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HubSpot: What Is New In August 2022

HubSpot: What Is New In August 2022

If you are a HubSpot user, you might have felt that keeping up with the updates that the platform publishes can easily become a full-time job! Keeping up to date with the features that HubSpot is releasing can seem exhausting but understanding how HubSpot’s new tools can help you improve your business is essential to maximise the growth of your building product company.

As construction professionals, we know that time is of the essence and that finding a moment to go online and browse the latest news is not always possible. For that reason, and following our updates in April, May, June, and July, we have gathered all the updates HubSpot has launched in the month of August so you can learn about them without having to do any research.

Marketing Hub

#1 Compare the Performance of Your Forms

Underestimating the importance of lead capturing webforms is a common mistake among digital marketers, failing to consistently update and optimise the forms on their website. With every person coming into your website being a lead worth following up with, it can be surprising to realise that a third of users that start a form never successfully complete it.

Available for Professional and Enterprise users, HubSpot has enabled the feature users to compare up to ten forms, with the tool assessing metrics like submissions, number of fields and form settings. This data will allow users to identify underperforming forms and to come up with amendments that will reduce form abandonment and increase the conversion rate.

#2 New Deal Probability Property

In order to improve the accuracy of the platform’s forecasting tools, HubSpot has made available a set of interactive properties that will allow users to report on “deal probability”, “weighted amount”, and “deal amount” more efficiently. Users will be able to input the “amount” and “probability” of a deal, with HubSpot automatically calculating the “weight” of a specific deal within their pipeline.

These properties will be displayed within the property section of a deal record, with the deal probability set to be imputed as a percentage. Understanding the probability of a deal to close is a core element for segmentation and lead scoring, making sure that deals with a higher chance to close are prioritised and that the right resources are devoted to nurturing more doubtful deals.

Sales Hub

#1 Repeating Tasks Feature Now Available

It is estimated that construction professionals, especially those in frontline roles, spend over three hours of their working day in undefined, unspecified, and unscheduled tasks, often related to admin duties. Construction professionals believe this lack of control is detrimental to their preferred route to successful project management and growth.

With the goal of minimising the time spent putting out administrative fires, HubSpot has enabled the synchronisation between HubSpot tasks and online calendars, such as Google Calendar and Office 365. This feature will allow HubSpot tasks to be displayed as events on a complementary calendar to the user’s primary calendar, making sure that no task is left forgotten.

#2 Add Sequences to Your Workflows

Using sequences allows users to manually enrol contacts to a chain of emails that are sent from a specific inbox and that can be tracked when opened or replied to. Unlike workflows, sequences stop when a contact directly answers one of the emails sent as part of the chain, making sure that the one-to-one conversation is not disrupted after the contact has become responsive.

In order to maximise the effect of those conversations, HubSpot has enabled the feature to automate sequence enrolment and unenrolment, triggering a sequence based on a status change or a set value property. As a result, any contact who meets a certain set of requirements or action can be added to a highly personalised sequence.

Service Hub

#1 Create Multiple CES Feedback Surveys

A recent report by Accenture revealed that 52% of customers had, at some point, switched providers in the past year due to poor customer service. Among the customers surveyed, 73% expect customer service to be easier and more convenient, and 61% want it to be faster. A Customer Effort Score (CES) survey measures how much effort a customer needs to put in order to interact with you.

HubSpot has now enabled a CES survey to be set up for each support pipeline, making sure that each customer received a customised CES survey after they have interacted with your team. CES surveys follow the belief that customer loyalty is to be improved by making it easier for them to address their concerns and get helpful and timely answers.

#2 Activity Filters Added to Record Pages

When reaching out for support, customers can expect a wide range of outcomes but, if they do expect one thing, that is a fast outcome. A recent study by SuperOffice found that only 20% of companies are able to answer questions in full on the first reply and that the average response time to handle a customer request is of over 12 hours and 10 minutes.

HubSpot has developed some tools to facilitate the location of information, making sure that customers and prospects are assisted successfully and in a timely manner. Through the new activity filters, HubSpot users are now able to search keywords and phrases, making it easier than ever to find relevant information and provide customers with excellent service.

Operations Hub

#1 An Additional 11 Apps Available for Data Sync

Since its launch in April, HubSpot has consistently grown the number of features available within the Operations Hub, focusing particularly on the apps enabled to sync with HubSpot through their sophisticated Data Sync method. With eleven new additions to the Data Sync app ecosystem, HubSpot is now enabled over 50 apps to sync customer data from third-party software into HubSpot.

These eleven new integrations available on the HubSpot App Marketplace include collaboration software like Smartsheet; CRM engines like Odoo, Freshworks CRM, Capsule, Daylite and Ontraport; marketing automation tools like Marketo and Prospect.io, legal management software like Actionstep; and invoicing apps like Zoho Invoice and Easybill.

#2 Set Up Conditional Sections in Your CRM

In the State of B2B Lead Generation report, 67% of the leaders surveyed reported guaranteeing the hygiene of the data on their CRM to be their highest priority. Recording data in an organised, clean, and segmented way is recommended when looking for ways to facilitate identifying business opportunities within your database.

If you are a Professional and Enterprise HubSpot user, you might have already explored the possibilities of editing the sidebar of your CRM records, adding, removing, and rearranging sections. HubSpot has enabled for Enterprise users to make sections conditional, meaning that sections will only come up if a record has a specific set value for a specific property.


#1 CMS Starter

From August 2021, the starter tier of CMS Hub is available to be purchased as a standalone product, as well as part of the Starter CRM Suite alongside Marketing Hub Starter, Sales Hub Starter, Service Hub Starter and Operations Hub Starter. If you purchased the Starter CRM Suite or the Growth Suite before the CMS Starter became available, you can add CMS Starter into your portal at no cost.

The CSM Starter includes HubSpot’s global CDN infrastructure, a free SSL certificate, 24/7 security monitoring, local web development tools, lead capturing features, reporting dashboards and a web-based live chatbot. The CMS Starter is designed to be used equally by developers and marketers, offering a wide range of tools to make the design of your website as flexible as possible.

#2 New Styling Controls Available for Developers

In 2017, 98% of specifiers reported starting their research online, with building product manufacturers experiencing that over 40% of the revenue comes from purely organic traffic. Ensuring the right first impression can be crucial, with specifiers expecting a design that catches their eyes and makes them feel checking out your brand is worth their time.

Whist this update is addressed for developers, HubSpot’s CMS Hub has proven to be easily accessible for users with no previous developing experience. Styling options will allow users to customise elements like border, gradient, alignment, background and spacing of not only default modules, but also custom modules, increasing the control of users over their website and landing pages.

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