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The Mindset Shift That Will Help You Market Your Construction Products

The Mindset Shift That Will Help You Market Your Construction Products

When designing your construction marketing strategy, we might feel tempted to describe all the reasons our building products are the best ones in the market. Putting our efforts into creating a list with the characteristics that make our services great seems sensible, but how will that make us any different from our competitors? And, most importantly, will that be enough to make a difference when a prospect is doubting between our products and those of a competitor?

Before diving into how you can improve your construction marketing strategy, it is essential to ensure its foundations are solid. You can check our step-by-step guide on how to produce an effective construction marketing content strategy, and use it as a checklist to make sure you have all the tools you need to see your building product business grow.

Good marketing comes with helpful marketing.

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Your Audience’s Problems Come First

Your marketing efforts might focus on how your building product is high-quality, efficient, and top performing among other competitors, but so will the marketing strategy of any other building product manufacturer. You need to think about that one characteristic that makes your construction product unique and appeals to your prospect’s curiosity. And that uniqueness comes by explaining how your building product solves problems, and, most importantly, their problems.

There is a reason a prospect found you, and that is because they were looking for a solution. And your construction marketing strategy should show them that you are indeed the solution they were looking for.

If you have not yet asked yourself how your construction product helps your prospects make their life a little bit easier, it is a task that your need to prioritise in your to-do list. You can get more insights on the problems your prospects might be experiencing by asking them to fill in a questionnaire or suggesting arranging an interview with existing customers. Understanding the core challenges of your prospects will allow you to align your marketing efforts and connect with your audience on a deeper level.


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Be Available to Start that Conversation

Addressing your prospects with the right message is only one element of the equation. If that message reaches them at the right time, you will most likely prompt a response from them and you must be ready to start a conversation. A factor that might keep the prospect from starting that conversation is lack of brand awareness and visibility. Meaning, if they cannot seem to find how to.

And, as simple as it might sound, regardless of how well curated your construction marketing strategy is, if your prospects struggle to get in touch with you or learn more about your brand, chances are they will choose a competitor with which they are more familiar. Details like keeping an active presence on social media, installing a live chat on your website, setting up a meeting link or making sure that your phone number and your email address is visible on your page can help you avoid that situation. If you feel you do not have time for that kind of availability, consider implementing some kind of automation that will start that conversation for you and allow you to pick it up afterwards.

For prospects to be able to learn about you, you want your building product brand to be featured by search engines like Google on the search engine result pages and that involves increasing your website SEO. You can also list your building product company on product directories so you can showcase your services, gain some visibility and increase your reach.



Understand Your Website as Part of the Conversation

After feeling listened to, the last thing that your audience wants is to find a website that does not reflect the interest you have shown in helping them solve their problems. You might have introduced yourself, but it will not matter how well you've convinced them if the perception of your online presence lets them down. Your website should continue the conversation, not redirect them to a sales catalogue that your prospects might not yet be ready to consider and that might make them feel overwhelmed.

Your construction marketing strategy should always have your prospect as a priority, and your website should resonate with them when accessing it. A common mistake is creating a self-centred home page that leaves the prospect and their challenges in the background. You can avoid this by ensuring that the first interaction your prospect has with your website provides them with valuable content such as infographics, case studies or blog posts.

Needless to say, easy on-site navigation is key to ensuring all the information your prospects need is accessible within 1 or 2 click, but you also need to keep in mind that the information available in your website is coherent with the message that you have first presented yourself with. Organise your website wisely, positioning technical resources and downloadable content easily accessible and having clear calls-to-action that will direct them onto the right path.

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Ensure Your Online Presence is Coherent

Whilst some might think that the construction businesses are just yet catching up with the joys of digital marketing, the number of construction-focused social media accounts have exponentially grown in the last year. However, social media is just a tool and, if not used properly, it can give little to no results. The content gathered on your social media channels should always have your prospects in mind, following a carefully planned social media content strategy.

Counterintuitively, the one thing to avoid on your social media accounts is to sell. Whether your prospects have stumbled with your building product brand for the first time on social media or if they are checking your online presence to widen their understanding of scope, social media provides you with the perfect opportunity to appeal to their curiosity and engage in a conversation with them.

That opportunity is brief and heavily contested. The content that you share on your social media channels should be informative, genuinely useful and should try solving the challenges your prospects are facing. The kind of content will depend on the platform, and the platform will depend on the audience you want to market your building product brand to. If you are yet to decide which social media platform aligns better with your goals, check our blog post on how to identify the perfect platform for your construction marketing strategy.


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