Your Reps Are Complaining That They're Spending Too Much Time On Admin

And in the end, who suffers? That's right; you and your business. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it's known as Sales Enablement.

It way alarm you to learn that recent research shows that 66% of the typical sales person's time is NOT spent selling.  That's two-thirds of their time not doing the things they're employed for.  We can help to fix this for you.

Sales Enablement is the process of defining and automating your sales processes to eliminate routine and time consuming tasks from your sales teams daily to-do list.  It brings all of your best practice into one shared space, where all reps can take advantage to drive their sales success.

It creates a repository of content that is actually designed to help your sales team win - case studies, data sheets, blog posts, battle cards.

You get all the stats and data you need to clearly see what is working, who is on target and how your sales pipeline is shaping up, hour by hour, day by day.

What Is Sales Enablement?

sales enablement providing information

Provides Information

Provide your sales team with the resources they need to sell more effectively. This could be in the form of content, best practices and tools

sales enablement customer focussed

Buyer Focussed

It's less about sales and more about the buyer. Sales enablement provides sales people with what they need to engage their target buyers.

empowering sales team

Empowers Sales Teams

The resources that you provide should be easy for the sales team to access and use effectively.

mesurement sales team


Sales enablement allows you to track average sales cycle length, number of reps achieving quota and average deal size, along with more more.  

achieve quota sales team

Achieve Quotas

Sales enablement allows your sales team to achieve quota in a scalable, predictable and repeatable fashion. 


sell more sales team

Sell More

The ultimate benefit is that you allow your sales team to spend less time on admin and more time on selling.


That's All Well And Good, But Where Do We Begin?

Step 1 - Define Objectives

We define the specific objectives of your program. At a high level, your program should focus on helping sales people sell more effectively. This starts with providing your sales team with everything they need to engage and convert buyers. This could be in the form of high quality content and detailed information on your products and services. 


Step 2 - Make Buyer's Experience The Foundation

We make the buying experience the cornerstone of your efforts. First, we make sure that sales people understand who the buyer is and the journey they're on. Secondly, we map out your sales plays and training to the buying experience. 



Step 3 - Content

We create high quality content. Blog posts, white papers, user guides, drawings are just a few of the content examples that we provide. Providing your sales team with that information allows them to let the content do the talking so that they can focus on the crunch

Step 4 - Training

Sales training should always be a continuous effort. It's where sales people learn how to sell more effectively. We recommend that sales training should take place once a month and you should use tools like newsletters and collaboration platforms to keep sales enablement in front of the sales team.

Step 5 - Consistency

Sales enablement programs can quickly lose its spark if it's not being leveraged appropriately. It's critical that sales management enforce the use of best practices, content and tolls in the sales organisation. 




Step 6 - Automation Software 

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