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7 Tips For Hiring A Construction Marketing Agency

7 Tips For Hiring A Construction Marketing Agency

Hiring a digital marketing agency seems like a looong task that no one wants to do; the research and decision making that goes into finding the perfect agency for your business is daunting but crucial at a time where digitalising your business is becoming the norm.

But it doesn’t have to be. By following these tips, the process of finding an agency that’s just right for your business will be easy and efficient.

Tip 1: Look at their own marketing

As a construction marketing agency, they should be the experts and have no excuse to not have great marketing of their own.

The first thing we tend to look at is their brand. Does the agency have a consistent, reputable and strong brand of its own? While looks aren’t everything, you want to work with an agency that can communicate itself visually.

What content do they have on their site? Do they write helpful and informative blogs to read? Most digital marketing agencies will produce content such as eBooks, videos, blogs and infographics (to name a few) look at the agency's content and think about whether you would be happy for them to produce that content for your business. Whilst the content will be made with your brand in mind, each agency will have a particular writing or visual style they prefer to use.

Lastly, do they also have a solid social media presence? Follower count isn’t your main priority; it’s how the agency uses it. Are they frequently posting and interacting with their followers and is the content they post high quality and relevant to your challenges?


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Tip 2: Inspect case studies and testimonials from their current clients

Don’t just take their word for it; look at what their clients said. A good testimony will highlight the problem, what the company did to resolve this problem and the after-effects (Usually positive). A successful agency should have no problem retaining good case studies; you could even reach out to their team and ask for a portfolio if you want to bring something to show your team.

An agency lacking recent case studies isn’t a good sign and should be given a second thought before being considered.


Tip 3: Don’t jump to the first agency you see

It may get the job done quicker, but many agencies have their own cultures and specialised marketing techniques. If you’re looking to optimise your blogs and overall content marketing strategy, you don’t want to work with an agency that has only worked on web design with little experience with SEO tools.

You will also need to consider the size of the agency you want to work with; the first result you see online might be the biggest marketing agency in your area with many positive case studies. But if you are a small business just starting out, you’ll instantly be put on the bottom of their priority list compared to their more prominent clients. Your business deserves to have quality attention!

It’s best to keep a handful of agencies to weigh in the pros and cons before making your final selection.


Tip 4: Establish your goals and what you want to achieve working with an agency

This links back to tip 2: look at the agency’s case studies, their current clients’ goals, and what the agency did to achieve this. Has the agency worked with clients who have similar goals to your business? And if so, how did they accomplish this?

Suppose you are unsure of whether your goals can be met, schedule a meeting with their team. There is no harm in asking; schedule an appointment with the CEO or marketing manager to find answers to your questions.

The agency should also have clear goals of their own; what are their agency values? A good marketing agency should value honesty and responsibility to build trustworthy relationships and help your business flourish.

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Tip 5: Aim to employ an agency with knowledge of the industry

Employing an agency with some insight or experience in the construction materials industry is a massive advantage for your marketing. By having a good understanding of your industry, your agency will create content and campaigns that target the right people and the best marketing channels your business can invest in.

Don’t let this intimidate you; you will always be the expert of your industry, and the agency you choose will always be the expert in marketing. You will find that your chosen agency will be eager to learn more about your industry/products to provide a strategy that will fit your business and allow you to grow.

However, with over 5000 building products being used on any given construction project, it would be problematic to hire a none construction specialist. 


Tip 6: Ensure the agency you are looking at can deliver your vision

A great marketing agency will consistently try to meet the goals and vision their clients establish early on into the process and will continue to do so as their goals are met and new ones are made.

To do this successfully, they will need to consistently keep in touch with you to ensure they are providing the service that meets your business’s visions. When thinking about your business, you want personalised service to build trust and ensure you are receiving the work you pay for.

When speaking to agencies, you want to ask how often they are in contact with their current client and how often they will be in contact with you.


Tip 7: Make sure they are results-driven

You want to be with an agency driven by the results of campaigns and leads generated from content. Without analysing website traffic, click-through rates and overall performance, they won’t be able to determine if your marketing strategy is working or still needs improving. Results and data will also be vital to your business to use for case studies and resources you create.  

Without looking at data, you risk investing your budget and time on the wrong campaigns or channels. You want your results to reflect on the success of your business, not the downfall.

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There are many, many, many marketing agencies out there, and it’s no lie when I say looking for the agency that fits you won’t be simple and can make you feel overwhelmed. But with these seven tips on what to look out for as well as the red flags to be aware of, your journey to finding the best marketing agency for your business will be a success.

Don’t be afraid to contact agencies for consultations or just a general chat; that way, you can weigh in all of your options and match each agency to your business.

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