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5 Construction Marketing Hacks You Need To Know

5 Construction Marketing Hacks You Need To Know

Every month, the average internet user is faced with 11,250 advertisements. That's a lot of adverts.

Finding fresh and inventive ways to attract both your audience's attention and information can be extremely difficult in today's world of noise and competition and construction marketing, it's no different.

The most successful way to reach your target audience, produce organic traffic to your website and generate quality leads is through digital marketing.

Here are construction marketing hacks your building product business needs to know…

#1 Conduct Construction Marketing Keyword Research

For your content marketing strategy to work, you need to use keywords and phrases in your content that your prospects are searching online.

You may find that architects use different terms in comparison to engineers. For example, if your website has a page dedicated to architects, you will want to incorporate keywords that resonate with that group. Conversely, if your website contains a dedicated page for engineers, you will want to do the same for them. In doing this, you increase the chances of getting found by the specific group you are targeting.

Investigate the keywords that your target audience use to find products solutions. Once you know which keywords are bringing in traffic, you can adapt your content and text to include those phrases, increasing your chances of being found in organic search.

Begin by registering for SEO tools such as Moz, SEMrush, and Ahrefs. With this software, you can get access to data that will support your construction marketing plan and provide you with ideas about the next steps.

Read our in-depth blog to learn more about keyword research for your construction marketing.

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#2 Use Buyer Profiles And Buyer Personas

Understanding your ideal clients is essential for your construction marketing plan. However, it's often overlooked.

Profiles and personas will come in handy if you want to speak to an intended audience directly.

So, how do you distinguish between a buyer profile and a buyer persona?


What Is A Buyer Profile And What Does It Mean?

A buyer profile is a company-level description of your ideal customer. Geographic location, company size, turnover, number of employees, age, the technology used, and so on are all factors to consider.


What Is A Buyer Persona, And What Does It Mean?

The buyer persona is a semi-fictional portrayal of your ideal customer or those you'll be aiming to attract and engage.
You may discover that you have many personas for different groups in the same position. For example, a millennial architect's research habits are likely to differ from those of a baby boomer architect. The millennial architect often conducts research via the internet. While the baby boomer will often conduct research on habit.
Consider the issues they encounter daily, how they study and purchase items, what social media they use, what emotional triggers they are most likely to experience, and how they prefer to be contacted.


#3 Map Out The Buyers Journey For Your Construction Marketing

Consider how a typical Architect or Consultant approaches a design challenge. They will, like most others, go straight to the Internet and type a question into Google; in fact, 98.8% of them will do so.
The journey of a Specifier usually has four stages.
You must align your sales and marketing activity and timing to the specifiers' journey to maximise your outcomes.


Construction Marketing Managers Guide To Content Marketing call to action with 72 pages

#4 Create Helpful Content Within Your Construction Marketing

So, what kind of material should you consider developing and distributing?

Basically everything. Because of search engine marketing, many people think of content marketing as simply being online. There's a lot more to it than just blogging.

It will include the following:

Your website should be the hub of your communications, and content marketing is no exception since your blog and news feed will be at the heart of your strategy.

Offline education, such as CPD presentations, press pieces, white papers, and live events, is also included in content marketing. On the HubSpot CRM platform, you can track involvement and integrate online and offline activities.


#5 Use Clear CTAs Throughout Your Construction Marketing

Encourage your readers to interact with you by having the phone or email you for more information, visiting a landing page to obtain further content, or retweeting or sharing your article.

The frequency, placement, and design of a Call-To-Action (CTA) on a website page is a black art that should be experimented with and analysed on a regular basis to improve outcomes.

It's not a good idea to just use them and then forget about them.



The 5 construction marketing strategies listed above are a good place to start, but there are hundreds more techniques that can help you get the best results for your building product.

If you don't prepare, you're setting yourself up to fail. With that in mind, getting you and your marketing team on the same page with a strategy in place is a no-brainer.

It may seem overwhelming, but engaging with construction marketing specialists is a simple approach to getting your strategy in gear.

Construction Marketing Managers Guide To Content Marketing call to action with 72 pages

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