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Modern Day Sales Trends For 2022

Modern Day Sales Trends For 2022

Sales trends are forever changing across the world.

Wherever you are, your sales team needs to be on top of its game or your business will unfortunately suffer. Whilst many trends never stay forever, it is important to know what is being used and how effective it will become for your business to stay on the top.

With that in mind, here are seven modern sales trends for your building product business.


Be creative

Being creative does not have to involve fancy graphics or good visuals but it should include human things such as humour and personality.

In the early stages of the pandemic in 2020 many businesses saw a trend in using skits, dances, and home videos to actively promote their business on social media to prospective and current customers alike. With the rise of TikTok and Instagram reels (same idea different platform), many businesses have taken to actively produce content that helps create a character for their brand as well as personalise their customer’s experiences.

We’re not saying your building product business has to post 5 dancing videos a week (we won’t stop you though) but we are saying to be creative in what you do.

What could people find funny and relatable to your company that will make them stay for more content? Who is the target audience for your campaigns? Are you trying to reach out to a younger or older audience? Research into what’s currently trending, what your competitors are doing and what’s working for them.

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Be active on social channels

Social media has been popular since the early days of Facebook and Instagram, but today, people are using it to look for businesses that resolve their issues or sell the building products they require.

Social media is accessible and in the hands of most (if not all) consumers so it would be silly for any business to not have an active social media presence!

Use social channels to engage with your audience:

Are there questions in the comments of your post? Reply with the answers.

Got a question in your direct messages? Follow up and give the customer the advice they need with any extra support.

These small attributes contribute a lot to your customer’s overall experience and will improve your construction product businesses ratings rapidly.

Some social media tips to get you thinking:

  • Use catchy captions with personality.
  • Include hashtags in your captions to improve your post rankings.
  • Don’t stick to commercial style posts.
  • Have a person or small group in all your posts to represent the brand.


Use multiple channels to provide a more personalised experience.

Every customer uses a different channel depending on their preferences. Today, we find the older generation relies on Google for their buying journey whilst millennials and Gen-Z prefer to use social media where they can ask for their follower’s recommendations.

Customers hate using channels they are unfamiliar with, so you want to ensure you are providing a positive and consistent customer experience for each channel. If you spend all of your time and budget building up your website but have a non-existent presence on social media channels, your business could be missing out on a large portion of its audience.


Utilize video for sales

Using video in your marketing and sales strategy isn’t a new concept but it’s one that is never used to its advantage. Businesses around the world have been using real-time video such as Zoom or Teams to host meetings or have conversations. This has meant that it has been possible to keep in contact with their clients and prospects in the most unusual of circumstances. 

A study by Vidyard found that 72% of sales teams incorporating videos into their strategy reported a higher response rate from prospects and customers.

VidYard graph showing a 72% increase in response rate

So why aren’t we using it more? Your sales team can use video in the simplest form to draw in customers as well as to maintain relationships with your loyal clients. This could be attaching a video introducing yourself to prospects, meeting reminders with an insight on the topics you’ll be discussing, or even including video in a proposal that will stand out more against your competitors.

You don’t need a fancy camera; just a personality.

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Have meaningful conversations

Cold calling should be a thing of the past. Customers today want real conversations from real people. Customers want more personalised conversations so that they can receive the best offers and more effective solutions. By having those meaningful conversations and showing empathy to your customers you will stand out against your competitors for being less robotic and more human. That’s what customers want these days, and if you can give them this you will retain them.

Today more businesses are using live chat so that their customers can receive instant communication when they are interested in your product or are in need of a quick solution. Customers don’t want to wait 48-72 hours for your email, they want results IMMEDIATELY.


Align your sales and marketing teams

Most businesses are made up of separate sales and marketing teams, working independently. Ideally, this shouldn’t be the case.

By communicating, sharing ideas and working together both your sales and marketing team will be able to perform to its best ability to provide prospects and customers with the best customer experience.

Through working together your teams will be able to share information and work towards a common goal. It will also mean your time management and productivity will go up significantly.

In aligning your teams together, the sales journey is streamlined.  The marketers can hand over a number of quality leads for the sales team to quickly reach out. Then, they can feedback and improve. If you constantly communicate your process will run a lot smoother.

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Prioritise customer experience

Probably one of the most important trends to think about for your 2022 strategy is going to be customer experience. 

During Covid-19, customer experience was the most important way businesses used to keep their customers loyal. And whilst it’s important to provide great face to face customer service, it’s more important in this day and age to provide a digital service, too.

Examples could include:

  • Answering queries on the comment section of your social channels.
  • Providing a video tutorial to a customer struggling with your product.
  • Live chat so that customers can get an immediate response.
  • Empathising with your prospect’s show them that you want to help them.

84% of companies that have worked to improve customer experience have reported a significant increase in revenue, so not only will it positively affect your customer it will help your business to grow.



Whilst these trends should already be considered for your 2022 sales strategy, it should be easy to introduce them ready for the new year. As we discussed at the beginning: trends might come and go but if you have an advantage over your customers your building products will be the front runner in the industry.

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