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What Is A CRM System & Do I Need It?

What Is A CRM System & Do I Need It?

Do you struggle to keep track of customer information? Are your lists scattered across multiple spreadsheets, notepads, inboxes, files or even in a filing cabinet?

If so – you will see value in adopting a CRM system. Read on the find out more.

What is a CRM?

So, what is CRM all about? You’ve probably heard the term time and time again amongst the list of jargon you hear on a daily basis. But CRM is much more than just another piece of jargon.

A high-quality CRM (Customer Relationship Management), system can empower you and your building products business to understand your customers, sales data and marketing like never before.


What can a CRM do for you?

It will allow you to keep track of everything you need to build greater and more productive relationships with all your clients and specifiers. You’ll be able to learn more about them, their needs, desires and how best to interact with them.

Think about it; your customers want to have a relationship with one company, not with a load of different people and departments. A CRM will integrate this data into one place – saving time.

A successful CRM will allow you to gather, manage and report on the information your whole organisation has on your prospects and customers.

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What exactly will a CRM help?

This helps sales, marketing and customer services in their roles and ultimately helps deliver a better experience to your customers.

You may be wondering… how? By centralising all data, you can recognise what is working and what is not – so you can invest time in nurturing more sales.

For most companies, their most significant and most valuable asset is their customers, so, a CRM is a useful tool to gain more data about contacts. With this, you can refine your marketing and sales tactics to grow your business successfully.

What Is A CRM System & Do I Need It? | Construction Marketing



Using A CRM To Help Build Relationships For Building Products

A CRM system not only provides a better understanding of relationships, but it also offers a deeper dive into how these relationships work.

This is because they’re designed to streamline and log your customer’s interactions with not only your website but your marketing activities too.

Do you have email addresses for your customers? How do you contact them? A great CRM will provide an all-in-one solution for handling your company’s communication and emails, making sure your message is consistent.

 Having a CRM system in place can help your construction company by:

  • Tracking your leads on a website
  • Tracking email interactions
  • Tracking stages of sales
  • Automating your marketing efforts with platforms like social media, paid advertising and email campaigns.

Viewing email interactions can provide useful data by allowing you to focus on emails that have high interactions.

By tracking your sales deals within the same system that manages your marketing activities, you get a clear indication of how your customers became customers. So, you can improve and increase your efforts in the areas that you know work.




Is a CRM right for my business?

If you’re wondering if a CRM system is right for your building products company, ask yourself these questions below:

  • How engaged are our customers?
  • How do our customers interact with our content?
  • How many customers came to my website last month? How many were there?
  • When exactly is my customer or prospect on my website?
  • Who are my best customers?

A modern CRM system will answer these. Having answers to these questions will give you a better understanding of your customer base, giving you a structure to your lead generation activities.

Automation is a significant advantage of CRM. These technologies undertake learning and analytics – reducing your workload - rescuing you from becoming burned out.

Here are examples of how CRM processes can make your life easier:

Keeping track of the team – Keeping track of the sales team means you can indicate who has made more calls and uncover sales data which can indicate growth for your building products.

Email Integration- Streamlines the sales activity from your inbox. This enables you to organise leads, contacts, meetings, sync information, produce follow-up reminders and gain more sales.

Analytics - CRM systems can track ROI (return on investment) to ensure that your building products business is profiting with sales and leads, to assure money is invested in activities and channels that work.



Do I Need a CRM?

Do you need a CRM? the answer, in short, is any company within the building products industry that wants to grow would benefit from implementing a CRM system. If you’re a B2B business that usually tracks leads and customers over lengthy sales cycles– you can benefit. If you’re a B2C company selling building products directly to customers – you can benefit too.

CRM is vital for efficiency. Without one, your team will end up searching through emails to make connections. This may have a risk of failing to follow through with a key task which may be essential for lead nurturing.




There is no question about online competition increasing and intensifying. You can gain a competitive advantage with a real edge when implementing a CRM.

Automation will allow your building products company to get ahead by eliminating repetitive tasks and allowing the human role of your company to blossom.

Here at Insynth, we’re HubSpot partners and have already helped many building products companies successfully integrate HubSpot CRM into their business, bringing them insights into their marketing and sales activities, boosting their growth plans.

If you need any help choosing a CRM or want more information, get in touch with us here at Insynth we are more than happy to help.

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