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HubSpot Is Prompting An Operations Revolution

HubSpot Is Prompting An Operations Revolution

Like Spiderman said, "with great power comes great responsibility".

And that also applies to the superheroes that allow companies to work smarter, providing them with the tools that save them time, effort, and money.

This superhero is, of course, the operations team.

For building product businesses, power is growth. But with growth, most companies experience friction, leading to discoordination between not only your team, but also with your customers.

If you have suffered from this, you might have felt tempted to try and fill the gaps with new tools that promise to solve a specific problem, only to find yourself in a web of disconnected tools that makes your business process inefficient, and that results in a clumsy and unappealing customer experience.

What Do The Operations Team Do?

The superhero that is most often trying to make sense of this chaos is the operations team. Whilst they should be focusing on driving revolutionary business strategy, they see themselves forced to put out fires and patch-up problems that prevent them from seeing the whole picture of your business.

Most operations teams report spending the largest part of their day making sense of data that is hosted in isolated systems, coming up with workarounds that would turn that data into usable information and, eventually, spending significant amounts of money in 3rd party integrations that, yet, do not deliver what they truly need (not to mention if that integration involves coding!).


Operations Hub, HubSpot’s Revolution

Aware of this problem, HubSpot has been developing a platform that will help operations teams become integrated, enabling a seamless customer experience. This platform is Operations Hub.

This Hub aims to be the answer to three of the main questions operations teams struggle with:

  • How can I automatically turn data into consistent, efficient, and useful information?
  • How can I be connected with my team and provide them with the necessary information so they can efficiently do their job?
  • How can I interpret that data so I can help my business strategy?

Operations Hub aims to answer those questions by targeting three different areas:

#1 Sync that Makes Your Information Easy To Align

Together with the Operations Hub, HubSpot has developed a functionality that allows you to share data with other apps without any manual import/export processes. HubSpot’s top used native integrations are now powered by this functionality.

The synchronisation of your data in the Operations Hub is enabled through Data Sync, the result of the re-built of PieSync into the HubSpot platform, that gathers bidirectional sync, and historical syncing in a code-free tool.

#2 New Workflow Actions That Make New Data Easy To Adopt

Thanks to new actions available in workflows, operations teams will be able to automate annoying and time-consuming data issues. All those “small things” that should “not take long to fix” but end up taking your whole day will be under control automatically so you can focus on growth.

The Operations Hub will update your contact records, will ensure their format is consistent and will solve common data problems without the need of previous technical knowledge.

#3 Programmable Automation Makes The Operations Hub Easy To Adapt

Automation has become as flexible as you want it to be thanks to the creation of custom automation actions that will be able to perform almost any process that you could imagine. This has been made possible through a feature exclusively available on the Operations Hub: custom coded workflow actions.

Hubspot Is Prompting An OPS Revolution - Insynth Marketing

How Can Operations Hub Help My Building Product Business?

But let us take a step back and talk about how Operations Hub can help you feel free from integration issues, aligned with your goals and empowered.

  • If you have been experiencing issues with keeping your data organised and consistent and if this is prompting friction within your team and towards your customers, you might want to consider getting HubSpot do that job for you.
  • If you feel like you are drowning in workflows, coming up with all kinds of workarounds and dealing with confusing structures, new automated workflow actions might help you make those processes clearer.
  • If you ever felt that you needed an action that was not powered by HubSpot’s set of actions, now it might be possible through custom coded actions.

What About Other Hubs?

If you were wondering how this new Hub affects current Hubs, I come with nothing but good news. Through the development of Operations Hub, HubSpot has solidified their data capabilities.

Data parsing is a method that helps the transition from external apps into HubSpot, allows any data to be translated to HubSpot language and makes data migration and implementation a more affordable process.

In the same way, the features included in the Operations Hub can be used to implement other sales and service-related processes like lead rotation or advanced ticket assignment.

How Can Insynth Help You With The Implementation Of Your Operation Hub?

When you decide whether Operations Hub is a good fit for you, we will help the set up and ongoing Sync of your CRM. We will guide you through the process of understanding your needs and customise your database to align with your goals.

If you are using data stored outside HubSpot, we will pull the information for the initial Sync and synchronise almost any kind of platform with HubSpot, so your databases are in constant communication.

We will also assist you to get more familiar with these new automation improvements so you can create better personalisation and segmentation that will provide you with high quality marketing strategy and customer service.

Keen to learn more? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me today.


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