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Gathering Buyer Persona Research For Your Building Product Brand

Gathering Buyer Persona Research For Your Building Product Brand

One of the most critical steps to creating your building product buyer personas is finding some people to speak with so you can gain deeper insights to your ideal customers and who your buyer persona might be.

That means you'll have to conduct some interviews to get to know what drives your building product target audience.

But how do you find those interviewees? Read on to find out…


How Can Building Buyer Personas Benefit My Building Product Brand?

By building buyer personas, you can focus your time on qualified prospects and guide product development to suit the needs of your target customers to ultimately align your sales and marketing across your building product brand.

Buyer personas will help guarantee that all activities involved in obtaining and serving your ideal customers are tailored to the targeted buyer’s needs so you can speak the language of these customers.

Though, buyer personas aren’t as simple as they sound.

If specifiers and contractors are your ideal customers, you’ll need to understand them from their reasons to their pain points to accurately align your sales and marketing to target them.

To do this, you’ll need deeper insights into their pains and motivations, and this is usually done via interviews.

I’ll now go into how you can gather this information for your interviews…


Use Your Building Product Business Contact List

Your current contact database is the perfect place to begin with your interviews because these individuals have already engaged with your building product business. And chances are, at least some of them will be identified as your target personas.

However, don’t just talk to those deals you’ve won, talk to losses too. Those who are unhappy with your building product or service will show other patterns that will help you understand their pain points to help form your persona.

For example, if you spoke to someone who was a lost deal and you found out they went to a competitor because they installed on weekends - this is valuable information for you to learn from and understand how high-demand your buyer personas may be.


Buyer Persona Research: Use Your Prospects

It’s important that you interview individuals who have not purchased your product/service and don't know much about your building product brand, too.

Your current prospects and leads are a great option here because you already have their contact information.

With this, you can use the data you do have about them (anything you've gathered through lead generation forms or website analytics) to figure out who might fit into your target personas.


Got Any Referrals?

You may need to interview referrals to talk to individuals who may fit into your target persona. Here, it’s best to use your network and talk to your colleagues, existing contacts and social media contacts to find those that you’d like to interview.

If you don't know where to begin, I advise to start searching on LinkedIn for people who may fit into your target personas and see which results have any connections in common with you. Then, reach out to your common connections for introductions.



Interviewing individuals will provide you with deeper insights so you can really understand your buyer personas.

Conducting the right persona research will help you get closer to defining your target buyer personas, so you can refine your sales and marketing.


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