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The Tool Every Barbour ABI Subscriber Should Have

The Tool Every Barbour ABI Subscriber Should Have

Every day Barbour ABI researchers find new projects and upload them to their national database. This is a chance to connect with people working on live construction projects all over the UK.

But how many do you actually call or email?

How many get left because you're too busy? What if you reached out to every relevant contact? 

How much new business do you think you could discover if you could connect in a personalised and helpful way.


How Does Project Prospecta Work?

Project Prospecta is an expert email marketing service, powered by Insynth Marketing for Barbour ABI subscribers.

Reach architects, contractors, and any other job roles available to ABI subscribers. Using the Barbour ABI filters you can include or exclude any of the data available to you to create campaigns targeted at specific audiences.

Once you’ve decided on who you’d like to speak to we’ll help you decide what you’re going to say.

Our in-house email marketing specialists use proven Inbound email sequences along with some key insights from you and your team to create a tailored campaign.

Connect with the people and projects most important to you with personalised email sequences.

We’ll monitor the interactions the ABI contacts have with these emails and report back to you with Project, Contact and Company Information for the most engaged contacts. This saves you the time and hassle of filtering through the entire database.

Then it’s up to you to identify the leads you’re interested in.

But instead of having to choose between the 1000s on the ABI database, you’ll have a manageable list of engaged leads to consider.

Now all you need to do is pick up the phone and have great conversations about quotes, orders, and specifications with contacts who’ve already shown an interest in your products or services.

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How To Get Started With Project Prospecta & Barbour ABI

Project Prospecta was developed to help you win more work from the Barbour ABI database, improving the return on investment from your subscription to the platform. Here are a few things we recommend you consider to make your Project Prospecta campaign as successful as possible.


Think about the types of resources you have available to distribute to potential leads. It’s in your benefit to provide them with helpful resources right from the get-go so they see value in your assistance and set you apart from the other communication they receive. Consider educational content like blogs, guides and videos but also more “sales” appropriate content like reviews, case studies or demos. If you feel like your content needs a refresh or you’ve never considered leveraging it as a lead magnet before then we can have a conversation about how to get it done in the best way for email marketing.


All your great content will likely be (and should be!) hosted on your website. It should be easy to access, clearly laid out and digestible for all the different job roles you want to speak to. You should be providing information for people across the buyer’s journey and way pointing their next steps with you to lead to a conversion. Consider how many leads your website is currently generating. If you’re already getting visitors but they’re not becoming customers or you don’t know if they’re becoming customers then we can offer you practical advice before we begin directing traffic to your site.

Value Proposition

This is simply the reason a customer would choose to work with you. Seems straightforward enough… but if you immediately thought “we’re faster” “we’re better value” or “we have great customer service”. Well unfortunately every business will claim to be each of those things. Instead think about the problem you’re solving, the challenge you’re helping them overcome or the unique benefit that nobody else can claim to have. What can you say that no competitor could ever repeat? This will be far more compelling than a generic offering. Please let us know if you’d like to talk through your value proposition with us.

Lead Generation

How are you currently generating leads? What works for you? Have you run successful campaigns in the past but no longer have the time or resources to keep them going? Project Prospecta can facilitate the time-consuming work that goes into finding appropriate contact ABI, reaching out to them and qualifying them to the point they’re ready to be communicated with 1-2-1. Turning a database of thousands into a steady stream of manageable leads.

Sales Process

Think about your current sales process, if you’re unable to deal with the leads you currently have will receiving more help or hinder your business? You may not find any value from a lead qualification service if you’re unable to manage or follow up on leads sent to you. Do you have a nominated person who can follow up with leads in a timely and appropriate manner? Will they be logged into a shared system so the next sales or marketing actions can take place? We can provide you with advice on how to set up and use lead management systems to streamline your process before using Project Prospecta.


Next Steps To Intelligent Lead Generation

After you’ve considered the factors above you’ll have a greater context for which to consider if Project Prospecta is right for you at this moment in time, if this is the case please reach out to your Barbour ABI representative to find out more.

Or you may have concluded that another aspect of your Sales and Marketing set-up needs some TLC first, in which case we’d love to talk this through with you to help get to the bottom of your pain points and present some appropriate solutions to the problems you're currently facing.

Either way, by combining your Barbour ABI subscription with a Project Prospecta campaign you’ll not only get access to thousands of ongoing UK construction projects; but also automatically reach out to them to find the best-fit ones for your business so you can develop relationships and make informed enquiries.


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