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Is Your business utilising email as effectively as it should?


Email is one of the oldest marketing channels to date and is a vital tool for organisations to communicate with their customers and prospects.

In a 2020 HubSpot survey, they found that 78% of marketers had seen an increase in email engagement compared to 2019. And with over 269 billion emails being sent and received daily, it should be one of the most essential features for your businesses marketing strategy.



‘‘Email gives you the power to be constantly engaged with specifiers, installers, and other key decision-makers, opening up lines of communication to help them do their job easier. Used well, email is one of the most potent tools in your marketing arsenal.’’

- Leigh Simpson, CEO

Email Marketing 

A complete guide providing you with the tools and techniques to elevate your email marketing strategy.

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"The Guide to Email Marketing" equips you with the techniques to boost your leads and take advantage of your brands most powerful tool. Whilst building a strong email strategy takes time and effort, it is key to building trusted relationships and repeat business with your customers and prospects looking for your product/solutions.


Our 53-page guide is filled with helpful tips to supercharge your email marketing efforts, subjects covered include:

  • The Fine Art Of Segmentation
  • The Towering Tech Stack You Should Have
  • Getting Your Message Right - Don't Get It Wrong
  • All The Different Types Of Emails You Should Know About
  • Planning The Recipient’s Journey - Taking Them On An Adventure
  • Benchmarking Your Email Marketing Performance - Is The Bar High Enough?
  • The Critical Email Mistakes You Should Avoid
  • Third-Party Emails - What You Should Do With Them
  • Email Marketing: In House Or Outsource? Which One Should You Choose?

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This guide is for good people with great construction products who are looking to improve their email strategy.

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