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Insynth Welcomes New Digital Marketing Intern, Bea

By Jake Derry on Aug 19, 2021 4:26:50 PM

Topics: Digital PR

As Insynth grows, so too does the need for exceptional talent to help drive growth to our clients' building product businesses.

Helping to answer our call-to-arms, we welcome the newest member of the team: Digital Marketing Intern, Bea Park.

As an intern, Bea will be using her wide array of skills and talents to assist our team in all areas of the business. Helping both new and existing clients; Bea will be implementing Inbound Marketing within her role in a number of tasks, including: content writing, marketing audits and SEO optimization.

About Bea

Bea blog 2 Living in Hertfordshire, just outside of London, Bea flatters us with her dedication to the job by making the lengthy commute each and every week.

Currently a Politics and International Relations student at Nottingham University and about to embark on her 3rd and final year, Bea makes use of her sharp mind and insightful opinions with the aim to bring some sense back into the wider world.

Until then, her love for writing and all things marketing have landed her an internship at Insynth where she aims to expand her knowledge and perfect her skills.

With previous experience at a major national newspaper and marketing companies, Bea bolsters excellent writing skills and a deep insight into social media and its use in digital marketing.

Passion meets profession, with a history of writing for student newspapers and a plethora of blogs surrounding national politics, COVID-19 and social justice issues.

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How does she find the time…

In between studying for her degree, working internships and fighting social injustice, somehow Bea finds the time for all things fitness, including training for and participating in half-marathons.

You can find her in the hockey field or competing in lacrosse at university, proving she’s a force to be reckoned with, and shows no signs of slowing down.

When asked about some of her favourite memories, Bea replied:

“I’ve been really lucky to be able to travel so much and see the world. I spent five months in South America travelling with my friends and it was incredible. I also visited Everest Base Camp, which is something I will never forget”.

At the end of a busy day though, Bea can be found at home with her adorable chocolate Labrador, Bertie.

Bea blog 1

How is the role going so far?

“Honestly, I’m loving how welcoming everyone has been and so eager to put me at ease and make me feel comfortable.

The whole team has been really generous with their time, it really feels like a close-knit family. I’ve had so much to learn in such a short space of time, and it’s been so rewarding.

I think the thing I love the most is the culture at Insynth, everyone is helping one another and there’s never a feeling of not getting enough support. It’s well worth the commute, that’s for sure!”

Welcome to the team Bea!

Already, Bea has shown us and our clients how willing she is to go above and beyond to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Her great work ethic and innovative approaches to everyday tasks are just some of the reasons we are proud to have Bea on the team.

As a Digital Marketing Intern, Bea will enable us to better help our growing client-base, and deliver high-quality digital content to them, using the Inbound Marketing methodology.

Nurturing up-and-coming talent and facilitating success is one of the great privileges we enjoy here at Insynth Marketing Ltd. The commitment we have to helping our clients reach their fullest potential, is a philosophy that is echoed within our approach to recruitment and the team.

We wish you all the best and once again, welcome to the team Bea!

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About Insynth

At Insynth we deliver a predictable flow of leads, customers, and specifications for building product brands through our inbound marketing approach, proven to reach a technically demanding audience.

We use the latest marketing techniques such as construction inbound marketing, to equip building product companies to grow sustainability in this era of digital transformation.

As the only HubSpot certified agency to major in construction marketing. We have a proven formula of bringing a variety of functionalities together including CRM Implementation, Web Design, Sales Automation, SEO, and Email Marketing to achieve your ultimate aim: Growing your business and gaining new specifiers and customers.

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Jake Derry

Written by Jake Derry

After obtaining his Degree in Spanish, Italian & Translation, Jake joined Insynth as one of our Technical Writers & Account Managers. From CPD to Digital eBooks, Jake's innate thirst for knowledge and technical writing skills help him to research, deliver and optimise SEO-driven educational content for our clients, working within a range of construction sectors.