What does content marketing include?

Just about everything. Many think of content marketing as just being online because of search engine marketing. It is much more than just blogging.

It will include;

  • White papers
  • eBooks
  • Blog posts
  • Reviews
  • Case Studies
  • Testimonials
  • CPD Presentations
  • Videos, and more....

Your website should be the hub of your communications, and this it is even more the case with content marketing because your blog and news feed will be the centre of your content marketing plan.

Content marketing also includes offline education such as CPD presentations, press articles, white papers and live events .  Track participation on the HubSpot CRM platform and you can link on-line and off-line all together.

Discover Our 4 Step Content Marketing Approach

Insynth use a proven 4 step approach to construction content marketing.  


1. Content Strategy & Planning

We meet and kick-off defining and agreeing your goals.  Your existing content is audited, and where possible scheduled for repurposing or refreshing.

Content ideas are formulated and assigned against different buyer personas and buying stages.

A detailed content timetable is then produced, scheduling what content gets produced when, and then we are all set for the off.


2. Content Production

Using a blend of in-house writing and external industry experts, your content is crafted and honed to ensure that it is technically correct whilst being interesting and engaging.

Specific attention is given to the buyer personas for the piece and the stage of the buyers journey that is being addressed.

Copy is sent to you for review and comment.  Once all edits have been made and the content is signed off, we scheduled at an agreed  date and time.


3. Content Promotion

Once your content is ready, it is vital that your audience gets the opportunity to consume it.

Organic search is critical, but this can take several weeks to start to rank well.

So we use a blend of social media, email marketing and pay per click ads to promote the content.  It is also circulated to industry titles, websites and blogs for wider coverage.


4. Performance Analysis & Feedback

Monthly and Quarterly performance reviews, covering backlinks, traffic, conversions, leads and even revenue associated with the campaigns to give valuable ROI information which can be fed back into the next strategic review.

Talk to Insynth about your construction content marketing needs.  We would be delighted to explore how we can help you grow your business with Inbound.


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