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HubSpot: What Is New In October

HubSpot: What Is New In October

With INBOUND2021 taking place this month, October was destined to be a month full of updates and industry news! And it has not let us down.

HubSpot is determined to transform how we do marketing, regardless of the sector and the industry, with one primary purpose: to guarantee that the marketing content focuses on the customer and provides a flawless experience.

You can have an overview of the updates in the last six months to ensure that you are not missing anything from HubSpot. Month after month, we will make sure we are bringing you the latest news on HubSpot’s new features, tools, and projects. Time is of the essence, and we know you do not have much to spare, so we want to make it as easy as possible to keep up with HubSpot’s rhythm.


Marketing Hub

#1 High-Level Comparison of Social Tools

The new social comparison tool makes it easier than ever to create top-performing content across your social media platform. HubSpot will give you insights on your best posts, helping you create similar content. In addition, this tool provides users with an overview of the different channels, media types, and copy that lead to high engagement across various posts with just a couple of clicks.

You will be able to track and compare four metrics: clicks, interactions, impressions, and comments. In addition, you can also access a series of metrics that are not yet available for comparison, including reactions, revenue attribution, and video views. The feature allows up to 10 social posts to be compared simultaneously and is available for Professional and Enterprise HubSpot users.

#2 Marketing Events and Ad Campaigns are now available on the Marketing Calendar

Since HubSpot introduced Marketing Events last month, users have loved interacting with that new feature! You can now view marketing events alongside other marketing assets to the Marketing Calendar, such as blogs, emails, ads, landing pages, social posts, tasks, and website updates. In addition, through their calendar, all HubSpot professional users have the chance of scheduling those interactions.

You can find your calendar on the Marketing Tab within your Campaigns. In addition, it will automatically show all assets from October on, meaning Marketing Events will be included going forward and can be filtered. This update is part of an overall upgrade to Marketing Calendar that is thought to better support marketers in the layout and planning of their marketing strategy.

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Sales Hub

#1 Ads can now Enrol Contacts in HubSpot Sales Sequences

There is a reason sequences are HubSpot’s favourite tool for salespeople. Through sequences, you can enrol potential clients into a series of interactions. From now, clicks on Ads can be used as the trigger to enrol a prospect into a particular sequence, personalising their experience. This feature is presented within the framework for Journey Based Advertising, an inbound take on advertisement.

This new way of advertising recommends campaigns to adapt to the different stages of a buyer’s journey. As explained through the inbound methodology, these stages are an awareness stage, a consideration stage, and, ultimately, a decision stage. Therefore, the content and the type of ads should be tailored for each stage. The first network HubSpot is launching ad sequencing with is Facebook.

#2 Email Associations in Outlook Desktop Add-In

Some HubSpot users (and some of our very own clients!) encountered an issue when multiple deals were open with the same company to log an email to a particular deal record. With the intention to solve this issue, when composing or replying to emails from Outlook, you will now have the ability to select which records the emails will be associated with.

If logging emails into your CRM is something new for you, you might want to know that this feature is one of the most valued tools within the platform. Logging emails and recording them associated to a contact or a company allows your team to have the most accurate and up to date information about the interactions your brand has had, so they stay informed and consistent.

Service Hub

#1 Multiple Associations for Companies in HubSpot

As industries evolve, new phenomena come into HubSpot’s radar. For example, in the past years, HubSpot has noticed that it has become more common for people to work for different companies, either advisors or consultants. Until now, HubSpot was limited to one associated company on your contacts, deals, and tickets, and it prompted headaches for those of you in two-sided marketplaces.

From October, HubSpot users can now associate multiple companies to a record, reflecting through association labels the kind of association a company has with a particular contact, deal, or ticket! So a sales manager can identify now, for example, if a “partner” set up a deal or label a contact as an “advisor” if they are not contacts that they are directly marketing to.

#2 Chatflow Permissions

If you have never used features like live chat or chatbots before, you will be surprised to hear that more than 41% of customers expect live chat on your website. Luckily, that is a feature that HubSpot has integrated on their platform, even for free users. Nevertheless, the set-up was not particularly streamlined, especially when it came to permissions.

Previously, you were forced to give admin access to anyone that managed your chat flows, which gave them access to do almost everything in HubSpot. And that was not necessarily something that all companies wanted to do. So from now on, you will no longer need to give admin access for team members to access, edit, and write chat flows.

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Operations Hub

#1 Test and Debug Your Custom Code Actions

For all Operations Hub users, the ability to use custom code actions to write and execute JavaScript has been a revolution. Custom code actions can be used to extend the functionality of any workflows beyond HubSpot’s limits. The introduction of this feature within the Operations Hub did not come, however, without its challenges!

From this month, HubSpot has improved the development experience, giving them the chance to test their custom code and ensure that it runs as expected before getting the workflow live. This test will run only the code in the custom action, once the code has finished running, developers will be able to view the code outputs and the log of their test.

#2 Another 8 HubSpot-Built Data Sync Integrations

Just like in previous months, HubSpot has continued adding eight more top-requested integrations to the apps available within their Data Sync tool, ranging from CRMs to inventory management apps and including platforms like Unleashed, Cin7, Current RMS, Fastbill, iContact, Campaigner, Convergehub; and Chargify.

With these eight integrations, Operations Hub users can now connect HubSpot with 69 popular apps! HubSpot’s effort to keep extending their software offer is remarkable, offering now almost three times as many as apps as there were available when Operations Hub launched in April. The integrations can be installed through the HubSpot App Marketplace.


#1 3 New SEO Recommendations Available

Aware of the crucial role Google has played in SEO’s realm throughout the last months, HubSpot has added to its CMS 3 new Google-lighthouse-based recommendations! Google Lighthouse is an open-source tool created by Google and offers users the possibility of checking their website’s performance. Among the new SEO recommendations, HubSpot advises to:

  • Not use the <meta http-equiv= “refresh”> tag since it causes a page to refresh automatically, which can be a frustrating user experience.
  • Not create general descriptions for anchor links, recommending you use more tailored phrases that effectively communicate to users what they are clicking on
  • Ensure your pages’ links are crawlable! Google can follow links only if they are an <a> tag with an href attribute. So links that use other formats won’t be followed by Google’s crawlers…

#2 Website Crawling Tool Available

For a website to rank high on SERPs, its technical SEO must be flawless. And, for it to be flawless, it needs to be crawled and adequately indexed. If you are not aware whether your website is crawled or not, you need to get that information ASAP! Without a web crawler, your website will not be accessible for search engines, and it will not be shown on the result pages when looking for your brand.

With the release of the HubSpot website crawl tool, HubSpot made it easier to compile a list of all the pages of your website. When crawling, your website pages will be categorised on the internet and, consequently, indexed, so search engines more easily find it. This is essential for your audience to reach your website effectively and to increase your organic traffic.

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