marketing Managers Guide To Content Marketing call to action with 72 pages