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Using A CRM System To Improve Your Customer's Experience

Using A CRM System To Improve Your Customer's Experience

A CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) allows building product companies to develop valuable strategies to manage relationships and interactions with contacts. This will enhance the experience for your old and new customers.

One of the main advantages of a CRM system for your construction marketing is improving your customer’s experience.

Without a doubt, the importance of customer experience is key to your building product business. This is because it boosts customer satisfaction and therefore, increases customer loyalty. This provides you with a competitive advantage so you can increase your sales.

So, I guess you’re wondering… how? Read on to discover how a CRM system can improve experiences for your construction customers…

Keep In Touch With Your Construction Customers


A modern-day CRM system has marketing automation features, which you can use to communicate with your customers via regular automatic emails, effortlessly.

Do you have regular updates on your products or services? Send newsletter emails to your contacts, with forms so your contacts can easily request a callback.

If the emails you send to your contacts are useful, engaging, and valuable your contacts will appreciate your emails.

To become smarter, you could even create email sequences so you can send a response to your contacts depending on how they react with your first email.

So, you can provide a personalised experience…

Personalise Your Communication With Your Construction Customers


Did you know that 62% of customers open emails with a personalised subject line? Personalisation is huge and can greatly impact your construction customer’s experience positively.

With a modern-day CRM system, like HubSpot, you can have the ability to personalise emails with the contact's first name.

With this, your customers are more likely to open the email because this personalisation will build an instant connection for them.

Learn More About Your Construction Customers


Learning as much as you possibly can about your customers is key and it can be made easy with a CRM system. With this information, you can improve your building product customers.

With features such as dashboards, you can visually view your customer information in-depth.

Using A CRM System To Improve Your Customers Experience

HubSpot enables you to create and view dashboards so you can gather information like website views, engaged customers and how exactly your customers interact with your website.

For example, if a potential customer has viewed webpages relating to a particular service, they’re likely interested in this service. If they’ve submitted a form, you can tailor an offer to suit them, improving their experience and helping you gain revenue.

Provide Your Construction Customers With Relevant Information


By utilising the information, you learn about your customers, your CRM system supports you to assist them with relevant information that they are likely to be interested in.

A good CRM system like HubSpot enables you to segment your contacts so you can target them based on their location, age, interests, industries, and hobbies.

Sending relevant communications will help keep your customers satisfied and it avoids them unsubscribing to your emails.



A modern-day CRM system like HubSpot can help you optimise experiences for your building product customers. With marketing automation and personalisation you can ultimately create better relationships with your existing customers and potential customers.

With this, you can gain a competitive advantage and generate more sales for your construction marketing.

Here at Insynth, we’re HubSpot partners and have helped many building product companies successfully integrate HubSpot CRM, bringing them insights into their marketing and sales activities and boosting their growth plans.

If you need to talk about adopting or implementing a CRM system, or you want more information, get in touch with us, we are more than happy to help.

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