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HubSpot: What Is New in July

HubSpot: What Is New in July

Looking ahead to the end of Q4 2023, how do you expect your business finishing the year? It is likely that that vision will involve the right tech and, most likely, the right CRM. It is essential to align your goals with a flexible and tailored CRM solution. In this blog post, I will share with you how HubSpot can be the CRM that help you drive your business forward and achieve your 2023 goals.

Welcome to this blog series! I'm Ainhoa, the Head of Platform Consulting at Insynth, and I'm here to be your go-to HubSpot expert. Since May 2021, I've been curating monthly updates from HubSpot to keep you informed about their newest offerings. If you want to explore the ground-breaking features introduced this year and catch up on what happened in Q1 and Q2 2023, you can browse through my collection of monthly posts below.

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Marketing Hub

#1 Copy Actions from one Workflow to the Other

If there is someone that is incredibly happy about this, that person is me! This update is designed to enhance the efficiency of building automations and streamline the workflow creation process for all HubSpot customers. With the new copy and paste functionality, customers can effortlessly transfer actions between workflows, eliminating the need for redundant manual configuration. This is particularly beneficial for workflows with complex branches or custom code!

The advantages of this update for HubSpot users are twofold.

  • Firstly, it saves significant time by simplifying the process of reusing actions across multiple workflows. By eliminating the need to recreate actions from scratch, human error is reduced, and users can focus more on strategic initiatives.
  • Secondly, it ensures consistency and accuracy in workflow creation by allowing users to effortlessly transfer actions and configurations, avoiding discrepancies that may arise from manual duplication.

This feature is available to customers across various HubSpot plans, including Marketing Enterprise, Marketing Pro, Ops Enterprise, Ops Pro, Sales Enterprise, Sales Pro, Service Enterprise, and Service Pro.


#2 [BETA] AI Content Assistant Available on Live Chat

Responding to customer inquiries can be a time-consuming task for HubSpot Inbox users. However, with the integration of the Content Assistant into the Conversations Inbox, this process becomes significantly more efficient. This tool generates prompt responses for various channels, enabling agents to swiftly address multiple inquiries and dedicate their attention to ensuring a high-quality customer experience.

By automating the most time-consuming aspects of addressing incoming messages, the Content Assistant frees up valuable time for HubSpot users to focus on delivering exceptional, personalised customer experiences. The Content Assistant is available to all HubSpot users, regardless of their hub or tier. By leveraging this tool, Inbox users can streamline their workflow, maximize productivity, and provide timely, well-crafted responses to customers.


Sales Hub

#1 Personalised Out of Working Hours Communication with HubSpot

HubSpot's recent update introduces two powerful features designed to enhance the experience for HubSpot users, particularly benefiting sales teams.

  • Working Hours allows sales representatives to manage their availability effectively, ensuring they are accessible to take calls during business hours. This feature is especially valuable for businesses with global customers, as reps can align their working hours with specific time zones!
  • Custom Voicemail empowers sales teams to add a personal touch to voicemail messages, facilitating a direct connection between customers, prospects, and the brand.

By incorporating personalised messages with relevant information such as the rep's name, company, and availability, teams can save time while delivering consistent and professional messages.

This update will allow sales teams to foster stronger relationships with customers and prospects, increasing the likelihood of them leaving a message or returning the call. HubSpot releases this feature catering to the evolving needs of remote teams, enabling seamless planning, alignment, and consistent branding while providing a personalised and engaging experience for callers.


#2 Simplifying Meeting Rotations in CRM Scheduling

Previously, scheduling meetings on behalf of colleagues often required the use of external tools or workarounds to track the rotation of sales representatives. This update allows users to book meetings on behalf of others seamlessly, directly from the contact, company, deal, or ticket records within the CRM. This feature brings significant benefits to HubSpot users, particularly sales teams.

This eliminates the need for complex workarounds and ensures a smooth scheduling process. By default, the host field displays your availability, but you can easily choose to book appointments on behalf of another representative by selecting their name or opting for a meeting rotation. HubSpot will suggest the next user in the rotation for a seamless scheduling experience, ensuring an even distribution of meetings


Service Hub

#1 Enhanced Note Search Functionality

HubSpot has just released a powerful update that enables users to easily locate notes associated with CRM records, such as contacts, companies, deals, and tickets, by searching for specific content within the notes themselves. Notes are used consistently by the vast majority of HubSpot users, and they serve as essential tools for recording and referencing important details related to customer interactions.

This new feature allows users to save valuable time and effort by quickly accessing relevant context and information. Enhancing their productivity and enabling them to deliver exceptional customer service with ease. With this update, users can simply enter the feature name or a part of the bug summary into the Global Search bar, and the system will promptly display the note associated with the ticket.


#2 Streamlining Goal Management for HubSpot Users

HubSpot has unveiled an exciting update for its users with the introduction of the Goals Overview Tab. This new feature provides a comprehensive view of all goals, associated targets, progress, and status for the entire year, ensuring users never lose sight of their objectives. With the Goals Overview Tab, users can identify trends, edit targets, and obtain a snapshot of the year's progress, all within a single tab.

The Goals Overview Tab offers HubSpot users a powerful tool for efficient goal management. It complements the existing Manage tab, which allows users to focus on current priorities and track progress for specific targets. In contrast, the Overview tab provides a long-term perspective by presenting all goals across the year. By combining these two tabs, HubSpot users can connect their goal creation experience with a user-friendly management interface.



#1 Standalone Modules Available on the Marketplace

The marketplace now features new standalone modules, allowing users to create powerful and engaging website experiences with ease. These modules serve as reusable building blocks, allowing users to go beyond the basics of a theme and add more functionality to their websites. With features like interactive displays, engaging designs, elegant formatting, and compelling offers, users can easily create captivating website experiences.

The marketplace offers a seamless browsing experience, where users can explore the inventory of themes and modules through dedicated tabs. Whether they are looking to incorporate flip animations, video playlists, stylized headers, or pricing calls-to-action, the new modules provide ample options for customisation. HubSpot's redesigned template marketplace empowers users to create engaging websites, regardless of their technical expertise.


#2 Embedded Automation for CSAT/NPS

Custom feedback surveys have always provided the flexibility to gather customer insights using various question types. Previously, users could utilize industry-standard questions like CSAT and NPS, but lacked the ability to set up automation based on the scores. With the latest feature release, HubSpot addresses this gap, empowering users to configure automation directly from the Survey editor when utilizing CSAT or NPS questions.

When creating a custom survey with a CSAT or NPS question, users will find the new embedded automation section under the "Automation" tab. For NPS questions, users can establish automation based on response categorization, such as "Detractor," "Passive," or "Promoter." Similarly, for CSAT questions, automation can be set up based on categories like "Unhappy," "Neutral," or "Happy." This enhancement caters to all Service Hub Professional and Enterprise customers!


Operations Hub

Centralized audit log UI

#1 [BETA] Introducing HubSpot's Centralised Security Log

HubSpot has introduced a game-changing update that brings immense benefits to its users: the centralised audit log of security and login activity. This new tool empowers Super Admins by providing them with a comprehensive and real-time view of their users' login activity and security-related actions within the account. With the centralized audit log UI, HubSpot users can now effortlessly monitor and manage security measures.

This update holds significant relevance for HubSpot users, particularly for Admins who play a crucial role in both resolving issues faced by account users and providing data for security and compliance audits. By centralizing the audit log, Admins can quickly and easily access and export the account's activity history. This streamlines the process of troubleshooting, enhances security monitoring, and simplifies compliance reporting, saving valuable time and effort.


#2 [BETA] Advanced Filtering Capabilities in Marketing Assets

So, this is a tricky update but, if you are the user in charge of making lists, segmenting, filtering out contacts, etc. you know how important this update is. HubSpot is thrilled to introduce advanced filtering capabilities to several marketing tools, enabling users to leverage the power of "OR" filtering. Previously limited to "AND" filters only, this enhancement precise filtering, making it easier than ever to locate specific records and find the exact marketing assets users are looking for.

With this update, HubSpot users can now apply multiple sets of filters to identify marketing assets where "A" OR "B" conditions are true. This update expands the possibilities of filtering within Marketing Campaigns, Lists, Workflows, Forms, the new CTAs tool, and Feedback Survey responses. Users can now create more nuanced and detailed filters to narrow down their search, whether it's finding a particular type of form or identifying campaigns owned by specific individuals.

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