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Why Do CRM Systems Have A Bad Reputation?

Why Do CRM Systems Have A Bad Reputation?

Have you ever thought about adopting a CRM system, but you’ve heard from someone in your network that they’re not any good or you feel like they have a bad reputation? Perhaps you think it’s near enough impossible for a CRM system to help you to reach your business goals and to reach an ROI.

Well, you’re not alone, a CRM system has suffered from having a bad reputation, read on to discover why…

The Consequences Of ‘Bad Data’

With all CRM systems, they require scoping out key features you’ll want to use, cleaning your data, and finally migrating and implementing data into your new CRM system.

However, when this goes wrong and the right data isn’t cleaned or implemented a CRM won’t work as well as it could for you.

CRM systems are powerful tools that work well when the right data is implemented. However, with ‘bad data’ a CRM system could end up contacting inactive emails or contacts in the wrong list, for example. Without cleansing this data, your bounce rates will be high, and you could risk emails going into your customers’ junk.

Make your life easier and let an experienced company do your data migration for you. Ensuring you don’t lose any data and that you can take full advantage of your new CRM system.


Difficult User Adoption

User adoption means how easy your new system is to use. Complex CRM systems gain negative reputations simply because they’re not user friendly.

This results in making your life harder, having to put more hours in getting your head around features, and ending up not using the system to its full potential.

This wastes your money. To avoid the difficulty of user adoption its essential to search for a CRM system for your building product company that’s user-friendly.

A CRM system that prides itself for its ease of use is HubSpot. The best part about HubSpot is that people use it and utilise its features because it’s simple to use.

Another benefit is, HubSpot’s free version is so valuable, it’s great to use if you’re unsure whether a CRM can bring to your construction marketing any value.

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Complexity Of A CRM System

Adverse reputations come from having a CRM system that’s too sizeable in its features which means you end up using a fraction of what’s available – costing you money.

Or, doing the opposite and having a CRM system that’s too small and doesn’t cater for the features you want to use to grow your building product business.

With this, it’s important to do your research and find the best CRM packages for your construction company.

It’s good practice to utilise free packages first to have an insight into what your construction business could achieve.

CRM systems offer catered packages so you can alter your CRM system to your needs, ensuring you’re getting value for money to grow your building product company.


Customer Support

Something that individuals often forget to check is customer support. Yet, bad customer support circulates conversation and is likely to pose negative reputations.

When something has gone wrong and you want quick answers and support – a live chat is essential. Many CRM systems haven’t yet got this part nailed but it’s something so vital.

HubSpot has an instant live chat and many ways you can get in contact to answer your questions. I’ve found HubSpot’s customer support great in helping me with any unique problem I’ve encountered.


User Training

A bonus that modern-day CRM systems have in place is user training. Whilst older systems are lacking, it’s a feature that can make or break your CRM system experience.

Some CRM systems offer certified training that is well recognised, to help you and your construction team learn and progress. So, you’re well equipped to use your new CRM system without hassle.

HubSpot Academy is a great example of this, with short videos you’re never at a disadvantage to learning new things and discovering how to use your CRM system to reach its full potential.

Best yet, some classes are accredited and well recognised so you can add it to your portfolio to evidence your skillset.



And there you have it, 5 reasons why CRM systems have a bad reputation.

However, with the right implementation and the right system in place, you can grow your building product company to generate more revenue and growth.

Here at Insynth, we’re HubSpot partners and have helped many building product companies successfully integrate HubSpot CRM, bringing them insights into their marketing and sales activities and boosting their growth plans.

If you need to talk about adopting or implementing a CRM system, or you want more information, get in touch with us we are more than happy to help.

With implementation, we’ll provide you with all the skills and knowledge you need to manage HubSpot effectively, and we will support you beyond your live date.

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