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Make Your Construction Marketing Make Sense

Jon Wannamaker coined the famous phrase "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half" and this sums up the challenges of construction marketing.

Firstly, to understand the most effective areas to invest in, and secondly justifying that investment with that evasive Return On Investment figure.

Let us help you build a dynamic reporting engine that offers a solution to your reporting challenges. 


A reporting and analytical solution

Through the optimisation of cutting edge software, we are able to provide deeper insights into your marketing performance, and even tie your campaigns back to sales - giving you that elusive ROI figure! 

We process the data to give you actionable information.  This enables you to better recognise what you need to do to understand what channels and mediums are working for you, what is impacting conversions and what activity is driving high-quality leads. So you can spend less time putting together reports and more time growing your business.

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Optimise Your Time

Reporting and Analytics work best when it's incorporated within a central CRM system as it gives you the opportunity to look at your entire process and identify actionable insights from each stage of your customer's journey to maximise your ROI.

With the number of reports you need to produce on a regular basis, it can be difficult to completely optimise your time and get the most out of your data.

This is why we construct your reporting engine for you, so instead of having to produce time-consuming reports, you receive detailed live updates simultaneously on well-scoped out data dashboards, no matter where you are or which device you're operating. Enabling you to grow better.

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Data Dashboards

A dashboard is a tool used for information management and data visualisation. Similar to a dashboard in a car, dashboards store, organise and display relevant and insightful information from multiple data sources into one, easy-to-access place. 

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Data Walls

Be at the forefront of construction marketing technology with a purpose built and tailored data wall.

Data walls provide a quick visual reference for you to understand your organisational and individual performance.

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Content Performance

We identify which content is performing the best on your website, attracting visitors, generating leads and against industry benchmarks? 

Use this information to understand what your audience likes and develop better content strategies moving forward.

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Website Statistics 

Our reports cover all web statistics, including volume, traffic sources, geography, referrals, bounce rates, average time on site and user journeys.  Monthly updates show you how well your website is performing over time.

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Social Channel Performance

See which social channels are performing the best and find the best times to tweet and promote content on LinkedIn. 

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Campaign ROI

These reports look at exactly how many leads are generated and where from, as well as what happens to those leads and their impact on revenue as they move through the sales funnel.


don't compromise on data

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Can you afford to compromise on the quality of information you process? Or worse yet, are you willing to allow your competitors to get ahead on their ability to optimise theirs? In this era of digital transformation, building product brands are tussling over fine margins and data is frequently an overlooked area which could yield serious results.

We have become Premier Databox Partners through our consistency in automation, client reporting and ability to track results in real-time as they happen. This means you receive the highest level of data analytics with Databox, proven to generate results and get you ahead of the game.






Do Integrate with HubSpot

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Being HubSpot Platinum partners we have extensive experience in making the HubSpot software work for you. An integration with HubSpot allows for powerful reporting capabilities outside of HubSpot's reporting app. The integration enables HubSpot to visualize their data in Databox while empowering you to do things like this:

  • Create custom views of your data across your funnel with HubSpot, video, social and ads data.
  • Include historical data and goals. Receive and send automated snapshots on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.
  • Add your analysis via Annotations.
  • Get Alerts & Scorecards via Slack, email or your mobile.



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