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HubSpot: What Is New in April

HubSpot: What Is New in April

Keeping up with the activity of HubSpot is not always easy. You can try and be up to date with the features HubSpot is releasing by periodically checking their website or following them on social media. But it can get overwhelming…

And, as a busy building product manufacturer, we know you have no time to spare.

So, I have summarised some of the most important updates that HubSpot has brought to light during the month of April so you are kept in the loop and can benefit from the new options these features are bringing.

Marketing Hub

#1 Rename campaigns

HubSpot is particularly good at spotting elements with which users struggle and changing them, making our lives a little bit easier.

That was the case with the process of naming campaigns. Naming HubSpot campaigns was a non-reversible process. Names could not be changed and, if you had made a typo or had changed your mind about the perspective you wanted to give to your campaign, the only options were to make a new campaign or to stick with your first name.

Now, that has changed, and you can easily update the name of your campaigns.

#2 Deal Create Attribution

For Marketing Enterprise users, reporting has become an even more compelling tool.

Whilst lead generation might be the main goal of marketing teams, it is essential for a company to have an awareness of how that lead generation is translating into a deal generation, not only to bulletproof their marketing strategy and sales handoff but also to make sure that marketing teams are given the credit that they deserve.

To achieve that, HubSpot has come up with a third reporting category that, together with contact create attribution reports and revenue attributions reports, will allow businesses to understand the interactions and efforts behind deal creation.


Sales Hub

#1 Mute Email Threads

Remember when I mentioned that HubSpot likes to identify users’ struggles and give them solutions? This is also the case.

HubSpot users were complaining about the number of real-time notifications from email interactions. Every time a contact would open or click on an email, a notification would be sent which, in some cases, might not be particularly helpful. To avoid that overflow of notifications, users can now turn off thread notifications and check the activity feed whenever they need an update.

#2 Increased Pipeline Deals

For those using Sales Enterprise, the number of pipelines that they had available has suddenly doubled and now goes up to 100 pipelines.

Pipelines have been a feature HubSpot has always felt very proud of: it provides users with a clean board to organise deals and track their different stages. They are so useful that your might feel tempted to create multiple pipelines to get an even more detailed insight into the journey your deals follow. And that could be a mistake.

It is important to understand when multiple pipelines are required so you are not complicating your deal overview needlessly. If you have different product lines or a combination of products and services that present separate sale cycles and processes, creating a new pipeline for them could be beneficial.

service Hub

#1 Zoom Integration

Enterprise users can now use the Zoom integration for recording and transcript generation through the feature of HubSpot Call Engagement.

If you are not using the HubSpot Zoom integration, you might want to give it a try! With this integration, you can add links to your Personal Meeting Room in meetings scheduled from your HubSpot account. You can also set up workflows to register users attending an event hosted in Zoom and create a contact record if this is the first time they have gotten in touch with you.

#2 Conversation Based Workflows

Available for all Professional users, but particularly helpful for users of the Service Hub, conversation-based workflows are now available.

Until now, HubSpot offered a wide range of objects based on which you could create a workflow: contacts, companies, deals, quotes, tickets, and custom objects. And, just recently, conversations have been added to this list. You will be able to set up all the actions that were available for other objects, like creating tasks, sending notifications, or triggering emails, based on the conversations you have had with your customers.



#1 Site Tree

One of the features that have attracted more features to HubSpot has been the blog. The ability to organise and plan your content is certainly an asset, as well as having the chance to create content pillars through which you can get a bigger picture of the message you want to transmit.

HubSpot has just improved its content-creation tools range and has launched a new way to organise and view the pages that we are using in our CMS, a site tree. In this view, you will be able to use a three-level hierarchical scheme that will allow you to search content faster and more efficiently.

#2 New Landing Page Templates with Swap Experience

Eight new landing pages are now available for CMS Pro and Enterprise users, enabling them to maximise the customisation of their content and the engagement of their customers.

Modifying templates and updating our content has never been easier because not only has HubSpot increased the offer, but it also has come up with a new template swap experience that turns the process of editing your landing pages into a simple drag-and-drop action.

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