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Live @ #INBOUND18: Conversion Rate Optimisation For Your Website

Live @ #INBOUND18: Conversion Rate Optimisation For Your Website


Hosted by Pamela Vaughn of HubSpot, How To Get Started With Conversion Rate Optimisation was an Inbound 2018 session focused on sharing the skills needed to use content marketing for the purpose of conversion rate optimisation.

This goal was to learn how to increase lead generation and traffic to your site through the production of fully optimised content that will encourage visitors to convert when they come to your website.

Pamela Vaughn  

Pamela Vaughan

Pamela works at HubSpot as their principle marketing manager. She is responsible for conversation rate optimisation and conversation copywriting across HubSpot’s website.

Get Started With Conversion Rate Optimisation

CRO is a very young discipline in the world of digital marketing.

It is made up of analytics, content marketing and SEO, as well as a multitude of other specialisms that need to be mastered to successfully carry out CRO. 

Remember that what you may have seen work for one company, may not be the best practice for you. It is important to play around with different factors, build the right team around you and create your own best practices that properly suit your company. 

Know Your Goals

Figuring out what your main goals are is an important step for CRO. Sarah recommends the "PIE Framework". 

The PIE Framework is:


How much total impact can this goal have for your visitors. You can follow this through looking at industry data and running regular tests and audits. 


How valuable with this be your business and your clients? 


How easy is this to implement? How difficult will it be to test? 

By following this framework you can understand what the goals are for the CRO efforts, build a stronger team suited to the achievements you want to make and have a more effective plan in place for hitting those goals. 

Build Your Team

Because of the specialist nature of CRO, building a team who have the skills and talents in every aspect of the requirements for successful CRO. 

If you have a smaller team it is likely that everybody is going to have to wear multiple hats when it comes to the elements of successful CRO.

One person may have more than others but it is important to make sure that you have a lot of expertise on your team in web development and analytics. 

Multidisciplinary team members is a huge benefit to CRO teams. You can support each other and develop areas of your team with stronger information to back up your decisions. 

A/B Testing 

A/B Testing is one of the most important aspects of CRO. HubSpot's platform has these tools built in to monitor your decisions and act on the results. 

You should monitor how your actions are being received, this can include:

  • Form submissions 
  • Click-through on CTAs 
  • Links followed on buttons

Experimenting with different colours, wording and locations on a page and monitoring the results will give you a clear understanding of how your prospects are receiving your work and how to proceed and perform to your full potential.

HubSpot A/B Toolset includes the following:

  • Survey Monkey 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Usability Hub 
  • Google Optimise


Audits are an effective way to see how your site is performing and how your visitors are receiving your content. 

Heatmaps, CTA click-through monitoring and analysing conversion rates on pages are the most effective ways to see how your site is performing, see what is working well and where you need to make some changes. 

This is just about checking on what isn't going well though. Teams thrive on celebrations of success. Find out what is working well for you and celebrate that. It will be a great driver for your teamwork going forward. 

Audit's fit into the role of making sure that you A/B test your decisions on your website. Following the tests with an audit by giving you an accurate action plan of where to start with working on your site and what you can see is a success.


CRO is important for your business's successes. Without properly working on your CRO you may risk losing traffic, visitors and potential customers and sales as a result. 

Knowing what your goals are is critical to the success of your CRO strategy. Follow this up by building a good, strong team with the right specialist skills and you already have a recipe for success brewing. 

A/B Testing and carrying out audits are also a critical part of your CRO strategy. They form the basis for understanding the needs and wants of your website visitors and could result in a revolutionary optimisation that could grow your conversion rates massively.

Discover more conversion rate optimisation tips and tricks with Insynth today. 

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