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Construction Marketing Strategy: Insynth’s Free Resources 2019

Construction Marketing Strategy: Insynth’s Free Resources 2019

Construction Marketing Strategy_ Insynth’s Free Resources 2019

As an inbound marketing agency that specialises in the building products and construction industry, one of our main aims is to educate our audience. Part of the ‘education’ process involves producing high-quality, free resources aimed at up-skilling your front-facing teams.

The resources that we’ve produced this year will be shared in this post.

We hope not to offend here, but traditionally, the industry has been reliant on out-dated sales and marketing strategies that don’t resonate with the purchasing habits of architects and specifiers today.

Despite this, research from various platforms appears make the same conclusions: architects and specifiers would rather find what they need online.

This isn't new. Research from the NBS, dating back to pre-historic times (2013), demonstrates very much the same thing. When researching specifiers' preferences for finding information, NBS found that nearly nine out of ten respondents (87%) agreed that they would rather find what they need online.

Most recently, Darren Lester, CEO & Founder of SpecifiedBy found that in 2017, 99% of specifiers do their building product research online.


So, what does this mean for building product manufacturers?


It means that companies are having to look at their online presence. You should be asking yourselves,

"Are my products being found online?"

"Is there enough useful content on my site to help specifiers and architects choose my products?"

In order acknowledge the shift in research habits, companies in the building product and construction industry must move away from simply having a ‘website that acts as a brochure’ to a website that acts as a lead generation and sales machine.


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How Can You Accommodate Those Changes?

A team of skilled digital marketers who know about Inbound marketing is essential. Many building product manufacturers have their own marketing departments, and we would recommend that managers keep up to date with the technological advances that are constantly taking place online.

Insynth works alongside many in-house marketing departments, providing them with tools, tips and resources that help to ease the pressure that marketers face on a daily basis.

We find that whilst marketing managers understand the concept of inbound marketing, they simply don’t have enough time to implement the changes necessary. To consistently write compelling blog posts that are SEO-friendly, for example, takes time.

And what does this mean for your company?

Well, if you’re not prepared to adjust your strategy-or take the time-you’re limiting the quality of projects that you could be winning for your company.


What Changes Can You Make?

Education is key. By consistently giving yourselves opportunities to grow, you’re allowing for the best chances of success.

And this is where Insynth comes in.

As well as our weekly blog, we regularly create free, downloadable resources to help you understand the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

What makes our resources so unique is that they are specifically catered for the building products and construction industry.

It's easy to find free digital marketing resources online; they're a dime a dozen!

However, they don’t necessarily relate to your industry.

They don’t tell you how to communicate to your audience of architects, specifiers and contractors.

Insynth has worked tirelessly to provide you with the tools needed to kickstart your digital inbound marketing strategy, providing you with useful, and most importantly, relevant information for your building products company. 

In case you missed them, we’re now going to share with you some of our most successful resources of 2019.


The Definitive Guide To Social Media

If you’re in charge of the social media accounts for your company, this guide provides you with the best practices for turning followers into buyers.

Considering that 54% of social browsers use social media to research products, there’s a definite need to use social media as a platform for promoting your products in a way that is appealing, compelling and interesting.

To kick-start your social media campaigns, click here.

Front Cover Social Media EBook


The Essential Guide To Content Marketing

B2B companies attribute much of their online success to the keyword-rich content that they have available to their specifiers; whether it’s BIM objects, technical literature or informative blog posts.

This 32-page guide takes you through a strategic and in-depth process for writing effective blog posts. Starting with your keyword research-to getting your blog published-the guide sets out to get you on the right path to lead generation.

Underpinning the initial steps to content creation is key to ensuring that your time is not wasted and that your blogs get seen by your intended audience. To get started today, click here.

Rich - Content E-Book FRONT COVER-1


Architectural Media Grader 2019

This guide is written to assist construction marketing professionals to understand the effectiveness of various magazines to their marketing communication plans, PR activity and online marketing strategy.

Use this report to understand the value of media backlinks to your website, identify the potential reach of each title, online, offline and via social media.

To get your guide, click here.

2019 Architectural Media Guide Front Cover



The State Of Building Product Digital Marketing

To help specifiers discover and select products from companies like yours, this eBook is an essential resource.

Whilst outlining the current failings of many building product and construction companies, The State of Building Product Digital Marketing highlights all the things that you could (and should) be doing to ensure that your products get specified.

Containing insightful facts and statistics and highlighting best practices, this resource is a must for any building product manufacturer. To download, click here.

State Of Building Product Digital Marketing 2019



If you’ve taken the time to read any of our resources, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email or comment with your feedback.

We’re always looking to work with innovative, forward-thinking building product manufacturers, and if you would like any support with your digital marketing goals, we’re here to help.

Our results speak for themselves, so get in touch today.

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