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How To Deliver Engaging CPD Content For Your Building Product

How To Deliver Engaging CPD Content For Your Building Product

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) has been a successful route to market for Building Product Manufactures and has become a vital part of architects’ and design professionals’ career development.

The rise in remote working, however, has prompted us all to think a little differently about how we deliver CPD to a wider audience, since face-to-face interactions are not viable right now.

Digitising your Building Product CPD means that you can deliver helpful content, whilst enabling professionals to access it from the comfort of their own home.

However, it’s not just a case of creating a PowerPoint and talking about the benefits of your products. Creating engaging, educational value is what will set you apart from everyone else.

Read on to find out more.

Digital CPDs Aren’t Without Their Challenges

Before we dive in, it’s important to note that a digital CPD will require the participant to sit down at their computers for a long period of time. Right away, this will present a unique set of challenges for the manufacturer to encourage active learning – which is proven to increase levels of engagement amongst learners.

So what strategies can we deploy to stop people ‘switching off’?


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Encourage Active Participation

If you decide to host your CPD in a webinar format, you have the unique opportunity to encourage active participation. This can be achieved throughout and at the end of the session.

Active participation in the form of Q&As and discussions will allow you to deliver extra value to your prospects and will challenge you to ‘go off script’ slightly to answer genuine queries.

However, this approach will only work if you choose to adopt a ‘webinar’ approach. Whilst you can record this webinar for viewers to access anytime, viewers who are not ‘live’ participants won’t be able to engage in the active learning that was accessible during the live recording.

Consider Modular Learning CPD

One of the most effective ways to engage your audience is by breaking – what would normally be – a lengthy session into bitesize chunks.

Modularisation of topics is a widely accepted learning approach, and countless studies have proven its effectiveness.

Allowing the user to reflect on the subject matter through manageable chunks will help them to gain more value from their learning experience. To provide this modular approach, we highly recommend platforms such as Teachable.

Quizzes in Your CPD

If you decide to go down the modular learning approach, you can incorporate quizzes after each module; another excellent way to keep up engagement with your participants.

A quiz can be a fun and unique way to deliver value during your CPD, challenging the participant to listen carefully and engage fully.

Offer Something of Value

When a specifier decides to partake in a CPD session, they are hoping to find out something that they wouldn’t otherwise read online or in the media.

It’s crucial that you offer a unique insight and – in many cases – a different perspective to encourage participants to think differently.

This will require you to know your product/solution/industry area inside out. In the same way that a child looks upon their teacher as an educator, your participants should look upon you as a guru.

So, re-hashing something that you’ve found online just won’t cut it: innovate and educate.

Provide Context

As with any learning exercise, things become a lot more engaging when there is a context behind what you are saying.

When it comes to CPDs, providing context can be achieved a number of ways.

Relating your insights back to key guidance and legislation is a great way to provide context. If your knowledge can help professionals deliver better, compliant outcomes, you will engage your learners in a much more powerful way.

Demonstrating your product in a real-life context – through case studies – for example, is another great way to add context.

Using case study images and/or video will allow the viewer to see your product in action.


Hosting a webinar or creating a digital CPD is one thing; bringing your CPD to life is another.

At Insynth, our CPD creation service will help you to get your building product CPD off the ground – from generating ideas to getting it approved.

If you’d like support with your next building product CPD, get in touch with an expert today and talk to them about how we can create a tailored package to suit your needs.

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How To Deliver Engaging CPD Content For Your Building Product