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5 Things To Consider When Looking For A Construction Marketing Agency

5 Things To Consider When Looking For A Construction Marketing Agency

Deciding to work with a construction marketing agency is a big business decision, particularly if you haven't invested in marketing before. 

Yet, when you make an informed and educated decision in selecting an agency partner, you can increase your engagement exponentially, and it can help you improve your ROI for your building product business.

But, how do you know which is the right agency for your unique business?

If you’re wondering how to narrow it down, here are key things you should consider when searching for a construction marketing agency, read on to find out…


#1: Look Over Their Track Record

You’ll need to look over the track record of potential marketing agencies. What are their successes? How have they helped other businesses like yours?

Most construction marketing agencies are willing to talk about the past successes that they have achieved for other clients as they want to demonstrate to potential new clients what they can do.

They may have case studies on their site that will allow you to see how their previous campaigns have worked, or they may be able to send over some examples.

It’s also important to look at testimonials. Testimonials can provide you with a real view of what others are saying about this agency. So, look out for testimonials of your potential construction marketing agencies. You could even use this as an opportunity to reach out to the people who have provided those testimonials - to get a deeper insight as to what it's like working with said agency.


#2: What Is Their Own Marketing Looking Like?

How a marketing agency markets themselves speaks volumes on their capabilities. They’re a marketing agency so they should know how to market themselves… right?

Take a look at their website, blogs and social media to see if they have an active presence and if their online footprint is interactive, user friendly and up-to-date.

Sign up to their mailing list and check through the quality of emails, are these emails educational? Are their subject lines gripping? Also, look at the frequency in which they send out these emails.

This will give you an indication of how good the agency is and if they’re a good fit for you.


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#3: Establish Your Goals

One of the most important aspects when searching for the right construction marketing agency is establishing your goals.

Is it to generate more construction leads? Increase brand awareness? Penetrate a new market? Launch a product? Different agencies will specialise in different areas, so you’ll need to know if the agency will help you reach your goal.

Make sure you communicate what you want to achieve with your potential agency, and if they have case studies that have helped clients reach similar goals. By doing this, you can see if they’re capable to help you reach your goals.


#4: Are They Willing To Learn About Your Products/Services?

Each building product business is unique and may be technical when explaining the product or service in-depth.

In this case, you’ll need to work with an agency that is willing to learn the full process and details about your product or services to ensure they’re using the right messaging in marketing material.

It’ll also help showcase that they’re interested in your business and your goals.

You’ll understand if they’re willing to understand your offerings if they ask questions and show eagerness to learn more in your conversations.


#5: Are They Thought Leaders?

It’s essential to search for a marketing agency that is a thought leader in the construction industry and filled with employees dedicated to professional growth. 

Why? Because the agency is leading the way for themselves, they will lead the way for your building product business and your offerings.

And dedicating time to educating their employees means that by hiring a construction marketing agency as an extension of your team, you’re hiring employees that are up to date on the latest technologies, certifications and marketing know-how. 

Key indicators: Does your construction marketing agency regularly host webinars? Do they collaborate with other thought leaders within the space? This will determine how active they are within the industry.



With these key points, you’ll be on your way to finding the construction marketing agency for you.

Remember, a good agency is an extension of your team rather than a separate business.

A great partner can change the path of your building product business so don’t settle. Set your goals, use these tips, and find the right fit!

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