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HubSpot: What Is New In June 2022

HubSpot: What Is New In June 2022

Just like with did for April and May, we have gathered in this post some of the most important updates that HubSpot has brought to light during the month of June. For a building product manufacturer, it can be difficult to keep track of the products and features that HubSpot releases regularly.

We understand that construction professionals have no time to spare. So, in order for you to use your time for growing your construction business, we have made keeping-up with HubSpot’s activity much easier.

Marketing Hub

#1 New Email Tracking Metric

As the construction industry becomes digitalised, building product businesses are getting more familiar with the advantages of an effective email marketing. Although some might look at email campaigns like a matter of trial and error, luck rarely needs to come into play when you follow the correct marketing strategy for your construction company.

So HubSpot users had the ability to evaluate the performance of their email campaigns and could gain more control over the success of their marketing efforts, the platform allowed them to track the open-rate and click-through rate of their emails. Increasing the insights users can get of the engagement their emails are prompting, HubSpot has enabled tracking the reply-rate of our emails.

#2 More Geotargeting Tools

If improving your SEO strategy has been in your mind, it is likely that you have come across the advantages of local SEO tactics. Becoming locally relevant can be a vital part for building product manufacturers, since it will allow you to show up high on the search engine result pages when prospects look for local businesses offering construction services.

HubSpot has made geotargeting even easier. This ability to customise your content based on location is particularly helpful when designing an ad campaign or planning your next marketing strategy. Geotargeting allows you to vary location-specific elements such as language or currency, as well as policies. HubSpot is now allowing users to customise the data policies on their cookie banners depending on location.

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Sales Hub

#1 Priority-Based Deal Ranking

When asked about their favourite features within HubSpot, sales reps tend to highlight the usefulness of sales pipelines. With a clear design and an easily customisable layout, sales professionals can have total control over the deals that they are currently working on. Nevertheless, sales users identified the lack of an option that would allow them to sort deals by their priority level.

HubSpot has now enabled a traffic-light style deal classification that will be visible in the main layout of our sales pipeline. Setting different levels of priority for each deal will help sales reps to view which deals require urgent attention, allowing them to filter deals with higher priority. Priority levels can now also be used within workflows and sequences.

#2 New Sales Performance Data Available for Reporting

Analysing the performance of your construction company is a full-time job. Most often than not, it can become a particularly time-consuming task if we do not have the right tools to create, understand and interpret the data that we have managed to pull together from our database. Using the Analytics Tools and the Dashboards within HubSpot can make reporting much more affordable.

Moreover, available for Professional and Enterprise users, HubSpot’s report builder is now able to pull data and report on campaigns and sequences. As a result, metrics like sales emails, open-rates or click-rates will be not only tracked, but also reported on, giving users the possibility to consistently measure their marketing efforts.

Service Hub

#1 Easier Knowledge Base Article Migration

According to a recent survey carried out by Zendesk, one of the most used cloud-based customer service platforms, 3 out of 5 consumers report that good customer service is key for them to stick with a brand. A remarkable 50% of the customers surveyed also reported having switched providers after an unpleasant or poor customer service experience.

If you would like to elevate the quality of the experience your building product brand offers to your customers, building a knowledge base is highly advisable. HubSpot has now introduced the possibility to import knowledge base articles on CSV format so you can migrate your FAQ and customer service content from your platform to HubSpot without complications.

#2 SurveyMonkey Surveys Available within HubSpot CRM

Updating the integration already available for all HubSpot portals, SurveyMonkey users will now have a smoother and friendlier experience when sending surveys from HubSpot. Among other advantages, installing the SurveyMonkey integration in your HubSpot portal will allow you to ensure that the contacts on your database and your survey recipients are always synchronised.

For a more comfortable user-experience, SurveyMonkey surveys can now be sent without leaving your HubSpot portal, from your contact dashboard. Once surveys are sent, HubSpot will record any survey responses as activities on your contacts’ feed and it will allow you to segment your database in lists based on their SurveyMonkey activity.

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Operations Hub

#1 More Apps Available for Data Sync

As you might already know, HubSpot launched a new Hub two months ago and they have kept updating and upgrading the features that came with it. One of the main features of the Operations Hub is its sophisticated Data Sync method that allows users to sync their customer data with over 30 other apps. And HubSpot has just added another 7 new apps to that list.

These additions to the Operations Hub ecosystem include data management platforms such as Clio Manage and Insightly, as well as invoicing apps like FreshBooks and live chat cloud-based customer service software like Zendesk Sell. You can always keep yourself updated about the new integrations offered within HubSpot by accessing the HubSpot App Ecosystem.

#2 External Content Available for Embedding on Dashboards

Aiming to elevate the reporting experience HubSpot users had when reporting on the platform, HubSpot added at the beginning of the year the possibility of inserting images, text, and video documents on dashboards. This feature came particularly handy for those who needed to include some context or further instructions for when other members of the team accessed certain dashboards.

With the same purpose in mind, HubSpot has now enabled external content to be embedded on dashboards, including simple files like PDFs and PowerPoints, together with supplementary data from reporting apps like Microsoft Clarity or Databox. A carefully designed reporting strategy, supported by the right dashboards can support your-decision making process and guarantee that your set realistic growth goals for your building product business.


#1 Export SEO Recommendations

With 98% of construction professionals going online when exploring new building products for their projects, perfecting your SEO strategy is an investment with a guaranteed reward. Whilst often perceived as something only experts can do, HubSpot can help you improve your SEO with easily applicable and straightforward tactics.

Considered one of the most compelling SEO audit tool currently available, HubSpot has made SEO recommendations available for exporting. Downloading a copy of the SEO tactics HubSpot recommends for your website can allow you to share those advice with your team or to keep a record of the different ways your website could be optimised.

#2 Improved Dynamic Pages with HubDB

HubDB is a website add-on tool within HubSpot that allow users to create interactive pages almost code-free. Unlike similar website builders, HubDB is connected to your CRM and can use the data stored within your HubSpot platform to offer the visitors of your site a more personalised experience. This personalisation is enabled through dynamic pages.

A dynamic website page is any page within your site that varies its content depending on the behaviour of the user before visiting that page. A dynamic page includes a base page and a particular number of paths, referring to the variations of the initial page that users can find when navigating through our website. Each path will have its own SEO-friendly URL for tracking purposes.

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