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Contour Heating Products Limited

Discover how a 58% increase in website traffic leads to a 55% quotation increase.

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Sector: HVAC
Services: LST Radiators, Radiator Guards, Anti-Ligature Guards & Anti-Ligature Products.

“The approach that Insynth has taken with our marketing has been a breath of fresh air. They are highly analytical in their approach and blend traditional marketing principles with modern digital techniques to produce a highly effective strategy.” - Commercial Director Robin Mansell

The Situation

Contour's marketing strategy was unstable, which mean they suffered with:

  • Stagnant organic website traffic
  • Heavily relying on paid advertising to generate website traffic
  • Struggled to get in front of specifiers and decision makers

Faced with increased competitive pressures from new market entrants, which was negatively affecting
market prices and margins, Contour wanted to clearly position themselves as the technical and thought
leaders in their sector to insulate themselves from this pressure.

Additionally, they found that their traditional sales centred approach was becoming less effective;
finding it harder to get in front of specifiers and decision makers to demonstrate the benefits of their
products over their rivals. Their website traffic was stagnant and had been for some time.

They needed advice on how to grow this and improve converting this traffic into leads, specifications and pricing enquiries.

They were relying upon PPC to support traffic at great expense.


How We Helped

Insynth identified an opportunity to adopt content marketing and inbound marketing methodologies to create a demonstrable gap between Contour and the rest of the market, and position Contour as the thought leaders in the sector.

Detailed keyword research was conducted to identify additional phrases to craft into their website content.
A significant number of new keywords were identified that could increase traffic and attract a new segment of Contour’s potential market.

A content plan was then developed, strategically focusing on under-performing product ranges and market sectors, producing 2 blog posts per week in a highly targeted manner.

We supported the content marketing activity with technical and on-page SEO to ensure that key product and service pages were ranking well on Google.

The Contour website was also integrated with HubSpot to improve lead intelligence and provide the sales team with a clearer idea of engaged prospects, whilst using lead scoring to enable more targeted sales outreach.

Databox was set up to provide live reporting of sales and marketing performance; increasing motivation and competition within the sales team, whilst providing clarity to senior management of the performance of their sales and marketing efforts.



Increase in web traffic

Top 3 positions from a list of 186 target keywords


Increase in operating profit for the business, year on year

Increase In Performance

  • Contour saw a dramatic increase in keyword ranking performance. Over 12 months they captured 93 top 3 positions (including 64 #1s) from their list of 186 target keywords, up from just 26 top 3 positions the year before.
  • Website traffic rose as a result, increasing by 58%, including a 51% increase in organic traffic.
  • This drove a 55% increase in quotations.
  • Orders rose by 58% year on year.
  • The net effect was a 265% increase in operating profit for the business, year on year.


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