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Live @ #INBOUND18: A Keynote Session With Scott Harrison

Live @ #INBOUND18: A Keynote Session With Scott Harrison

Scott Harrison | Charity: Water | Insynth Marketing

Scott Harrison opened the final day of the 2018 Inbound conference with his inspirational story about changing his life to bring good to others.

Scott talks about how you can change your story to change your life - and the lives of others - and this applies to business too.

Through Scott's organisation, Charity: Water, millions of lives have been saved through the provision of safe drinking water. You can save lives too.

Scott Harrison_Charity WaterScott is the founder and CEO of Charity: Water, who target the global water crisis. Scott has created public installations and innovative online fundraising platforms to spread international awareness of the water crisis.

Charity: Water has now raised 293 million dollars, funded 28,000 water projects in 24 countries. These projects provide over 8.2 million people with clean, safe drinking water. In Scott’s keynote, he tells his powerful, personal story on solving this global crisis.

Scott's Story

Scott began his career working as a promoter in a top New York nightclub. His life was full of heavy drink and drug nights on repeat.

10 years in, Scott was desperately unhappy and asking himself:

'What would the exact opposite of my life look like?'

Scott walked away from his nightclub career and applied to travel to poverty-stricken countries to help those in need... only to be turned down.

Eventually, Scott was accepted onto 16 months on a hospital ship in West Africa, so long as he funded this himself. This is where Scott discovered his true calling, realising the impact that he could have on society.

In 2006, Scott founded Charity: Water on minimal funds and experience. Today, his organisation has raised over $300 million to bring clean drinking water to more than 8.2 million people around the globe.


At the 2018 Inbound conference, Scott shocked audiences with hard-hitting facts about how much work is still needed to solve the water crisis.

1 in 10 people only have access to water that is poisoned with parasites and leeches.

The safest way to consume the water is to combine it with small amounts of diesel fuel that destroy the leeches thriving in the filthy water.

Scott recounted how families peel bigger leeches from their water, but cannot filter out the tiny ones that cause severe injury when consumed.

While we would never allow a child to be bottle-fed this liquid in our home countries, it's the norm in so much of the world.

You can watch Scott's Inbound keynote session here.

If this doesn't hit you like a tonne of bricks, we won't believe you're human.


At the simplest level, Scott's mission is to combine his business career with helping others. His charity promises for the greater good, providing water to communities in desperate need.

This mission has given Scott's company enormous authority in the charity sector. 

What could your company do to help society and build your brand? How could you help?

You Can Save Lives

Luckily for us, Charity : Water offer a range of ways that you can donate to help end the water crisis, whether through a one-off payment, a monthly direct debit when you join the spring or by sponsoring a community.

If you're interested in learning about Scott's journey to end the water crisis, you can also join us in pre-ordering his book, Thirst, here.

100% of book sales will go towards water projects to save lives. Forward your receipt to unlock@charitywater.org by September 9th and $60 will be donated to bring clean water to two people.

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