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Why Your Building Product Business Should Consider Podcasting

Why Your Building Product Business Should Consider Podcasting

7.1 million people in the UK are now listening to podcasts every week, with regular listeners consuming an average of 7 episodes each time.

These numbers have increased by 25% since last year and are still rising.

However, what does this mean for building product businesses like yours? And how can you leverage the growth of podcasts to reach your audience?

Incorporating podcasts in your construction marketing plan can help your small business in a variety of ways, including sharing information about products/services, company news, and general industry news.

Chances are, architects and specifiers are listening to podcasts and it’s your chance to reach them with podcasting.

Here’s why you need to consider podcasting…

Increase Brand Awareness For Your Building Product Business

Other than showing up on Google, there are several podcast directories where users search for topics and industries that interest them. It's a good start if you are where people are looking.

For example, architects can search for podcasts by keyword or subject which means you can get found by good-fit leads.

Unlike conventional forms of advertising, podcasts only require a minimal amount of branding. Your logo will most probably be on the video as well as in the artwork. Since podcasting isn't really a sales tool, you'll probably include your company name in the introduction and outro as well. This will help listeners remember you without feeling like they're being sold to.

Building trust is crucial for small businesses in a market that is already oversaturated with goods and services. Allowing you to nurture more genuine client relationships and maintain listeners' memories without being overly pushy.


Podcasts Are Convenient For Your Construction Audience

Podcasts are great for busy individuals like architects and specifiers. This is because they’re easy to digest and can be listened to anywhere and at any time.

Architects are always looking for self-improvement or inspiration and therefore, they could really benefit from listening to podcasts. This is where your building product business could cater to their needs to help and help them become inspired.

By downloading episodes to listen to whilst driving to sites, working, or even at home, podcast listeners may make the most of their time.

The average podcast lasts about 35 minutes and contains 4,550 words, making it quick to absorb information.

And that’s around the length of 7 average-length blog posts and are much easier to digest.


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Position Your Building Product Brand As Thought-Leaders

Offering your target audience more ways to access your information and hearing from individuals who are experts in their industry helps you stand out as a thought leader in your space.

You can also increase the authority of your building product brand if you decide to use the conventional podcasting format and ask guests to join you.

The more respected individuals from your business or niche you have on your podcast, the more closely connected people will view you as being associated with them and their achievements.


Add A Personal Touch With Your Podcasting

Adding A Personal Touch With Your Building Product Business Podcast

Developing a relationship with your construction audience is one thing that podcasting is very good at.

When you publish your podcast your voice is heard by listeners, who also hear your running jokes and get to know you better. This can actually foster more of a closer connection in their minds. Hearing a voice can also promote trust, and in the end, it’s trust that will boost your reputation.

You can't convey your emotions through text. Verbal explanations make it simple for listeners to grasp your emotions. When you regularly post, your audience becomes used to your voice and presenting style. This familiarity keeps them coming back for more.


Podcasting Can Be More Interactive Than Other Channels

One of the things that make podcasts so interesting and capable of developing such a dedicated following is their interactive nature.

Along with inviting guests to appear on your podcasts, you may also encourage your listeners to participate—for example, by participating in polls or calls. And only a few other media offer the engagement that podcasts do, which helps you to strengthen that relationship with your audience.


Your Construction Podcasts Can Be Repurposed

Every one of your podcast episodes can be turned into new material, such as YouTube videos or social media snippets.

You can also summarise your podcast episodes into a single blog post and include a call-to-action that directs readers to your main podcast website. This is another approach to attract new listeners who may not be familiar with your show.


Reach Architects And Specifiers With ‘Deep’ Content

In today’s world, we’re constantly exposed to flashy, snappy, short-form material that’s intended to immediately catch attention. Podcasts in comparison, are slow, in-depth, long-form content that delves deeper into specific themes.

With the nature of architects' and specifiers' job titles, podcasts allow them to gain deep insight into the subjects they’re interested in.

Podcasts are far less constrained. There are no restrictions on how long you can spend on a topic or how many characters you can use.

Talk to your audience about ongoing projects, industry insights and things you’ve learned along the way. Give your audience information about your sector that will keep them interested and listening each week.


Connect With The Staff Of Your Building Product Business

Podcasts not only help you to increase engagement, but it also gives you an opportunity to connect with the staff of your building product business.

You can use podcasts to communicate important announcements and also to provide training to new employees. This is especially useful if there are employees working all over the UK or even overseas.

Employers can also use podcasts to applaud their employee's achievements.



Above all, there are numerous reasons why your building product business should consider podcasting in your digital marketing plans.

Not only do they help you expand your audience and share your thoughts in engaging ways, but you can also develop close and personal relationships with your target audience.

And with the rising amount of podcast listeners, it’s your chance to reach your target audience and get ahead of the competition.

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