Your Free Digital Marketing Health Check

There's nothing more frustrating than not knowing where to begin. How is my website performing? What type of content is driving traffic? With our 50 point health check, we do the hard work for you.




What it covers

With the 50 point digital marketing health check, we analyse and breakdown key areas and understand where and how you can improve.


These key areas are:

Getting Found Online
Using The Right Content
Lead Generation

Getting Found Online

Increasing your searchability so people see you more.

Website Performance

  • Does your website have the essential SEO attributes, site security and responsiveness?
  • Does your website have authority, how many domains refer and link to the site and how many keywords do you rank for?
  • Are the right keywords in place to help rank you appropriately?

We assess how your website is performing, we analyse key attributes that improve searchability and responsiveness. 


Quality Of Website Technical Structure

Does your website have the correct architecture?

We look at the meta-text, meta-descriptions and alt-texts that are embedded within your site.



Using The Content Right

Providing the right information customers need to specify and buy your products.

Website Content

  • Is your website content appropriate?
  • Does it provide the right information for your potential customers?
  • Does it show clearly who and what your company does?
  • Is it easy to find and download?

We assess the quantity and quality of your technical content, which helps specifiers, installers and end-user to select, purchase or maintain your product.

We evaluate your content marketing, website lead generation capabilities and enquiry management.

Use Of Social Media

  • Are your business social media profiles set-up and optimised correctly?
  • Are you active on them?
  • Are you using the right content that engages your audience?
  • Are you driving traffic from your social media to your website?
We evaluate the alignment of your website and social media profiles. We assess the strength of your social media presence across key platforms.


Lead Generation

Ensuring your website is set up for lead generation and leads are actioned.

Lead Management

  • Is your website designed to generate leads?
  • Are your forms set-up correctly?
  • Are you following up leads quickly and effectively?

We assess how well your website is set up and evaluate how responsive your business is to following up the leads you are generating.

We also look at your lead automation and see whether it is as effective and efficient it can be.



How You Are Evaluated

You will get scored out of 100, based upon what we have learnt from assessing the best websites in the construction industry.

Our proprietary algorithm will score your digital marketing so you can benchmark your performance against the industry average.



We spent years talking to specifiers and installers to understand what they need from manufacturers to help them specify products.

We have taken this research and developed the construction marketing health check to help product manufacturers understand where they need improve.

How It Will Help You

This objective assessment gives manufacturers all the info they need to improve their digital marketing, attract more website visitors, and convert to them into leads, specifications and sales opportunities.

The assessment will help you work smarter to get better results with the resources you have now.



This marketing health check will cost on average £250 from other marketing agencies.

However, we see the value this health check can provide for you in these difficult times, so we are giving it to you for free!

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