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How a CRM System can help to improve your customer experience

How a CRM System can help to improve your customer experience

A customer relationship management (CRM) tool is one that allows your building products business to interact with current customers and potential leads. These tools, like HubSpot, can help your company become more efficient and can track a range of data to help drive your growth.

Now you may be thinking, well how does a CRM system improve customer experience? There are many ways in which a CRM can enhance your customers experience, such as enabling you to tailor your marketing strategy to better suit your customers, as well as your buyer persona.

In this blog, we will be highlighting the 4 ways a CRM system will improve your customer experience, and aid those on the buyers journey.

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1. Personalised Communications

Personalisation of outreach is absolutely essential when it comes to communicating with your clients, even if it’s on a blanket marketing email. Studies show up to 62% of customers engage better when a subject line is personalised to them.

Sending personalised emails will improve your engagement, and also show you who your most engaged contacts are. This will then allow you to tailor your offerings, or website to these people to enhance their experience, and make their process with you easier for them.

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2. Keep your customer experience consistent

A CRM can ensure your customer experience is kept consistent. How many times have you contacted a company and received mixed messages from reps? Why not find a way to standardise this message? The use of forms on your website with an automated response specifically for that form could get the answer across to your customers instantly.

When you implement consistency to your building products business, you improve loyalty, brand reputation and customer satisfaction, therefore your customer experience will be improved as a result.


3. Keeping in Touch

It is important to keep in touch with your customers, and remind them you are there to help them. a great way to do this is through emails, and personalising them will increase open rate. Your CRM can allow you to automate these emails, and build them ready to be sent. As soon as it hits the scheduled time and date, all of your contacts will receive a personalised reminder that you’re ready to help them.

This will improve your customer experience, as if the emails aren’t too close together, they will be seen as helpful and not spammy. Emailing too often may annoy your customer base, so it is important to get the intervals between emails right.


4. Learning More About Customers

Your CRM system will store data on what products your clients have purchased, browsed on your website, or inquired about on your social media channels. This information can help you know what your customers want and what additional products they might be interested in.

You can better tailor an offer on a product or send them an email about a service that matches their preferences. Personalized service can improve customer satisfaction and increase their brand loyalty.

You CRM will store a lot of data about your customers, including purchases from you, form submissions and downloads from your website. This information can then be used when contacting your customer base.

Using a CRM such as HubSpot, you can segment your contact database based on their job roles, purchases or queries they’ve had. You can then set up segment specific emails. This will improve your customer experience as your customers will be receiving information specific for them, rather than blanket email.

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When choosing your CRM it is important to ensure it has all the elements you need to improve the customer experience. Using one, such as HubSpot, can enable you to improve your customers experience whilst enabling the growth of your business.


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