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Digital Adoption: What Does It Mean?

Digital Adoption: What Does It Mean?

Did you know that employees spend 22 minutes every day trying to figure out how to interact with technology?

Digital adoption can be tricky, however, when it’s fully utilised you can strengthen your team’s relationship with technology to streamline tasks and improve efficiency.

Read on to discover what digital adoption is and why it’s important…


What Does It Mean To Adopt Digital?

Adopting digital is the process where an individual develops the ability to fully understand new technology and successfully carry out a digital process for particular tasks.

It essentially allows individuals to understand the potential of digital resources and utilise them to achieve their goals, leveraging technology to the fullest.

To achieve this, you and your construction team will need to understand both the functionality and the benefits of the digital processes you want to adopt.

For construction companies, digital technologies aren’t as widely utilised when compared to other industries.

Yet, digital technologies like digital marketing, SEO, CRM, social media and using the likes of Zoom and Microsoft Teams for communications – can push your buildings product company for growth.


Digital Adoption In Construction Companies

To meet the requirements of customers in this digital era, you may need to change your process and strategy whilst implementing modern-day technology.

Its good practice to scope out your building product goals initially to see which digital technologies support your goals and those that’ll grow revenue.


What You Can Achieve

If you want to generate more leads you can look into email marketing platforms and utilising social media.

To streamline your processes, adopt a modern-day CRM system to drive sales, marketing, and customer services.

As more and more companies are having to work from home, using communication platforms like Zoom and Slack work hand in hand when embracing the new ‘normal’.

These platforms also ensure that working from home drives efficiency for your company.

With this in mind, there’s no room for resistance to change. Yet, your construction company will need to have an open mind to what good digital can do for you.


Introduction Of New Technology

When new technology is introduced, you’ll need to establish measures to cope with the skill shifts required to carry out new tasks and new interfaces.

Nowadays, customers have higher demands for cognitive skills and your construction company must act fast to ensure you’re keeping up with demands rather becoming an obstacle.

It’s important to adopt technology that’ll quickly onboard new employees and upskill existing employees, this will help boost digital skillset.


The Shift In Mindset

A survey found that 73% of companies believe they’ll be either out of business or marginalised if they don’t adopt digital.

The study also found that over 2/3rds of these companies expect a digital-enabled competitor to gain a competitive advantage over them if they don’t adopt digital.

This showcases the clear shift of customers today, and the need for construction businesses to keep up with this shift to gain competitive advantages and to meet their customer's needs.



So, the biggest challenges connected to digital adoption? Resistance to change, agreement, continuous training, and your companies culture.

The key to successful digital adoption is continuous training and finding what works to meet your unique goals. 

Successful companies are those that have fruitfully implemented a lifelong learning culture and the right technology that promotes continuous learning and development. 

In addition, if your construction company effectively implements digital adoption well, you’ll have competitive advantage over your competitors and the tools to target your digital customers of today.



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