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Top Podcasts For Building Product Businesses In 2022

By Jake Derry on 18-Jan-2022 10:30:00

By now, most of us have listened to at least one podcast in our lives. And if you haven’t? What’s stopping you?

Podcasts are one of the fastest growing forms of newer media out there today. In 2021, the number of monthly podcast listeners increased by more than 10% year-on-year to 117.8 million

As a building product brand, podcasts can offer on-demand information about strategy, growth and business trends to help keep you up-to-date on your industry.

In this blog we will highlight some of our podcast top picks, that you can listen to on your commute to work, lunch hours or even in your spare time if your that way inclined!

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10 Marketing Metrics For Your Building Product Brand In 2022

By Dom D'Angelillo on 14-Jan-2022 09:33:10

As we head into a new year, when it comes to reassessing your building product’s approach to marketing, you want to have a data-led approach and be guided by the science.

Only through this approach can you meet your KPIs and begin to see actual business growth.

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Construction Marketing Strategies for Success in 2022

By Freya Oxton-Grant on 13-Jan-2022 15:45:00

We’ve picked the latest construction marketing trends that can help your building product business reach your targets for the next 12-months.

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Books To Read In 2022 For Successful Growth

By Jake Derry on 16-Dec-2021 12:56:42

Personal and professional development is fundamental in an industry that is so competitive and always changing.

The construction industry has seen a big shift towards digital trends and channels in recent years. With a new year approaching, now more than ever, is a great time to pick up a book and get ahead of the competition.

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Modern Day Sales Trends For 2022

By Alex Miles on 03-Dec-2021 10:25:02

Sales trends are forever changing across the world.

Wherever you are, your sales team needs to be on top of its game or your business will unfortunately suffer. Whilst many trends never stay forever, it is important to know what is being used and how effective it will become for your business to stay on the top.

With that in mind, here are seven modern sales trends for your building product business.

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Why Your Building Products Need A Digital Twin

By Dom D'Angelillo on 18-Nov-2021 11:06:42

Digital twins, virtual reality and augmented reality. These might seem like terms plucked from the latest Ridley Scott flick, but in the space of a decade, they have gone from something of a science fictional pipedream to part of everyday life.

With technology continuing to accelerate, it’s only a matter of time before these new developments become part of the construction industry, helping your business create a digital twin, grow and stand out against your competitors.

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5 Construction Marketing Trends To Adopt In 2022

By Sandy Bassi on 12-Nov-2021 07:30:00

Within marketing, trends continuously evolving. And even though studies have shown that the construction marketing industry is slower to adapt, this is your chance to get your building product business ahead of your competition.

Keeping up with new technology and trends can be difficult, so we've compiled a list of 5 marketing trends and techniques to adopt in your construction marketing in 2022 and beyond. 

What can marketers look forward to? 

And which new marketing strategies will be the most effective? 

Please continue reading to learn about the latest digital marketing trends and apply them to your building product business…

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Pride and Procurement: What Jane Austen Can Teach You About Construction

By Paul Iddon on 22-Oct-2021 11:11:00

Design and build procurement has had mixed results for manufacturers and architects alike. But recent events and the climate crisis are going to be a game-changer

A post written by architect and friend of Insynth, Paul Iddon ARB RIBA.

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Social Media: 50 Best Hashtags For Construction Marketing

By Olivia Atkinson on 04-Jul-2019 17:14:45

We’ve updated the data below for 2022 and highlighted the top construction hashtags to use over the next 12-months.

Using hashtags in construction marketing is a brilliant way of extending your reach and connecting with a wider, more specific audience on social media. 

By looking at hashtags in more detail, you can see which ones earn the most views, allowing you to fully optimise your posts on all social media platforms. 

Read on to find out which hashtags are the best to use for your construction marketing giving you the tools to put your building products in front of more people online.  

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