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The purpose of your website is to create demand for

your products and services.


SEO means to ensure your website is optimised for keywords and phrases that are most relevant to attract specifiers, leads, and customers. Although SEO evolves a little every day, the main tools which create targeted visibility are content and backlinks.

Your content must use the language your audience is using. So, for instance, if you produce liquid applied membranes, an architect won't search for a brand they're unaware of; instead, they search things such as 'energy-efficient liquid applied membranes in London'. 

By using the correct language, you vastly increase your chances of being found.


Your backlinks must also be relevant and of high quality. What are backlinks? Backlinks are links on a website that points back to your website. When your site has good backlinks it represents quality content and authority for a multitude of reasons.

However poor quality or a low amount of good backlinks can have an adverse effect on your SEO. Due to backlink building evolving rapidly it can be hazardous for your business to remain competitive without being detrimental to your own reputation. 

At Insynth we strongly advise you to conduct a thorough backlink audit at least every six months - we continually do these audits here.



We follow a simple 3 step process to provide a successful SEO campaign.


Keyword Research

Through auditing, your competitors rank, and your own search volume, we identify keywords that will drive high-quality organic traffic to your site.



We make sure your site is built for purpose and inbound ready - this means assessing all aspects of your site and improving each feature which is holding you back internally. 



Content SEO

Every blog, video, or social post, is an opportunity to rank highly for your keywords and improve the position of your core pages. We optimise your content generating the connections Google is looking for when ranking content.


On-Page Search Engine Optimisation

SEO has two main features. The first is On-Page SEO - the process of making your website pages, content and overall structure optimised for your target keywords.

That way your prospects are able to navigate your site with ease. 

To do this we conduct thorough keyword research, evaluating competitors and Google keyword suggestions to identify the keywords and phrases that your prospects are using when finding you and your competitors.

These keywords and phrases are then ranked scientifically to identify those likely to boost traffic on your site.

Your website content is then updated in an ethical and systematic way, to ensure that it accurately matches your offer with the terms that your prospects are searching for.


Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation

Off-page SEO is a little precarious and also requires ongoing maintenance. As an indicator of great content, Google is always looking for other websites that link back to your site - these are called backlinks. The more backlinks your site has the more likely Google will realise that your site has quality content – rapidly driving up your site authority and PageRank score.

Some of this will happen organically, as people find your content and link to it on forums and social media, but this is a pretty old school activity, reaching out to directories and editors for inclusion in their publications and blogs.




Stop wondering why you're not ranking higher

You could have a stunning website design with the most captivating content, but still not rank highly in search results. Often this is down to technical issues that prevent search engines from completely understanding your content. 

To understand if there is a problem, you need to answer the following questions:



Can you answer these questions

Can your site be crawled?

Are your essential pieces of content struggling to be discovered by search engines, like Google? 

Can your site be rendered? 

Is your content hard to see and understand on search engines?

Can your site be indexed?

Have you been penalized for not following search engines guidelines?



We call these issues “technical debt.” This debt negatively affects search engine’s ability to crawl, index, render and rank the content on your site - limiting your website’s organic traffic and therefore qualified leads.

The process of troubleshooting and rectifying these debts is the foundation of SEO. A marriage of on-page SEO, Off-page SEO and Technical SEO will get you ranking.


Our SEO team work to guarantee your organic search is segmented to attract specifiers and optimised to enhance user experience.


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