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HubSpot: What's New in September 2023

HubSpot: What's New in September 2023

As we step into the latter part of September, have you contemplated the future of your business? Most of us are already seeing a paradigm shift, it's vital to harmonise your aspirations with a flexible and custom-tailored CRM solution. This blog is your gateway to staying in the loop on the most significant HubSpot advancements this month.

To those who are joining us for the first time in this blog series, my name is Ainhoa, the Head of Platform Consulting at Insynth, and I'm your dedicated HubSpot aficionado. Since May 2021, my goal has been to curate monthly HubSpot updates, ensuring you're up to speed with their latest innovations. If you're eager to dive into the ground-breaking features introduced this year and catch up on Q3 2023, feel free to explore my collection of monthly posts below

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Marketing Hub

#1 Instagram Reels Support

With this enhancement, HubSpot users can now seamlessly create, publish, and analyse Instagram Reels content right from their HubSpot account. This update is particularly valuable for marketing teams as it simplifies the process of reaching new audiences, improving engagement, increasing profile traffic, and enhancing brand awareness through Instagram Reels. Creating an Instagram Reels post within HubSpot is a straightforward process.

Users can access this feature by navigating to Marketing > Social, then selecting "Create social post" in the upper right corner. After choosing the relevant Instagram accounts, users can select the Reels option and add their video content, ensuring it meets Instagram Reels' requirements. There's also an option to share the Reel to the main profile grid. Furthermore, users can enhance their Reels' engagement and reach by adding location tags.


#2 List Limits Increase

This update addresses a longstanding issue in HubSpot: the lack of transparency regarding list limits. With the increase in list limits for all subscriptions, users often struggled to determine their exact list limits or how close they were to reaching them. This opacity frequently resulted in teams unknowingly hitting the list limit, forcing them to delete existing lists to create new ones, causing disruptions in their workflows.

The new feature aims to rectify this by displaying the number of available lists when users select the list type they want to create. This simple yet essential change offers users a clear understanding of their list limits, ensuring they can manage their lists more efficiently. To access this feature, users can navigate to the "Lists" section and choose "Create list." When more than 90% of the lists are in use, the text will turn orange, serving as a warning.


Sales Hub


#1 Sequences Now Available on Mobile

Users can now seamlessly enrol, un-enrol, pause, and resume contacts from a sequence directly from their mobile devices. This development is a significant boon for sales reps who are often on the move and need the flexibility to manage their prospecting workflows efficiently. The importance of this update lies in its ability to free sales professionals from their desks, enabling them to engage with potential leads anytime, anywhere.

This update caters to the needs of a modern, mobile workforce, enhancing the productivity and responsiveness of sales teams. Whether you're in Sales Enterprise, Sales Pro, Service Enterprise, or Service Pro, this feature is set to elevate your prospecting game to new heights. To utilize this feature, all you need to do is update your iOS and Android mobile apps to the latest version. Once updated, navigate to the contact record, and you'll find the option to enrol the contact into a sequence.


#2 Log Emails to the CRM Retroactively

This feature addresses a common pain point in sales where emails often go unlogged, leading to incomplete records and missed opportunities. With a simple click of a button, users can now log individual emails from their inbox directly into the CRM, eliminating the need to wait for replies from prospects. This means that even if an email has already been sent, users can still record it in the CRM without relying on ongoing email threads or responses.

To use this feature, HubSpot users can leverage the Gmail and Office 365 add-ins. After sending an email, they can navigate to the sent message in their outbox or within an existing email thread. Here, they will find the associations banner in the sent email, which allows them to select the CRM records they want to associate with the email. This streamlined process not only enhances efficiency but also ensures that all email communication is properly documented for future reference. It's worth noting, however, that this functionality is currently unavailable for Outlook desktop users.


Service Hub


#1 Create a new record within a Playbooks

This update allows users to create new CRM records directly from within the playbook itself. The ability to create new records is a crucial step in various sales processes, and this feature eliminates the need for users to exit playbooks, disrupting their workflow. This is a noteworthy improvement for HubSpot users, as it streamlines their tasks and ensures they can seamlessly create records without leaving the playbook context.

Once the record is created, they are seamlessly returned to the playbook, eliminating disruptions, and increasing overall productivity. To utilise this new feature, users can easily access it through the toolbar by selecting "Insert," then "Actions," and finally, "Create a record." From there, they can specify the type of record they want to create and insert the action button into their playbook, streamlining their workflow and improving their efficiency.


#2 Rep Availability for Forms and Emails

Prior to this update, assignments were made without considering the availability status of agents, resulting in confusion and inefficiency for teams. However, with this new release, emails and forms will now be assigned based on agent availability. When agents are available, the assignment will be made to them, ensuring a more streamlined workflow. In cases where no agents are available, the email or form will be marked as Unassigned.

To implement this change, HubSpot introduces a new setting called 'Assign to available users only' for Email and Form channels. This setting is enabled by default and can be found in the channel configuration options for HubSpot Admins. It allows user availability to be considered when routing emails and forms, preventing agents in 'Away' status from being automatically assigned.




#1 [BETA] Add Custom CSS to new CTAs

This new feature marks a significant enhancement for marketers and CMS developers using HubSpot. The revamped CTA editor already provided a wide array of tools for creating visually engaging and precise CTAs for websites and marketing emails. However, there were times when users craved even more flexibility to fine-tune their CTAs, such as incorporating custom fonts, tailoring hover effects, or seamlessly aligning CTAs with the overall website theme.

This was previously challenging, as the new CTAs were encapsulated within an iframe. With the introduction of the new embedded HTML CTA type, users can now effortlessly customize their embedded CTAs using custom CSS classes and rules.

This is a BETA, and your portal would need to opt into it if you wanted to use it (we can help with that!).


#2 CMS JavaScript Building Blocks

This update introduces JavaScript modules and partials as new building blocks that enable developers to write React and JavaScript code directly within the HubSpot CMS, rather than relying solely on HubL. These modules and partials are constructed from React components and can be seamlessly integrated into templates using HubL tags. One of the standout features is the support for client-side interactivity with islands, a concept inspired by frameworks like Astro and Fresh.

This approach empowers developers to fine-tune the JavaScript code sent to the browser and determine precisely when it should execute. This newfound flexibility optimizes website performance and eliminates the need to duplicate or maintain UI logic across HubL and JavaScript, streamlining the development process.


Operations Hub

#1 [BETA] Freezing the First Column of Index Pages

HubSpot's recent update is a game-changer for users who rely heavily on index tables. The purpose of this update is to enhance the usability of index tables, particularly for users dealing with tables that have six or more columns or those using smaller screens. With this new feature, users can now freeze the first column of a table, ensuring that the "Name" column stays fixed on the left side of the table as they scroll horizontally.

This enhancement simplifies navigation and helps users keep track of the record they are working on, making their daily tasks more efficient. To activate this feature, users can access the "Edit Columns" option on any index page table, select "Freeze column above" below the "Name" column, and click the checkbox before applying the changes. It's important to note that users should save their updates to ensure the frozen column remains in place every time they access the view.

This is a BETA, and your portal would need to opt into it if you wanted to use it (we can help with that!).


#2 New Apps on the Marketplace

HubSpot continues to enhance its user experience with a series of updates and additions to its App Marketplace, offering a comprehensive ecosystem to empower businesses in various aspects. The most recent addition to this bustling marketplace is the Webflow app, which simplifies the integration of Webflow creations with HubSpot and streamlines essential automation processes. This allows marketers to seamlessly connect their Webflow projects to HubSpot.

To access these valuable resources, users can simply navigate to HubSpot's App Marketplace through the portal and explore the options that suit their specific requirements, with accessibility varying based on subscription levels and permissions detailed in the app's listing page.


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