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Social Media Trends To Drive Your 2021 Construction Marketing Strategy

Social Media Trends To Drive Your 2021 Construction Marketing Strategy

Nobody could have predicted the rise in social media usage throughout 2020, as customers turned to social platforms in order to stay connected (and entertained) during the pandemic.

Here are some statistics that were found in 2020:

  • In July, Hootsuite found that there were 96 billion active social media users worldwide
  • Facebook is the most popular social media platform
  • 73% of marketers believe that social media marketing has been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their businesses.

[2021 UPDATE] HubSpot reedited their State of Marketing 2021 report last August to include data related to the UK market, making it more relevant for businesses operating at a country-level. The report opened with an unbeatable headline: social media has been the #1 channel used in marketing in 2021 with 8 in every 10 companies investing in their social presence.

But what does this mean for your building product business, and for the construction industry as a whole? Read on to find out more...

Authenticity Is A ‘Must’ For Your Construction Marketing

In 2020, consumers and brands faced a global pandemic, uncertain financial times, and a number of major events that paused nations in front of news channels.

Now, more than ever, trust is vital. With this in mind, many brands have taken notice by embracing authenticity and their human side on social media.

It also provides many individuals with engagement and connections which they might be missing out on during the pandemic.

Something that we can take into 2021 is that your building product business becoming transparent, human, and even more vulnerable is smart marketing.

This means that your construction marketing should be personified on social media in a way that showcases who you are and what you stand for.

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Instagram Can Work To Boost Your SEO

When it comes to gearing up for 2021, Instagram can work in your favour when it comes to boosting your building product businesses SEO.

Social Media Trends To Drive Your 2021 Construction Marketing Strategy

Instagram also a platform that is used by architects as inspiration, this could be your target market.

In 2020, it was officially announced that Instagram would become more search-friendly for SEO. This is a gamechanger and provides even more reason for you to adopt it for your construction marketing.

With this, there should be an increased opportunity for more reach on posts.

My recommendation to take early advantage of this update is to make sure your captions include relevant keywords that will help Instagram identify what’s being shown or talked about in your post. Instagram is now letting people use keywords for search, it will also populate recommendations for results that contain that keyword.

If you click on one, you’ll land on a page featuring posts that are related to the keyword — along with other relevant keywords at the top of the page.

In other words, there are more opportunities to have your content discovered in Instagram Search!

If you can optimise your Instagram posts for various relevant keywords (by writing descriptive captions, including alt text, and more), they may appear in keyword search results — so it’s more important than ever to optimise your Instagram SEO for your construction marketing in 2021.

Videos Will Continue To Take Spotlight

In 2020, HubSpot's Not Another State of Marketing Report discovered that video was the most commonly used marketing content -- and the second most engaging content type on social media.  As big platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter amp their video capabilities, we can predict that high video consumption will continue to grow throughout 2021.

It’d be beneficial for your building product business to begin creating short videos, to begin with, so you can test which type of videos your target market prefers. Want to find out more about adding video to your construction marketing strategy? Read our comprehensive blog post here.

Are You Taking Advantage Of ‘Story’ Features?

2020 saw many brands that were forced to take conferences, events, and other marketing experiences online, making live streams and Stories a common occurrence in 2020.

LinkedIn was a latecomer to the Story party and introduced its new Story feature in late 2020. Over 500 million people use Stories each day, but how can you use this social strategy to boost your professional reputation on LinkedIn in 2021?

We’re living in the “age of sharing,” and the more you share, the bigger your building product business becomes.

Stories on LinkedIn provide the most substantial opportunity for engagement. On Instagram, 25% of users swipe up on branded stories.

If we take this same thought process and considering LinkedIn is a professional platform, you can take advantage of this feature for growth in 2021.

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Something that this pandemic has taught us is that everything can change… quickly. Today, the world around us is constantly transforming. And, although we think we know what to expect with social media, there may be many more surprises in 2021.

2020 has taught us lessons which you can use to shape your social media approach for 2021, to come in strong and become an early adopter to new features.

By doing so, your social media strategy can work to help your building product business and construction marketing to flourish in 2021

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