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HubSpot: What Is New In November

HubSpot: What Is New In November

As we get into the final stretch of the year, it's a strategic moment to think about the trajectory of your business. In the dynamic landscape of today's business environment, adaptability is key, and there's no better time to assess your business goals than now. This blog serves as your compass, navigating you through the significant updates that HubSpot has unveiled this November.

For those who are new to our monthly update series, I'm Ainhoa, Head of Platform Consulting. Since May 2021, my task has been to curate the latest HubSpot innovations each month, ensuring you're at the forefront of the platform's evolution. If you're eager to discover the  features introduced in November and catch up on the pulse of HubSpot, take a moment to look at our previous posts for a comprehensive overview of the year's updates.

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Marketing Hub

#1 Easier Layout for Workflows

HubSpot introduces a fresh look for the Workflows tool, aiming to create a more focused and guided experience. Recognising the potential chaos in creating workflows, the redesign addresses the challenge of locating specific actions, boosts confidence in exploring new functionalities, and simplifies the comprehension of sprawling and complex workflows. The revamped experience introduces redesigned action and trigger cards, and improved contextual guidance.

The redesigned Workflows tool prioritises clarity and ease of use, introducing consistent and streamlined action cards that highlight key information. The action panel has been reorganised, featuring commonly used routing and logic actions at the top, followed by categorised actions for better organisation and searchability. The update also facilitates easier discovery and integration of workflow integrations, offering a seamless path to connect new apps directly within the action panel.

#2 Webhooks to Trigger Workflows

This new feature allows users to trigger workflows directly in HubSpot based on data received from external sources, eliminating the need for workarounds and additional services. By enabling automation from third-party data, HubSpot addresses a common challenge faced by users who juggle multiple systems and integrations to streamline their processes. Webhook Triggers offer a solution to a wide range of automation use cases, allowing users to harness data from their third-party tools for triggering workflows in HubSpot.

This flexibility is particularly significant for users who rely on various services and systems outside of HubSpot to meet specific needs. Prior to this enhancement, users had to invest time in building apps, creating workarounds, or employing other services to bridge the gap between their third-party data and workflow triggers. With Webhook Triggers, this process is now streamlined, empowering users to consolidate their automation processes within HubSpot.Top of Form


Sales Hub

#1 Lead Management Improved

HubSpot has introduced a revolutionary update – the incorporation of a new object known as 'Leads' into its Sales Hub. This strategic move transforms the landscape of lead management, offering prospecting representatives a centralised platform within the Prospecting Workspace to efficiently handle both inbound and outbound demand generation motions.

Unlike contacts, Leads function as secondary objects that can be intricately associated with contact and/or company records. The significance of this update lies in its ability to address the challenges faced by prospecting representatives who grapple with the daunting task of organising lead information, determining priorities, executing targeted outreach, and updating CRM data – all while operating under the pressure of monthly quotas.


call from HubSpot app

#2 On-the-Go Connectivity

This calling option empowers reps to initiate outbound calls directly from the HubSpot mobile app while working on their desktops, offering a seamless and versatile calling experience. This enhancement addresses the preference of sales reps to utilize their mobile phones for calls, even when stationed at their desks, providing them with the flexibility to switch between devices effortlessly.

Previously, the 'Call from phone' option allowed calls to be directed to mobile devices from the desktop. Now, with the new option, reps can seamlessly transition the call to the HubSpot mobile app, ensuring a complete mobile calling experience right from their desktops. This innovation not only aligns with the preferences of modern sales professionals but also emphasises HubSpot's commitment to providing tools that cater to the evolving needs of its users.


Service Hub

#1 New Service Workflow Templates

HubSpot enhances its workflow capabilities with the introduction of four brand new templates designed specifically for support use cases. The new templates address various aspects of support operations, enabling users to enhance ticket management, prioritise tasks, and efficiently assign tickets to the right owners.

HubSpot's commitment to providing specialised tools for support workflows is evident in these new templates. By offering tailored solutions for common support use cases, HubSpot empowers Service Pro and Service Enterprise users to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their support operations. The addition of these templates aligns with HubSpot's strategy to continuously enrich its platform, ensuring users have the tools needed to streamline their workflows and deliver exceptional customer support.


#2 Add Guests through Meeting Links

HubSpot introduces a dynamic addition to its scheduling pages, allowing users to grant prospects the ability to include additional attendees when booking time for a meeting. This feature allows users to enhance collaboration by enabling prospects to invite up to 10 additional guests to a scheduled meeting directly through the scheduling page. Once booked, all attendees, including the primary prospect and added guests, will receive a calendar invite for the confirmed meeting.

Previously, prospects lacked the capability to invite additional guests during the scheduling process, limiting the collaborative nature of the meeting experience. With this enhancement, HubSpot users can activate the "allow guests" feature on their scheduling pages, providing prospects with the ability to seamlessly include additional participants during the booking process. The system ensures that only valid email addresses are accepted.



#1 Options for Contacts to Download or Delete Their Data

This new functionality allows businesses to offer a centralised space for contacts to proactively manage their data and communication preferences. By adding modules for download or deletion requests, organisations empower contacts to have greater control over their personal information, promoting a sense of transparency and trust. Providing options for contacts to download or delete their personal data helps businesses adhere to data privacy laws and best practices.

As regulations around data protection become more stringent, this feature positions HubSpot users to not only comply with existing laws but also stay ahead of evolving privacy standards. By incorporating these modules into the email subscription preferences page, businesses can streamline the process of handling data-related requests. Contacts now have a designated space to make these requests and can efficiently manage and respond to these requests within the HubSpot platform.


#2 New Blog Post Modules

HubSpot introduces the Blog Posts module that supersedes the existing Blog Listing module, delivering an advanced level of functionality while maintaining the beloved features of its predecessor. The key enhancement lies in the adoption of a cutting-edge Javascript rendering framework, coupled with the power of React technologies, ensuring a faster and more seamless performance for users.

This technological upgrade ensures a smoother and more efficient blogging experience for users across all hubs and tiers. Beyond the enhanced performance, the module retains all the features users appreciate, with subtle style field updates contributing to a visually refined and user-friendly interface. This evolution underscores HubSpot's commitment to providing state-of-the-art tools, aligning with the evolving standards of web development and user experience.


Operations Hub

#1 CRM Record Customisation Optimised

HubSpot customers heavily rely on the record page to showcase vital information integral to their business operations. The introduction of the page editor signifies a pivotal development, offering admins the ability to personalise both the content and layout of the record. This level of customisation ensures that teams receive the most relevant information precisely when required, promoting efficiency, effectiveness, and an overall superior experience for customers.

This tool empowers administrators to seamlessly tailor the middle column of a record, aligning it precisely with their business requirements. Admins can now introduce new cards and tabs to the record page, ensuring that their teams have swift access to pertinent information precisely when they need it.


#2 Same Object Association

Same Object Associations enable users to create connections between records of the same type, whether it be associating one contact with another or linking deals to deals. This flexibility is extended to contacts, companies, deals, tickets, and custom objects, ensuring that users can capture and visualise intricate relationships crucial to their business.

HubSpot recognises that businesses often operate within a complex web of contacts or rely on collections of related companies. With the introduction of Same Object Associations, users can now mirror the intricate reality of their business within HubSpot. This feature eliminates the limitations that previously hindered the connection of contacts to contacts, companies to companies, and other objects to their same types.

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