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Is Construction Video Marketing Still Relevant In 2022

Is Construction Video Marketing Still Relevant In 2022

The long and short of it is: Yes.

Incredibly, 82% of all internet traffic is video-based in 2022.

Since its inception through TV advertisements in the ’40s, video marketing has been an efficient, engaging and accessible way of conveying your company message and identity.

A lot has changed in 80 years, but despite this, video continues to be the go-to content format for every generation. Whether it’s the soaps on TV, YouTube tutorials or TikTok, video has seeped into every facet of our lives in 2022.

With over 86% of businesses using video in their marketing plans, it’s important that the construction products industry tries to stay ahead of these trends, else it risks falling to the wayside.


The Rise Of Construction Video Marketing

As we’ve already touched on, video content is quickly becoming the number one marketing tool for businesses across the globe.

Traditionally, video has been used in mass for the B2C markets and severely underused in B2B. This is no longer the case. On average, a viewer retains 95% of the product information or brand messaging, if it’s relayed in video form. When you compare that to reading text where only 10% of the information is retained, the need for more video in construction marketing is clear.

Unfortunately, the construction industry has a bad rep when it comes to staying up to date with technology and the latest trends. It’s for that very reason that the B2B market needs to take advantage of this growing surge in video content.


Construction Marketing Managers Guide To Content Marketing call to action with 72 pages


Implement Video Into Your Sales Efforts & Customer Experience

Video doesn’t have to be relegated purely to your marketing efforts. Using the video format across your whole business can elevate your sales strategies and customer experience journey tenfold.

Last year, we had the privilege of attending INBOUND 2021, the leading expo for inbound marketing, sales, and customer success strategies.

During one of the many panels, Tyler Lessard, Chief Video Strategist at Vidyard shared his experience in video marketing and implementation.

Tyler highlighted that businesses are already using video every day, in the form of Zoom team meetings. The problem is not many companies know how to implement professional videos to deliver their critical messaging, and even fewer know how to do it well.

Listen to one of our clients as they discuss how investing and outsourcing video content has helped catapult their business:


Taking from a survey conducted with Vidyard users, they found that 72% of sales teams reported a higher response rate from prospects and clients after leveraging custom video into their sales efforts.

But the most impactful figure? 53% of teams said they achieved faster close rates on their deals, through using video to communicate with their prospects.

There’s never been a better time to implement video into your business. Customer experience (CX) is all about improving the way you interact with your customers at every point of their customer journey.

By collating common questions and FAQ’s your sales team face and answering them through video content on your construction products website, you can remove friction and improve CX.

Here’s Bea, who explains this in greater detail and explains the impact that positive CX can have on your business as a whole.


Benefits Of Video Marketing In 2022 For The Construction Industry

If our previous points weren’t enough to prove how invaluable video is for your construction products business, then maybe these next few will be.

The ROI for investing in professional video is incredible. One video on your website explaining your business model, product information or thought leadership can easily become evergreen. This can be a piece of content that works to promote your business, generate sales and connect with your audience, with little-to-no maintenance.

Let’s face it, great walls of text can only accomplish so much. When we are researching companies and brands, we can all be a little lazy. Skimming through content is a commonplace practice, it’s understandable – you’re busy!

If you’re honest, you’re probably skimming right now. That’s right, I see you.

But seriously, imagine what a short 1-2 minute video can provide in its place. Not only can you visually portray and evidence your points, but you can engage your audience in a way that text can’t.

Here are some bullet point benefits to engage you as best I can without video:

  • 90% of customers say videos help them decide to buy a product
  • Over 82% of ALL internet traffic is through video in 2022
  • 85% of businesses are already using video content. Don’t be left in the dark ages!
  • Video content can reduce sales lead times and shorten the sales funnel
  • Confidently build trust with your audience and drive brand loyalty through video content

Construction Marketing Managers Guide To Content Marketing call to action with 72 pages


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