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HubSpot: What's New In October 2023

HubSpot: What's New In October 2023

As we step into the latter part of the year, it's the perfect time to contemplate the future of your business. We're amidst a rapidly changing landscape, and now more than ever, it's crucial to align your business aspirations with a flexible and customised CRM solution. This blog serves as your portal to stay informed about the most significant HubSpot updates this month.

For those who are new to our blog series, I'm Ainhoa, the Head of Platform Consulting at Insynth, and I'm your dedicated HubSpot enthusiast. Since May 2021, my mission has been to curate monthly HubSpot updates, ensuring you're well-informed about their latest innovations. If you're eager to explore the ground-breaking features introduced this year and catch up on what's been happening in Q3 2023, please take a moment to check our previous posts!

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Marketing Hub

areas to move sidebar in campaigns

#1 Drag and drop version of the collaboration sidebar

HubSpot has a new drag and drop version of the collaboration sidebar. This update extends the convenience of the drag and drop feature, which was initially launched in Workflows, Dashboards, Marketing Email, and Forms, to all other HubSpot tools that still used the older version of the sidebar. This means that users can now enjoy this enhanced feature in tools such as Ads, Blog, Campaigns, Landing pages, SMS, and Website pages.

The collaboration sidebar is a hub for various productivity and collaboration tools within HubSpot. However, its previous design occupied a considerable amount of vertical screen space and lacked flexibility in terms of placement. With this upgrade, users now have the freedom to move and position the sidebar wherever it suits them best, optimizing their workspace. This newfound flexibility addresses a long-standing limitation, providing a more user-centric experience within HubSpot.


[BETA] #2 Custom Properties and a Description field for Lists

Previously, users had to rely on complex naming conventions, search queries, folders, or exports to manage their lists effectively. With custom properties, super admins can now define a set of unique properties for their Lists, enabling teams to organize and categorize their data according to their specific business needs. The introduction of custom properties for Lists in HubSpot is a game-changer for businesses, offering them a more streamlined and efficient way to manage their data.

It simplifies the task of organising work within Lists, replacing the need for convoluted naming conventions and intricate search queries with a straightforward and customizable approach. By allowing super admins to define custom properties for Lists, teams can collaborate more effectively and gain deeper insights from their data. Overall, the addition of custom properties and a Description field for Lists is a significant advancement that empowers businesses to make the most of their data within the HubSpot platform.


Sales Hub

#1 Book HubSpot Meetings from Salesforce

HubSpot's latest update allows Salesforce and HubSpot customers to seamlessly integrate their workflow by enabling the scheduling of HubSpot meetings directly from within Salesforce. This streamlines the process of coordinating meetings for those utilizing Salesforce as their CRM and HubSpot for prospecting. What makes this update particularly noteworthy is that it eliminates the need to switch back and forth between Salesforce and HubSpot.

Users can now access this functionality through the Visualforce window, making it a user-friendly and efficient addition to the toolkit of professionals who rely on these platforms. Integrated within the Visualforce framework, simplifies the process by providing a summary of interactions on a Salesforce record, making it easy to manage and schedule meetings without disruption.


#2 Enrol in a HubSpot Sequence from Salesforce

By installing the new HubSpot Visualforce window in Salesforce and navigating to the Sequences tab, users can seamlessly select a Sequence, enrol contacts, edit the Sequence, and send communications—all without leaving the Salesforce environment. Furthermore, this update allows for the customisation of personalization tokens and Sequence settings within Salesforce, enhancing user efficiency and personalization options. This integration between Salesforce and HubSpot is a significant advancement for those using the two platforms.

It simplifies the workflow for Salesforce and HubSpot customers, helping them leverage Sequences and streamline their outreach strategies while enjoying the convenience of a single integrated environment. This update underscores HubSpot's commitment to enhancing user experiences and facilitating seamless communication and outreach for businesses.


Service Hub

Creating a new tag from under a feedback submission

[BETA] #1 Tags Available on Feedback Submissions

This new functionality empowers users to efficiently categorise customer feedback, helping them identify common themes and trends within the feedback data. By doing so, companies can take concrete actions to address their customers' concerns and enhance their overall customer experience.

Before this update, analysing feedback patterns required the cumbersome process of exporting feedback submissions, manually reviewing comments, and categorizing them in external tools like Google Sheets or Excel. This often resulted in a lack of real-time tracking of feedback categories. However, with the introduction of this tagging feature, users can now create and manage feedback categories and themes directly within their HubSpot portal.


#2 URL redirects now available in Service Hub Professional and Enterprise

HubSpot has rolled out an exciting update in its Service Hub Professional and Enterprise accounts, introducing URL redirects as a new feature. This addition is accessible by navigating to Settings > Website > Domains & URLs, with a dedicated URL Redirects tab. With this feature, HubSpot users can effortlessly redirect traffic from one HubSpot-hosted URL to another destination of their choice. The flexibility and convenience that this update brings are set to enhance the user experience.

Now, with this feature available in Service Hub Professional and Enterprise accounts, a broader user base can harness its potential. This feature is pivotal for those looking to streamline website management, improve user experience, and ensure that website visitors are seamlessly directed to the most relevant and up-to-date content. With URL redirects, HubSpot continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing robust and user-friendly tools for its customers.



[BETA] #1 Lists V3 Memberships API

So, this update is a technical one, but bear with me! This API enables users to seamlessly manage their contact lists, offering functionalities such as adding or removing records from existing lists, transferring records from one list to another, and viewing records within an existing list. Additionally, the ability to create and delete lists will soon be integrated into this API. The Lists V3 Memberships API rectifies a longstanding gap in the system by accommodating advanced features.

The ease of getting started with the Lists V3 Memberships API is highlighted by HubSpot's comprehensive documentation. Users can refer to this resource to swiftly integrate and leverage the new capabilities. By joining the developer community on the #lists-api-v3 channel in HubSpot's Developer Slack Community, users can actively engage in discussions, share insights, and stay informed about best practices, making the most out of this exciting addition to HubSpot's platform.


[BETA] #2 Simplified Apex Redirect Set Up

This update comes with the default setting of redirecting both the www and non-www versions of customers' sites when they connect their custom domain. The primary goal of this feature is to minimise confusion and simplify the domain connection process, particularly for those who may lack technical expertise. Users now have the option to opt-in or choose to "opt-out" if they prefer not to have automatic redirects, giving them greater control over their domain configuration.

This enhancement is highly relevant because it addresses a common need among website owners to redirect their apex or root domain to the 'www' version, or vice versa, which has historically been a complex and confusing task, particularly for those using the CMS Free version who may not have access to technical support or resources. The default redirection settings are now automatically configured based on user input for the subdomain, and users can easily modify or opt out of this setup, making the process user-friendly and efficient.


Operations Hub

#1 Data Quality Property Insights in Custom Report Builder

This update addresses a critical challenge in report building. Users can now access data quality property insights directly within the property information modal for contact, company, deal, and ticket objects. This feature's significance lies in its ability to simplify the process of choosing the right properties for report creation. It provides users with valuable context by showing where the data is sourced and how much data is available.

This context is crucial for informed decision-making when creating reports and ensures that the data used is accurate and reliable. Users can easily access the property info modal by opening a custom report, hovering over a property, and selecting the three-dot menu. This enhanced visibility and context empower HubSpot users to make more informed decisions when building reports, ultimately leading to more accurate and valuable insights for their businesses.


[BETA] #2 New dashboard filtering experience

With this update, users can now effortlessly apply filters across all their reports within a dashboard. Moreover, users can "pin" their favourite properties to any dashboard, allowing for a highly customised experience. This feature makes it easier for HubSpot users to focus on the data and insights that matter most to them, increasing the efficiency of their reporting and analytics. Prior to this change, filters were restricted, particularly when dealing with complex reports.

Now, dashboard filters can be applied to any report within a dashboard, effectively breaking down previous constraints. Whether you're in marketing, sales, service, or any other aspect of HubSpot, this update allows for a more tailored and efficient approach to data management, making it a valuable enhancement for users across all HubSpot hubs and tiers.

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