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HubSpot: What is New In May

HubSpot: What is New In May

HubSpot is continuously coming up with new features to ensure you have all the tools you need to help you grow better. Keeping track of these updates and product releases can be key to guarantee that your business strategy is using the latest resources available to you.

From Insynth, we understand that, as a building product manufacturer, you have a fast-growing and dynamic company to lead, and you might not have any time to spare.

We have gathered all the updates HubSpot has launched in the month of May so you can learn about them without having to do any research.

Marketing Hub

#1 More workflows available

Before, quote and ticket-based workflows were limited to Sales Hub users but, from now on, Marketing Pro users will also be able to create more e-commerce focused workflows. These workflows use metrics like Email Open Rats or Click-Through Rates to trigger different actions.

#2 Create a new Google Ads account within HubSpot

Not only you will be able to connect your Google Ads to HubSpot and edit them from your platform, but you will also be able to create a new Google Ads account from within HubSpot itself, enabling improved reporting and creating targeted audiences in your CRM that will sync with your Google Ads account.

This new feature, together with the integration already available, will allow you to have a consistent message throughout all your interactions, analyse which keywords are being more successful and how many leads you are attracting through those ads.

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Sales Hub

#1 Deals through Gmail

HubSpot is a wonderful tool when it comes to keeping track of your deals. All the information that you need, in a single deal record. But, as you might already know, in order for HubSpot to start gathering any communication related to a deal, you need to create it in HubSpot first.

And we know that sometimes, that step can be forgotten. So that does not happen anymore, you can now create deals directly from your Gmail inbox (coming up for Outlook soon).

#2 Assigning Workflows to Different Teams

If you are a HubSpot Pro user, you are aware of the incredible power automation and workflows have. Depending on the action different contacts have on your website, a workflow can offer personalised communication, targeting specific audiences and saying the right thing at the right time.

Because of how useful they are, some users have reported that they end up with too many workflows and their different teams get confused regarding which one they are meant to use and overview. For that reason, HubSpot has now enabled the partition feature so only the people that need to use those workflows have access to them and your data is safe and secure.

Service Hub

#1 Forecasting now Available in Service Hub

Whilst it was first launched with that purpose, the Service Hub is no longer a tool exclusively used for customer service. Its functionality has grown together with HubSpot and different organisations use it for renewals and upgrading deals, as well as for supporting their customers.

Aware of this new goal for the Service Hub, HubSpot has now made available forecasting for this Hub, already available for the Sales Hub. This will allow you to adjust your strategy and focus your efforts to make your KPIs.

#2 API for Conversation Intelligence

Last month, we explained in our blog post “HubSpot: What is New in April”, that conversation-based workflows were available and that conversations could now trigger actions in workflows such as creating tasks, triggering notifications or sending emails.

This is thanks to the API behind the conversation intelligence that will help you send call recording URLs and transcriptions created from either your calls or your Zoom calls.

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Operations Hub

#1 More Apps available for Data Sync

As you might already know, HubSpot launched a new Hub two weeks ago and they have kept updating and upgrading the features that came with it. One of the main features of the Operations Hub is its sophisticated Data Sync method that allows users to sync their customer data with over 25 other apps. And HubSpot has just added another 5 new apps to that list.

Data Sync is born from the reprogramming of the platform PieSync, an integration set up for two-way sync as well as the synchronisation of historical records, all of it in real time.

#2 More People are Joining the Ops Revolution

With this new release, more people are finding the Hub that they were looking for and they share with other users the different ways in which Operations Hub has allowed them to make their dreams come true. This is thanks to the feature of custom coding that allows user to code any kind of action that they need with a little knowledge on Java.

A way in which custom coding can be useful is at making sure that your Data Hygiene of your CRM is always excellent, which will help you to show a consistent and clean style throughout all your marketing efforts. 


#1 New SEO Tools

If your car is making a weird noise, chances are that you search in Google where the closest garage is. 8 out of 10 people do the same, 9 out of 10 when it comes to B2B buyers. And that is why you want your building product company to position high in the search engine results.

Having an SEO strategy will allow you to get on top of the Google Search and, so you can design that strategy without all the complexity of technical jargon, HubSpot has come up with SEO audit tools that can check for 7 common problems that your website might be struggling with.

#2021 is for the CMS Hub

The product roadmap released last month by HubSpot presented different projects currently in development that would improve the way users approach the CMS Hub. Among those, two of the most promising are Smart Content Modules and the possibility to insert media from 3rd party apps into HubSpot.

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Other Updates

#1 New Integrations

DocuSign, Slack and Salesforce are three platforms whose connection to HubSpot has grown stronger over the last months and

  • You can now use HubSpot’s Slack integration with external contacts in the same way as you do with your colleagues and HubSpot will help you keep track of all that information. In the same way, any task you create within Slack will automatically sync with your CRM
  • By installing the Google Meet integration enabled by HubSpot, you can arrange and automatically send your meeting details to your HubSpot prospects. Similarly, you will be able to turn every meeting booked in your HubSpot into a Google Meet link
  • Through the new DocuSign integration in HubSpot, you will be able to send and sign agreements from any device whilst keeping your information secured. Their instant status report allows you to know where your agreement is in the signing process and notifies you at every step

#2 More Features available for All Hubs

HubSpot is witnessing how the roles once attributed to Sales, Marketing and Service keep evolving, adapting and, eventually, overlapping. As a result, some tools have become indispensable across those three teams. Among those tools, we can find:

  • Deal Workflows, previously only available on Sales Hub, allows you to set deal stage changes or customer page visits as actions that would trigger personalised communication with your contact
  • Adding Products to the Product Library, previously restricted to Sales Hub users, helps building product catalogues that can be used to create reports and quotes

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